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  1. M

    [SOLVED] 650W gold or 700W bronze for my new system?

    Hi everyone, I just bought a new prebuilt PC... No other way to get a GPU for a reasonable price these days. It comes with SilentiumPC Vero L3 Bronze, 700W. I also have an older Seasonic SSP 650RT Active PFC F3 which is a 650W Gold. It's been collecting dust for few years, not being used at...
  2. O

    [SOLVED] Worried about 10850K thermals in h210

    Hello All, I have the NZXT H210. Anyone rocking a 10850k in this case? how are the thermals? going to use the stock case fans that come with the case on default orientation for now. I'm eyeing a: i9 10850k paired with an NZXT Kraken x53 240mm Aio otherwise I'll just go i7 10700 if the i9 would...
  3. MonsterMMORPG

    Question Is that somehow possible to use Core i7 - 10700F CPU at 4.8 GHZ all core?

    Today my new CPU arrived and thankfully it is working It is working stable at 4.6 GHZ all core But can I use it at higher clocks somehow? I have MSI MAG B460M MORTAR motherboard NOCTUA NH-D14 Cooler CPU-z benchmark : https://valid.x86.fr/qcpqqr
  4. MonsterMMORPG

    [SOLVED] AMD Ryzen 3700x vs INTEL Core i7 10700F - Which one do you think?

    I can't decide which system to go Intel has 1 advantage for me that I won't be have to rebuild my Raid 1 array I will use the system for applications that uses 8 cores 16 threads (not for gaming) As far as I searched the Internet both CPU have equal power So which one and why? System 1 ...