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    [SOLVED] Half speed through Tenda router

    Hello, I have a Tenda F3 router, which has a 1*10/100M auto-negotiation WAN port. My problem is that I have a wifi modem from my ISP, but it's range is terrible (speed is 100mbit/s), so I tried to use my Tenda F3 router to increase the wifi range. Connected them with a cat 5e cable, set the...
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    Question Have to re-plug the ethernet cable to get back to 1gbps

    As you read the title, when I start my pc I always get 100mbps till I plug out my ethernet cable and plug it back in it spikes back up to 1gbps My speed & duplex is on 1gbps I' ve tried multiple things that I dont remember anymore but it just annoys me to run 100mbps instant of my max that I...
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    [SOLVED] Cat 5e Capped at 100Mbps Due to Split Wiring

    Hi everyone, I searched the forum first and I think I know the problem but since I'm inexperienced with working with cables I want to be extra sure. The internet wall jack in my office is capped at ~95Mbps, but plugging straight into the router yields 300Mbps. I traced the wiring from my office...
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    [SOLVED] Windows 10 network speed capped at 100mbps on Gigabit port

    Hi all, I've been trying to troubleshoot this issue for a couple of days now. I have a windows 10 PC that's got it's network port capped at 100mbps on a gigabit network port to my NAS. It's only a recent issue but I don't know what caused it. I've tried updating windows, the drivers from OEM...
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    Question Stuck on 100mbps

    Any idea why I'm stuck at 100mbps? It's an Realtek 1Gbit onboard, on an Asrock 970 extreme4, running Windows 10. It's my step son's machine. My PC has the exact same motherboard and I've never had this problem. I'm currently using cat 6 cable and ubiquity switch. I have had the same problem in...
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    8 Conductor modular duplex jack adapter

    Can you take (2) 8 Conductor modular duplex jack adapters and plug one into the gigabit port on the back of your computer and then plug the other one into your gig outlet on your router or network switch.....then run your ethernet cables to both jacks...will you now get one 2000gig showing up on...
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    Pc build in 1200$ with gtx1060 as graphics card

    Hey guys i need a gaming pc build with gtx-1060 as the graphics card.My budget is 80000 Rupees which equals to 1200$.I need a completely new build from cpu to a mouse.Even a monitor.
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    Gigabyte 1080 Waterforce, Extra HDMI Ports?

    I just opened up my PC today to check for loose wires, its been shutting off randomly since I built it a month ago, and it hasn't gone over 50 Celsius. But that's not why I'm here, I noticed my GPU had 2 HDMI ports on the back, I couldn't find anything online about it, and the specs say there's...
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    U.2 or M.2 SSD's

    Im trying to pick a mobo and I need to know which SSD devices will be more prevalent in the future, U.2 SSDs or ultra M.2 SSDs?
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    Can't find speaker pins on Gigabytes H97N wifi mini-itx mobo

    First build ever and of course it doesn't boot. UnfortunatelyI can't work out where the beep speaker goes which I'd like to use now to start diagnosing what's up. This guy: http://www.gigabyte.com/products/product-page.aspx?pid=4992#ov