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  1. K

    Question After upgrading from a 970 to a 1080, CS:GO performs much worse.

    With the 970 I was getting 100 FPS+ all the time, after upgrading to the 1080, I get around 65-90 rarely 100 SPECS: CPU - AMD Ryzen 7 1700x GPU - ASUS ROG Strix GTX 1080 RAM - 16 GB DDR4 (not sure exactly which one) If I missed any important components please let me know, all help is...
  2. hunterj

    Question Random restarts on cold boot

    Have been having a weird issue where my build will always restart on a cold boot after about 10 minutes. After the restart there are no issues so currently I just turn my computer on wait for the restart and continue with normal use. I've been putting it off but need some help troubleshooting...
  3. T

    Question Need advice Re: GPU/CPU upgrade

    Hi all, I'm currently running a 1080, 6700K @ 4.5Ghz, 16Gb of ram, and a 650W PSU. I think that's all that's relevant for the moment, but if I'm missing anything, do let me know. I have it in my budget for later this year to upgrade my PC, and would like top achieve the best performance I can...
  4. S

    Question 30-40 FPS on PUBG with GTX 1080

    I recently bought a new build and thought seen as I was going be changing from a GTX 1050 Laptop to a GTX 1080 PC FPS in PUBG would improve and FPS in other games would too. However, it has made no difference what so ever I am still only getting FPS of around 30-40. The new system I have is...
  5. Y

    Question Would there be any issues for gtx 1080 with i5 2400?

    I'm upgrading my home's old computer with a gtx 1080. The thing is that computer(mobo : GA H61m-ds2 intel i5 2400) is having some sort of display problem like flickering and flashing and nothing changes after I tried switching few monitors. It's like crashing down after using few minutes. So I...
  6. S

    Question Reason for sub-par fps on my 1080?

    Hey guys, I got myself a 1080 a little while back and honestly I've never tried to run it on much hard. But I recently picked up the battlefield games again and noticed I was taking fps pretty hard. Then I realised this was happening for any slightly challenging game. I have tried a few...
  7. B

    Question GTX 1080 Ti Founders vs Reference clock speeds

    Hi guys, I'm sure that there is a very detail thread somewhere around here regarding this topic however I couldn't personally find anything completely relevant to my case. So this goes out to all of the 1080 Ti owners. I've recently upgraded from a 1060 6GB to a 1080 Ti Founders Edition second...
  8. B


    Bought a used system off Facebook marketplace guy selling it knew nothing about it hadn’t ever even opened it confirmed by the dust anyways getting kids of black lines flickering and making games FPS very unstable and crash and not nice to look at. Mainly occurs in the sky please check pictures...
  9. B

    Question What GPU should i buy?

    i have a I7 8700K for my cpu and im aiming to get a new graphics card around $500 USD. I want to aim for 1440p gaming at 144hz, Idk which is the bbest to buy. and also i could go used or new. Anything will help. Thanks, Ben
  10. MeshVoid

    Question Will I benefit from using 1070 and 1080 card simultaneously using CUDA for Cycles (Blender) rendering?

    Hello sexy people! As the GPU market being updated with new models old GPUs become more affordable. Will I get rendering speed increase (or any other benefits) by buying Nvidia 1080 8 gb ram and plucking in into a PC with the following specs: Nvidia 1070 8 gb Vram Motherboard: GA-Z77-DS3H...
  11. Blindbirdhouse

    Question 1080 TI backplate installation help **RESOLVED**

    I have just purchased a backplate from coldzero for my GIGABYTE GTX 1080 TI GAMING OC card. Unfortunately I am struggling to understand how to properly fit it. The provided screws/nuts don't seem to be big enough (please see pics) Any help greatfully appreciated. Many thanks
  12. S

    [SOLVED] 1080, 2070 or 2080?

    Hey guys, im just wondering whats the best value for money, i can afford all of the above but should i really be forking out that much for a 2080? Is it worth it compared to the others? Specs so far - CPU - i7 7700 Ram - 24gb DDR4 3000Mhz GPU - Asus GTX 1060 6gb (Giving to a relative to...
  13. C

    Question Is it possible to upgrade a Toshiba 1366x768 to a higher resolution?

    Im currently running a Toshiba Satellite s55 c5274 i7-5500U 12GB RAM Intel HD graphics 5500 the lcd screen is on a 30 pin connector and i was wondering if there was any way to upgrade the LCD to a 1080p display?
  14. D

    Question Is GPU leaking? Something black and sticky on the outside of GPU. Picture attatched.

    Hey Guys, I just looked inside my pc for the first time in a long time. I was pretty shocked to see something that looks kinda sticky and black inside. It's a GTX 1080 and it's been a year and a half since it was installed. I'm at a complete loss, I have no idea what this is. All input...
  15. ArYcEz

    Question (GTX 1080) Under 30% GPU usage GTA V

    I recently bought a GTX 1080, however when I tried to play GTA V I realized that my framerate wasn't much different from the card I upgraded from (GTX 970.) My GPU usage howevers anywhere from 10~% to 35~% but rarely goes above that. I turned all my graphics down but there seems to be no...
  16. T

    Question Abkoncore Spider Spectrum fans

    Hey guys Im planing on buying 10 of the abkoncore spider spectrum fans with the abkoncore 350m case I've heard the fans are bad and the case has bad airflow. I just wanna clear it out, if it's really that bad... My setup will be: Abkoncore 350m 10 abkoncore spider spectrum fans 1080 asus strix...
  17. C

    Question Having issues with every game lagging

    Hello everyone, I'm having a heck of a time. I built a new computer recently (I'll put specs at the bottom) and literally every game I play is stuck between 40-60 frames, and some games (like Fallout 4) even drop below that. This is at any graphics setting. I've uninstalled all drivers and...
  18. A

    Question Screen Black When Overclocking

    I have never overclocked anything before and have started to get low FPS in games with my new 2k 144hz monitor. I tried to overclock but nothing changed. I was using the Valley Benchmark 1.0 and wasn't seeing a rise in FPS. I kept going, the temperature was fine and didn't see any artifacts. All...
  19. N

    Question New GPU or new CPU

    I have a i5-8400 with a 980, im either going to upgrade to a 8700k or a 1080. Which do i go for. I play overwacth and am buying 2 144hz monitors this summer. And i understand that ill need a beefy cooler, like an NZXT x52.
  20. S

    Question Gpu Runs at 40%

    Hey guys. my specs: Gtx 1080 ftw ryzen 5 1600x 16gb 2666(oc to 3000) 650 corsair bronze psu arctic freezer 33 SSD 240gb free sync 144 msi monitor okay so dont judge me please. I play only a few games very competitively. I stopped playing csgo so rn I am really trying hard in Fortnite. The...