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  1. Y

    Discussion Service Host: State Repository Service - Deep dive into: Causes, Troubleshooting & Fixes [100% CPU Usage]

    Hello everyone, I wanted to discuss a persistent issue I've been facing with the service host state repository service on my PC for the past few months. This problem has consistently slowed down my computer to the point of it becoming almost unusable. Today, I want to share some valuable...
  2. PaPies

    Question Is my CPU Dying? Could it be something else?

    (Please IGNORE most of this, goto my comment #7) (this is while Chrome opens) While I canno't reproduce this, in the last month, when I turned on the PC, it would just stay on black screen, I waited 10 minutes and nothing, then I just decided to hold the power button(as my case doesn't have...
  3. LenniRobert

    Question my gpu 3d at 100 all the time when i play games ( cs go, apex legends)

    Hi my gpu is always at 100 when i play cs go and apex legends. i don't know how to fix it, i tried change NVIDIA control panel 3d application but now its on default my spec motherboard: acer predator PO3-600 cpu: intel core i7 9700 3.00Ghz 3000 MHz 8core gpu: Nvidia rtx 2060 ram:16 gb
  4. joaaaa

    Question 100% GPU usage, low fps, high temps and fans not moving in CS:GO

    Hey, a few months ago I bought a gpu from a friend, more specifically an ASUS RTX™ 2080 Dual OC 8GB and now, 4 months later, is underperforming. First of all, it started with black screens and freezing where I needed to force shutdown. It stopped when I did a Factory Reset, but a few days...
  5. D

    Question Secondary drive (HDD) at 100% usage

    I got this problem. My secondary drive (hdd, WD10EZEX 7200rpm, not os-drive) reaches 100% usage ONLY after 3/4 hours of gaming, and then when this happens, after 20/30 it has some spikes (sometimes it takes 100% usage and sometimes 0-5%). When this happens, programs won't neither open nor close...
  6. Trenty

    Question Installing Horizon Zero Dawn on external drive broke my CPU ?

    I bought horizon zero dawn on steam and was downloading it on my external drive. I've already had games like gta 5, half life alyx, and fornite on their working flawlessly. Was gonna have it download overnight to see the next morning steam was closed completely. The game partially downloaded and...
  7. barriertb

    Question 100% Disk usage on both SSDs ?

    I have searched the internet for a week now and tried everything that I can possibly think of (and everything pretty much every forum has suggested). Every time I launch Rust (I have played rust for over 2k hours on this pc) it goes into the initial loading screen, then my whole pc freezes...
  8. Megalow

    [SOLVED] Frequent crashes even after formatting and in Safe Mode, no overheating, no faulty HDD

    So, here's the case: My PC has been crashing (blue screen, gathering info and restarting) quite frequently lately, normally on moderate stressful actions like browsing and gaming (things that haven't shown any problems before). The most common issue was the "100% Disk Usage", I disabled a lot...
  9. realabhay

    [SOLVED] HDD usage sits at 100% with barely any data transfer taking place ?

    Solutions tested: wpr -cancel: 'Error, there are no trace profiles running' stopping DiagTrack This can be triggered by launching an application, on start-up and sometimes randomly. It happens every time when I'm downloading or updating a game and during that time my computer is too slow to do...
  10. D

    Question PC seems slower after installing new RAM

    Hey guys. As it says in the title, PC seems slower after installing new RAM. I've also seen CPU being at 100% in task manager when barely doing anything on the computer. Games started stuttering and freezing. This is the RAM i had before...
  11. H

    [SOLVED] Why is my disk going to 100% when downloading ?

    The problem is in the title. I had many problems with my disks (like it running at 100% in games) i fixed this problem by uninstalling Geforce Experience and disabling SysMain. To try to fix the download speed, i reinstalled windows (not formating it) and the problem still occurs. I think it's...
  12. LuckyG9

    Question Whenever I play any game the fps suddenly drops to 8-15 and my gpu usage jumps to 100%

    When I play any games even older games like max payne gpu usage suddenly goes to 100% and everything starts to freeze and lag. I have tried graphic driver roleback and reinstall and also tested for any malwares but found none , I also tried for gpu stress test at 99% everything was fine but...
  13. Timka1337

    [SOLVED] Low GPU usage, CPU at 100% usage when playing games.

