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  1. W

    Question My PC cannot reach speeds higher than 100 Mbps

    So I have a 300 Mbps plan, and every device on my network can reach these speeds using speedtest.net. The steps I've taken up until now: Had my ISP install a new modem, bought a 4Gbps router (linked with a short 2ft, new cat5e cable), purchased a new Cat 6 cable that goes directly from the...
  2. LiquidBlitz

    Question Gigabit (1000) connection dropping to 100 mbps once/twice a week. (Weird).

    Heyo. I am at my wit's end here. Here is my situation: I have a gigabit local network, and I require gigabit speeds for livestreaming. Every part of the network is gigabit compatible. I have two PC's connected via Ethernet to a powerline adapter. 95% of the time, both PC's run at 1000 speed...
  3. T

    Question 100Mbps Internet Connection advice

    Need some advice on how to better improve my home internet performance Hardware Linksys - E1200 - Main router Google Wifi - 3 units Bedroom, Ofice and Living Room Desktop PC - Wireless dongle ( Tenda) The cable between Router and Google Wii - Cat 6 Number of devices connected = 19 ( mix o...
  4. C

    I tried every thing but my laptop wont turn on

    Hi i have asus fx553vd dm1031t i tried every thing but my laptop wont turned on the power buttons led lighed up but my laptop's screen still blank what should i do