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  1. M

    [SOLVED] Will replacing my cpu and ram solve stuttering?

    Hi, so I had an i5-8400,16gb 2400hz (2 sticks) and 1070 ti, and 1TB HDD I used to play warzone and metro exodus but was suffering from random fps drops (micro freezes) and stutters. People on this forum told me that this could be due to the lack of hyper threading in the i5 8400 and low speed...
  2. werlii

    [SOLVED] 1070 Ti, Code 43

    Yeah I'm sure you guys' are tired of seeing the same "hoo hee code 43 help", and I understand that I'm probably just dumb, but my issue is; -Code 43 -Installed the 1070 Ti disk, which I'd like to add is from 2017, that when installed it shows in device manager as the 1070 Ti, but not functional...
  3. silversongshelties

    Question Troubleshooting EVGA GeForce GTX 1070 Ti (Black Edition)

    I've been having long standing freezes, crashes and unusual sounds during those (sounds like a loud PC startup all the way to a nasty electronic buzzing sound) and it's recently getting worse to the point my PC shuts down. So far I've tried updating the Nvidia video drivers, and checked all...
  4. outflows

    [SOLVED] Games won't run on GPU

    I've looked up multiple solutions to this issue including: changing display settings to use gpu for specific exe files, and changing the OpenGL Rendering GPU to be my 1070 Ti instead of auto detecting. None of these have worked in the slightest. Instead, games will use my CPU for all of the...
  5. AFantasyHero

    [SOLVED] Swapping a 1060 with a 1070 ti with a bit of coil whine for a good deal?

    I was trying to swap out my Msi Gaming X GTX 1060 6 GB with a Msi Gaming GTX 1070 ti from the same model for about 100 USD. (GTX 1080 is much more exp comparing to 1070 ti where I live...) I was trying to be able to play 4K at 30 fps on a 4K TV or to be able to maintain 60 FPS@1080p on Ultra...
  6. wptny

    Question PNY 1070-Ti underperforming

    I bought a PNY 1070-Ti off of ebay new, and I get that could seem sketchy but it all seemed to check out. My Ryzen 3 2200g cpu is definitely hurting it, but I see people with R5 2600x's at 1080p 144fps, or 2k 60fps, yet in games like Destiny 2 I constantly dip under 60fps while on 1080p. I've...
  7. T

    [SOLVED] Vega 64 and Corsair TX 550m

    Looking to get a new GPU after my 1070 ti died. Is a Vega 64 and TX 550m a bad idea? Or should I wait for another 1070 ti to come back in stock?
  8. Z

    Question Will a mini pcie to full size pcie adapter affect GPU performance?

    So I have a GTX 1070 ti, a mini ATX board, and a mini PCIE to full PCIE adapter and I want to know what performance impact this adapter will have vs using a normal mobo. Any info will be greatly appreciated.
  9. F

    [SOLVED] Should I pair my i7-9700k with a 1070, 1070TI, or a 1080?

    Hey there, I’m looking into upgrading my PC and not sure whether to pair the i7-9700k with a 1070, 1070 Ti, or a 1080. I’m very limited by my budget therefore buying the cheapest option would be the best for me. I play a lot of CPU intensive games, as well as running editing and music...
  10. erasmus22

    [SOLVED] Will a high-end video card ensure long term mid-range gaming?

    My monitor provides only 60-75hz at 1080p, but this is exactly what I want. I have no plans on upgrading my monitor. I'm currently running an RX 580 (a mid range card) and it does just fine to give 60-100fps on ultra settings. My question is this: I have the option to get a used 1070Ti (a high...
  11. bossiermeteor27

    [SOLVED] Monitor purchasing advice

    i want a dual monitor setup what monitors should I purchase on a 1070 ti also, I don't know how to mount them on my credenza desk with a hutch. I have one 75 Hz free sync rn but I don't know how to mount 2 on my desk when I take the one I have away. I know that not many people have a credenza...
  12. Z

    [SOLVED] 1070 Ti underperforming? And 3000Mhz ram running at 2400Mhz max

    Recently I've been trying to get as much performance out of my pc as I can so I did a bunch of benchmarks to see what I needed to do and at first there was a lot of problems like the CPU performing below average the GPU performing way below average and my ram performing way below average but my...
  13. J

