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  1. Spiralman

    Question High 100% GPU usage slows down PC when gaming

    Greetings I hope you can help me with this, the computer acts normal, I work on it using editing and illustration software, I often play games as well. But suddenly now after minutes of running a GAME perfectly the GPU usage starts to ramp up until reach erratic but mostly 100% usage, the game...
  2. BDTheKing01

    [SOLVED] My Gpu is not fully used ? It says otherwise

    Hi guys ! hope your a re doing well. I'm posting this to ask you guys about a problem of mine. So I have Hp omen 15 with a gtx 1050ti and i7 8750h. When playing games like Biomutant or Kena, in the task manager and in the Omen app, it says my gpu is used at 100% but only 1,9 Go to 2,2 Go are...
  3. B

    [SOLVED] CPU 3 100% Usage,others 20%

    Hi,at the start I'm sorry for my bad english xd I have a problem when I play in the game CPU3 usage is at 100% and the rest of the cores around 20/30%. It's really suck because it's cousing some stutering :/ Is there any fix i can do? My PC Xeon e3 1240v3 3.40Ghz GTX 1060 6GB xtreme gaming...
  4. F

    Question Huge frame drops on Apex Legends 5% gpu usage

    Before I go any further, here are my computer specs : i7-10700k 16gb 2933MHz Aorus GTX 1080 Ti 750w Gigabyte Power supply 512gb nvme I've been having this very annoying issue on Apex Legends where my FPS drops to like 5 to 20 for like 20 to 30 seconds. I've realized that when the...
  5. H

    Question CPU seriously bottle-necking system after reset/component upgrade!

    Hey all! Just posting because I'm having a really strange issue with my CPU usage ever since I reset my PC and upgraded some components. Below are my specs with the upgraded components shown in bold, with what they were replacing beside: Specs: Motherboard: Asrock B250M-HDV CPU: i5-7600k...
  6. W

    [SOLVED] Intel Core i3-9100f 100% usage when gaming

    Basically the problem is simple. My i3-9100f keeps working at 100% during gaming (Watch Dogs 2, AS Odyssey Division 2). I believe that might be the reason why my PC is underperforming (over 10-20% loss of performance comparing to Youtube's game benchmarks) Intel Core i3-9100f 8GB RAM DDR4...
  7. ST44RK7

    [SOLVED] Random 100% Usage Spikes on my hard drive which causes games to stutter for a split second.

    Basically as the title says I've built a new PC in the last week and I've been getting these half a second long stutters/freezes in games to which I've narrowed down to my 2TB Storage Drive hitting 100% usage randomly in the games. The stutters in game correspond with the 100% Usage on the HDD...
  8. V

    Question 100% CPU Usage When Playing Games

    I recently built this computer and have found out that my CPU is hitting 100% usage when playing games and I can't figure out why. I've found that other people have this problem and they say that their frame rate spikes but my computer doesn't have any issues keeping a steady frame rate. It runs...
  9. K

    [SOLVED] High CPU Usage (100%) In Games

    When i start up a game my cpu spikes up to 100% and stays there and it makes all the other background programs stutter and lag like Discord and Spotify it started doing it like a week ago. Never had the problem before Specs: i5-7500 GTX Geforce 1070Ti Asus Strix 8GB DDR4 RAM 16GB 2 Monitors...
  10. F

    Power Supply Turns On Without Pressing Power LED on Motherboard

    I bought an OCZ PSU (OCZ600MXSP) a little over 6 years ago from Newegg. One day about a year ago I foolishly left my computer on during a storm and lost power. As soon as this happened I made sure to switch everything off and even unplugged the surge protector from the wall outlet. After the...
  11. L

    Recently bought a lenovo yoga and find the sensitivity of the touch screen is much too high for my preference. How can I adjus

    Overly sensitive touch-screen keeps sending me around the internet while I am only trying to scroll the screen. Where is the setting to slow the screen down a bit?
  12. K

    PC Bulid with i5 6500

    Hello all! A friend of mine gave me free a i5 6500 cpu What motherboard do you suggest to buy? 1) Must accept new generation cpu compatibility for future upgrade 2) Cheap but good... VFM 3) If it is possible to have 4 dim slots Thank you in advance
  13. N

    Memory Cache/Optimization of high end parts

    Here is my rig set up : https://pcpartpicker.com/list/qNQPtJ I am not computer illiterate, but I am not an IT genius either. I am looking for the best way and ideas to optimize this system. I just completed this build after splurging on some seasonal deals. I had to clone the Kingston SSD...
  14. C

    Major loss of performance over a year (new pc)

    So I've been using my pc for almost a year now which consists of: -GTX 970 -I5 6400 -8 Gigs of ram running at 2133 mhz single channel -128 Gig SSD -1TB Harddrive. Though my pc is a prebuild Acer G3-710 so a lot of parts like the mobo and powersupply and even ram doesn't have a brand of some...
  15. Ed Vest

    Overclocling on i5 7600k

    Im buying an Asus TUF Z270 MARK 2 and i5 7600k, im going to cool this processor with a Deepcool Maelstorm 240-t, how much will i be able to overclock with this config? also, if you can give me any advice on the overclocking since this is my first time doing something like this would be really...
  16. T

    High temperature on FX 8350+ Hyper 212X+screen flashing black

    So, recently I upgraded my CPU cooler to the 212x and it has been having far worse performance than I expected. The temperature is as following: http://imgur.com/a/VbPHf I cleaned all previous thermal paste and applied the new one correctly (I think) and installed the cooler the right way, so...
  17. L

    Google To Remove A Symantec Root Certificate From Chrome And Android

    Google will remove one of Symantec's root certificates from Chrome and Android, following an announcement by Symantec that this root will no longer adhere to the CA/Browser Forum’s Baseline Requirements. Google To Remove A Symantec Root Certificate From Chrome And Android : Read more
  18. J

    Best CPU + Mobo for GTX 680 SLI? (without bottleneck)

    My current build: CPU: Intel i7 930 @2.8Ghz (yes i know, pretty old) Mobo: Intel DX58SO GPU(s): Nvidia GTX 680 2k vram (I have another one available for sli) Ram: Corsair Vengeance 4GB x 2 (8GB total) @ 1600 Mhz PSU: Antec High Current Pro 1,200 watts 80+ Gold I'm looking to upgrade my current...