    Hello everyone, I have this problem where I get 100 CPU usage and low gpu usage when playing games such as Apex Legends. My set up --> https://www.userbenchmark.com/UserRun/45486039 Any suggestion on what I should do? This is really irritating, and this randomly happened, didnt touch anything...
  14. J

    Question HDD very poor performance

    Hey, so a few months ago my hard drive was performing very slowly, in task manager sometimes my applications would sometimes only be using up 1MB/s and it would say that the disk was at 100%, then other times while downloading somethings it would be able to get up to 200MB/s before reaching...
  15. P

    [SOLVED] Constant BSODs, 100% SSD usage, please help!

    Hey everyone, My PC has been crashing and encountering blue screens on a daily basis for the past month and a half. It's only now that I've gotten desperate enough to ask others for help. I've gotten all types of errors from corrupt system files to kernel inpage errors(the most recent error...
  16. S

    [SOLVED] Chkdsk fixing corruption/Partition Optimization 1TB HDD

    Hello all, Ever since the beginning of using my Acer Nitro 5 AN515-53, I have experienced stuttering/freezing whenever I do any kind of new task such as opening an application, opening a new tab, or even just scrolling through a loaded webpage. After doing a multitude of possible solutions, I...
  17. prophetmason905

    [SOLVED] 100% disk usage at 0 KB/s read/write ?

    I have 5 partitions in my pc. From Local Disk "C" to "G". My "C" drive is ssd and all other 4 are hdd. The problem is only happening whenever I try to install or download or copy/delete anything in Local Disk "D" and "E" but disk "F" and "G" are working completely fine. I ran chkdsk on not "D"...
  18. charliep123

    [SOLVED] 100% cpu and disk usage, need help!!!

    I recently upgraded a lot of parts in my pc. These include the cpu, motherboard, and psu. I also got a new case as well. I’m using the same Hdd though. When I got my pc working, I’m getting 100% cpu usage briefly and then 100% disk usage for a while. I have tried almost everything I’ve seen...
  19. A

    I7-7700k cpu and disk going up to 100% in tasks urgent!!!!

    So I recently upgraded my cpu from a i3-6100 to a i7-7700k on my B150M-A D3 motherboard. I upgraded to the latest version of the BIOS and bought some DDR3L 1.35V ram (because it’s the only compatible RAM with my cpu and motherboard) so everything should technically be okay. But the problem is...
  20. OmerMa

    [SOLVED] will it hurt my gpu if i keep the GPU on 100% utilization 24/7 (RTX 2070 SUPER)

    will it hurt my gpu if i keep the GPU on 100% utilization 24/7 i use rtx 2070 super to mine btc and im on 100% utilization so will it hurt my gpu? also my gpu temp is 56 always thank you for your answer
  21. expl0rer

    [SOLVED] i7-7700k Maxing Out, Potentially Causing Stuttering

    I've had this 7700k for a little over two years now. Stock frequencies, no overclocks yet. So far, everything has been fine and I've enjoyed all of the performance I've gotten out of the processor. This thing has been through it all, especially these past couple months - long video calls, lots...
  22. F

    [SOLVED] i5 6600K 100c temp (thermal throttling) & 100% Usage. Please help.

