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  1. S

    Question When dragging program files, GPU locks at 100% and screen stutters

    As you can see in the video, whenever I drag something on Camtasia (Although this happens with other programs such as Photoshop), the GPU usage goes through the roof and the screen starts to freeze. My specs are intel i7, 16 GB RAM and gtx 1060 so I should be able to do this no problem. Also...
  2. ankido

    Question PSU fan running at 100% after 2 years

    Hi, As of a week ago my PSU which I found was the culprit is revving up to 100% most of the time. Sometimes it takes a break for a minute and goes back to running at 100% speed. Not sure what is causing this. I forgot what brand it is I want to guess Corsair. It's been two years with no...
  3. mongerr

    Question My Pc have around 100+ or sometimes up to 200+ less fps than other pc with same build or worse! HEEELP please

    Before i say anything i wanna share my build: CPU: Intel Core i7-9700K GPU: Galax Nvidia RTX 2060 Ram: 1x16 GB Corsair Vengeance 3000MhZ Motherboard: Gigabyte Z390 UD SSD: Western Digital 480GB HDD: Seagate barracuda 2TB Air cooler: Noctua NHD15 PSU: Evga 600W 80 gold plus My userbenchmark...
  4. Codis1789

    [SOLVED] HDD usage at 75% - 100% at random

    I recently built a new budget PC for myself, and it's been working perfectly until about 2 days ago. I started noticing fps drops in games that ran smoothly, so I turned the settings down, but still had the fps drops. Checked my temps, and they were all normal for the CPU and GPU. Started one...
  5. MaMento

    [SOLVED] 100% cpu usage upon game launch

    Every time I launch some games it shows in the task manager its is using 100% of my CPU even tho there is nothing listed using there using 100 percent. I have to wait like 10 min for it to stop and return to normal. I've noticed it has only been happening to games that use EAC (Easy Anti-Cheat)...
  6. Y

    [SOLVED] Made some tweaks from guides on YouTube, things look better but performance took a huge dive

    I followed Panjno's guide on YouTube to getting the most out of your PC for the best performance possible when playing CoD Modern Warfare, mostly for Warzone. I'm not exactly sure how but for some reason my CPU hits 100% all the time now. When it does, everything begins to stutter really bad...
  7. N

    [SOLVED] CPU load is 98% and GPU is at 5%

    Okay so, I recently started playing Battlefield V and thought I'd mess around with video settings, put everything on ultra and it seemed to be fine at first but after about 10 minutes I could definitely see a lot of frame drops. So I checked on a monitoring program (NZXT CAM) to see how my load...
  8. aminAHA

    Question I5-9400f Cpu 100% usage when i play fortnite

    hi, I have the 9400f and rx570, 8gb ram 2666mhz, h310d motherboard. any time that go-to game and after 10 min when I look at the building my fps drop to 50 to 70 and my normal fps is 144 or 160, it is so bad i check everything and i konw my ram can be better but my cpu work on 100% so why? my...
  9. backdoorluts9

    Question EVGA 2070 Black 1 fan (Right) ALways at 100%

    Hi I recently just got a new motherboard and CPU. msi X570 Gaming Edge Wifi and 3700x and 32gb 3200mhz ram. My graphics card fan (Right) is always at 100% even at idle . sounds like a jet engine. Cpu temp is 25c. had the 2070 in my old build which was a 8600k. no problems. I have tried...
  10. P

    Question GPU Fan is spinning at 100% but temp is still 80 degrees?!

    Hi, I was just playing The Witcher 3, and my GPU fan started spinning to a 100% and it was so loud it bothered me so much I had to exit my game. Also the temp is always at 80 degrees while gaming, no matter what I do... If the fan would spin at 100% I would at least expect to be the temp a bit...
  11. NewMemberLooking4Help

    [SOLVED] 100% Disk Usage during startup/opening new programs

    Hello since quite a time im experiencing a huge performance loss on my MSI GE 62 Apache 6QF gaming Laptop running a 1TB HDD. I was searching in the web for some solutions what till now didn't help at all. Windows 10 allowed me to see the cause of the sluggish behavior, as task manager reports...
  12. Question 100% load on all cores with WMI Provider Host

    Guys I am having a problem I don't know how to solve. I searched the internet and all guides for the identical problem are Not working in my case. For some reason, all of my 9900K OC cores are running @ 100% all the time. I don't see this in system performance or games. The system is running...
  13. NotSoFunnyClown

    Question SSD jumps to 100% under GPU load and freeze Windows

    I'm despair on a strange problem. :cautious: My system runs since almost 2 years without any problems. Since about a few weeks I got the problem that when I'm playing a game like overwatch, after a few minutes, textures and 3D models starting to disappear. After a while the whole game will...
  14. R

    [SOLVED] CPU running at 100% (i5-4690k) when it definitely shouldn't be using 100% of all 4 cores @4.1GHz

    As title stated. If chrome is only thing open, it's using 70%-90% of my CPU, if chrome + malware see screenshot, games still run decent maybe slightly less performance than they used to have but nothing major, sometimes computer feels sluggish. Is CPU failing? Virus-scan not showing anything...
  15. R

    Question Why is spam filter stopping me from posting

    Every post i try to make gets blocked because its "spam" or "contains spam like elements"
  16. Karemell

    Question GPU 100% fan speed black screen

    I was playing fortnite. Suddenly my pc got a black screen and my audio got cut off. I restarted my pc and I had a black screen with my GPU on 100% fan speed. In the past I did have this too, but I could just restart my pc and it worked again. My temps weren't high it was 65-75°c or sometimes...
  17. Z

    Question GPU hits 100% major FPS drop

    Hello everyone! Once the GPU hits 100% while gaming FPS, clockspeed, drops insanely. I've been trying to figure this out for a month now. When playing games in the beginning everything is fine. After 10 min or so the GPU starts to go at 100% and the clock speed drops, fps drops and it's...
  18. C

    Question Jerky/laggy mouse movements when cpu @ 100% utilization

    Okay so this issue has driven me nuts. Whenever my CPU reaches 100% utilization, my mouse movements is all stuttery, laggy and jerky. This started since I upgraded my GPU. I uninstalled my drivers with help from DDU. SPECS: i5 6400 MSI RTX 2060 (upgraded from 970) 8 GB Ram in single channel...
  19. L

    Question i7 7700k at 100%

    when playing games like black ops 3 my CPU is at 90-100%, my gtx 1060 rarely exceeds 60%, i also have 8gb of ram which does reach around 90% that will be upgraded soon, but is there any reason the cpu should be so high, as it seems to be causing considerable choppiness
  20. DannyPhantom117

    Question CPU at 100% always

    I've been having this problem lately with my CPU. I have a i5 9600K, gtx 1080, 16 gb of 3000mhz ram, and water cooled. The issue is my CPU always runs at 80%+ and the processes are not games or apps. I've looked up a bunch of help guides but nothing works. I'm thinking about just resetting my...