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  1. B

    Question 'Best' GT 1030 From These Options?

    I was wondering if anyone had some experience or opinions on the GT 1030 cards I'm looking at. Not so much for the 'hard specs' (they are mostly the same), but more insights on less obvious things like 'the fan sounds whiny', OC headroom, fan speed, or whatever else. Any input appreciated. The...
  2. W

    Question Best budget card for 4K video playback

    HI. I'm building a new PC with a Ryzen 5 3600, 16gb RAM(About AR$ 60.000 - U$D 629,40) but I need a Graphics Card for this . I was wondering witch option shoud I buy considering it will be mostly used for desktop usage (Web, Coding, VMs) with an 1080p monitor and rarely for 4k video playback...
  3. Kim8675

    [SOLVED] monitor and GPU/ only monitor

    Hi, so I currently have a VGA monitor with AMD 5450. Now my current budget allows me to buy a GTX 1650 super. I'm thinking of using it with HDMI to VGA adapter. What if I buy a 1080p 75hz HDMI monitor with 1030? would that be a better choice?
  4. D

    Disk space 100% used

    When i start pc every thing runs too slowly. When i start task manager it shows disk space usage as 100%. It kind off irritates me My specs i3 6300 Ram 8gb Gpu rx 470 gaming x 4 gb
  5. B

    290x on PCI 2.0

    Hi I am looking at getting a MSI Radeon R9 290X Twin FrozR to replace my 7950. I have an AMD system which means I only have PCI 2.0. Going by these benchmarks (http://www.techpowerup.com/reviews/Intel/Ivy_Bridge_PCI-Express_Scaling/23.html) done on the 7970 the perfomance loss will be very...