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  1. Haad Khan

    Question I5 10400F has 6 cores but shows 2 cores

    I recently bought a PC a few weeks back but due to no graphic card i got to use it today The specs are i5 10400F 8gb 2666 ram h410mh gigabyte board and gtx 960 i opened task manager and found out it was showing 2 cores while the processer has 6 cores i used specy and cpuz and they both showed...
  2. L

    Question does h470 need a bios update before running 10400F?

    hi so recently i'm planning to build a midrange gaming - streaming pc (dont say use ryzen cuz its expensive in my location) i was wondering if i pair a 10400f with a tuf h470 pro would i need to update the bios on the MB to be able to boot up with the 10400? plus an extra question: how fast can...
  3. J

    [SOLVED] CPU supported memory

    Hello, I'm willing to buy Core i5-10400F CPU + 3060 TI Nvidia GPU, I understand that even with a high-speed RAM the CPU has its own limit "about 2600mhz" and it's just a waste of money buying a high-speed ram while it supports 2600mhz. My question is, why when I check out benchmarks with the...
  4. mranimo

    [SOLVED] Ryzen 7 2700 vs i5 10400/f

    Which is better for gaming? Which one is more energy efficient? Why would you choose it instead the other? I have an MSI GAMING TRIO 1080TI gpu and 16gb dualkit trident royal 3200mhz rams if it matters.
  5. O

    Question MOBO for the i5-10400F ?

    hello, I am going to buy build a new computer with i5-10400f and I am Looking for a MOBO that will be compatible . I already have a memory RAM : Corsair Vengeance LPX 16GB (2x8GB) DDR4 DRAM 3200MHz C16 Desktop Memory Kit my problem is that 3200mhz ram requires a z490 board and its too...
  6. Schantzei

    Question 10700KF + 2070S or 10400F + 3070

    Hello everyone, I want to build a PC that I can play games on 1440p and will not cost me extra for many years. I don't understand much about these things; however, after a long research, I made a list as follows: CPU: i7 10700KF / i5 10600KF / i5 10400F / R5 5600X GPU: Palit RTX 2070 Super /...