    Hello All, My i5 6600k temp idles around 44° C to 49° C and with load (playing game-cs go, using video editing tool-filmora) it shoots to 100° C within 30 seconds. Also when I did a stress test with intel extreme tuning utility same thing 30 seconds into the test it shoots to 100°C. Also my...
  23. pinkers51

    [SOLVED] CPU usage at 100% when doing nothing

    Hi, I'm having an issue where my CPU is being used at 100% even when i'm doing nothing. I've looked into this myself, and have found that it is most likely due to a mining virus (it is at 100% when I do not have task manager open, then springs back up when i close it), but I have tried all the...
  24. Wrick Daz

    [SOLVED] CPU freezing when 100% CPU usage hits

    So i recently upgraded my rig. Current Rig: Processor: AMD Ryzen 5 3500 GPU: Zotac RTX 2060 Motherboard: Gigabyte B450-DS3H RAM: 2*8GB GSkill 3000Mhz dual channel Power Supply: Corsair VS 650 I was trying to play Assassin Creed Origins but whenever the CPU would hit 100%, the whole PC would...
  25. B

    [SOLVED] Disk usage jumping to 100% causing lag

    Recently (over the past week or so) Ive been experiencing some pretty significant lag spikes while gaming. I havent had any issue playing these same games for over a year and not I've started getting the spikes. At first I thought it was my new monitor but I unplugged it and went back to just...
  26. Y

    [SOLVED] 100% disk usage EXCEPT on safe mode

    so i recently got a new pc and ive been having a 100% disk usage bug whenever i boot it up or just out of nowhere. I've already tried everything, like disabling superfetch, windows search, antimalware, doing a clean boot but nothing seems to work, except booting up into safe mode. Can anyone...
  27. BrettCoffman

    Question Modern Warefare Spiking CPU 100%

    Hello all, New to PC Gaming and PC Computing.. Specs Below Processor: Intel Core i7-9700F (4.7 GHz Turbo) (8-Core) 3.0 GHz Motherboard: ASUS / MSI / ASRock (Intel Chipset) Graphics Card: 1x GeForce RTX 2070 SUPER 8GB Out of all the games that I play, I play Modern Warfare the most. I...
  28. LordMikeus

    [SOLVED] CPU 100% for games with stuttering. Is it bottleneck or an issue?

    So, I haven't got an amazing understanding of throttling, overclocking or any of this stuff. I enjoy games and like to run them as good as I can afford to. Currently I'm aware my CPU is behind the rest of my machine and plan to upgrade it and my mobo sometime soon. However, in the past week or 2...
  29. ivankarrillo

    [SOLVED] Lenovo i7 1TB HD, 16 GB Optane suddenly acting weird 100% Disk

    So, i got this Laptop about 10 months ago and past days (about 4 days) it started to do weird stuff. It started by taking a lot in the loading loop at the start, then it would take about 10 mins in a black screen to finally show my username and password input. After I did it, everything seemed...
  30. C

    Question Gpu Usage Spikes from 0% to 100%? (sapphire rx 580 8gb) How can i fix this?

    Im having spikess what should i do??? Any setting i should turn off from amd radeon software? I tried installing msi afterburner and turn on unified usage monitoring but that didnt quite work. I ran fortnite (yes) to screenshot the spikes for you Is this normal? I also sometimes have spikes when...
  31. Chungbung

    Question CPU at 100% after installing new hard drive

    So I decided to buy a new Western Digital 2tb Hard Drive. After I got done installing it I decided to install CS GO and Apex on it first. When I started playing CS GO (Apex was still downloading) I noticed some stuttering and checked task manager and saw that my CPU was at 100%. I restarted my...
  32. Karim2001

    Question Cpu stuck at 100%

    I just upgraded my computer to windows 10 and my CPU usage in task manager is stuck at 100% i cant just end any specific process to lower the usage since the process using most of the CPU are random and most of the time its task manager itself i tried many times to fix it but couldn't so does...
  33. B

    Question High HDD response time with 100% usage when any kind of write activity on the disk.

    Hi HDD: ST2000DM008-2FR102 (Seagate barracuda 2TB) Problem: Once steam wanted to download updates to a game, but it wasn't be able to relocate disk space. The disk was spinning at 100% with high (~500-3000ms) response time and less than 1mb/s write speed. I have saved all the important files...
  34. Q

    Question 100% CPU usage on windows 10

    Since I've installed new windows on my computer the CPU usage has never gone down from 100 %, help me please. I'm very annoyed by this. Will reinstalling the Windows help?