    Question FPS issues after installing new hardware

    Hi all, I recently just installed a couple new components into my system with hopes of a massive performance increase, as one does. I haven't noticed too much of an increase but hey i gotta let myself experience it for a bit :D Specs: CPU: Ryzen 7 2700x (from R5 1600) MoBo: GA-AB350M Gaming 3...
  14. Avacadoee

    [SOLVED] ASUS gtx 1660 Ti vs EVGA gtx 1070 ti Ultra Silent

    (1440p, 144hz) I have two used deals lined up and have about $240 to spend, the asus guy said he would do $250 + shipping and the EVGA guy said he would do $240 flat. I watched videos on the asus 1660 ti and as i’ve seen, it plays exactly like a generic 1070 ti with the 1070 ti getting a few...
  15. M

    [SOLVED] Games crashing as soon as I run them but my system still runs fine

    I have only had this problem as of recently and had tried everything. As soon as I run a game on my PC, it crashes right away. I have tried updating my drivers and checking for any other errors within my system but it all seems to be running fine. As soon as I run a game on my PC it just crashes...
  16. J

    Question GTX 1070 ti in VR

    I was wondering how well a GTX 1070 ti handles VR, I’ve read that a GTX 1060 is the recommended minimum, that’s the GTX 1070 handles VR quite well, and the GTX is probably the best option without hitting prices of 1000 and up. But I haven’t found much info on the GTX 1070 ti. I would think it...
  17. K

    Question Advise on Palit GeForce GTX 1070 Ti Dual 8GB

    Hello guys, I have a good deal for Palit GeForce GTX 1070 Ti Dual 8GB with 2 years warranty still remaining, however I saw that the back of the PCB of the card is exposed by design - no cover - could this cause potential problems, should I be concerned about that? Also do you know if a back...
  18. W

    Question Is my graphics card getting the power it needs?

    I have a msi 1070ti (it has 8+6 pins) Do i connec one 8to8 from psu to gpu, and one 8to6 from psu to gpu? Or one 8 to 8+6 from psu to gpu? How do i get the optimal/max power to the gpu?
  19. D

    Question <solved> Extremely high tempratures on expensive PC

    So I've had my current build for about 5 months now and I seem to be having trouble with general tempratures of my system, I am running a Gigabyte Windforce GTX 1070 TI & I5 9600k, yet I am getting tempratures in excess of 80c without overclocking, at the same time as using a Cooler Master...
  20. F

    Question Stuttering In Games [i5 9600K, GTX 1070 Ti]

    This was my first ever PC Build that I built sometime early January. I've been having stuttering issues in games (I think even from the start) and they're regardless of my settings. I never decide to fix it by opting for Vsync or locking my frames to 60 because it's unbearable to me and I feel...
  21. wyntrse

    Question GPU Upgrade (R9 390 - GTX 1070 Ti)

    Currently, I am rocking an AMD R9 390 GPU that has come with a factory OC. I was looking around various websites and apps for a potential upgrade to my card, preferably any sort of Nvidia card due to my issues with AMD, and I stumbled upon a GTX 1070 Ti card for rather cheap. Of course, this...
  22. waspzz

    Question Rtx 2060 vs 1070 ti

    Hi Guys, Been reading online but I'm still undecided on what to buy between rtx 2060 vs 1070 ti. I understand that rtx 2060 is newer tech so there is room for future proofing. Its also cheaper but it only has 6gb video memory. While 1070 ti is more expensive but it has 8gb memory. Im thinking...
  23. mossi

    Question Looking for quietest GPU at 1070 ti /Vega 56 level

    I'm looking for a replacement graphics card for my Gigabyte 7970 OC. I've decided to go for something as powerful as the 1070 ti or the Vega 56. My only requirement is noise, or rather lack of noise. I just don't want to hear the card at all.. nothing. Complete and utter silence. I guess when...
  24. S

    [SOLVED] Will My PC Support a GTX 1070 TI?

    Hey guys, I've been looking to upgrade my GPU for awhile, but running on a budget. I currently have a RX580 (Sapphire Nitro+ Special Edition). I found somebody selling their ASUS Cerberus GeForce GTX 1070 Ti 8GB for $300... used, but works perfectly fine. I plan on making this purchase, but...
  25. F

    Question Flickering white pixels on edges in all games

    I've seen some white pixels that flicker where it seems textures connect or lighting changes, I'm not certain. It's not too common but I've seen it consistently reproducible inside of the tunnel in this clip: View: https://youtu.be/iJGjS19HWuE My system specs are: AMD Ryzen 2600X @ 3.8Ghz...