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    Question 1080p gaming with 144hz monitor?

    Hey everyone, this might be a stupid question but I'm really confused about this specific thing. Would appreciate if anyone could clear this out for me! I bought a 24" monitor, (ViewSonic VX2458-P-MHD, Full HD, 1ms, 144hz). I'm building a PC with i5-10500 and GTX 1650. I'm looking to play AAA...
  2. M

    Build Advice Anything wrong with this budget gaming build ?

    I'm looking to build a 1080p gaming (+ productivity) PC for AAA games (@ Medium settings). I'm getting the following parts for just over £500. I'll also be getting a GTX 1650 GPU later. How is this configuration for the price? I was gonna go for Ryzen 5 3600 but cost is higher than the Intel...
  3. O

    [SOLVED] Gaming in 1080p on a 4K monitor?

    How much would the picture quality suffer if I were to play 1080p games on a 4K monitor ? I own a 1080p 144hz display but my PC specs are not good and cannot be improved easily in my country. So i decided to buy a PS4 Pro and replace my monitor with a 4k one instead. Any tips or useful information ?
  4. ek_e123

    [SOLVED] My PC doesn't upscale 1080p games on my 4K monitor, but my playstation 4 does?

    I have a 4K 60HZ monitor (Asus VP28UQG) I always used this monitor for my ps4 which outputs at just 1080p and it looks gorgeous (dare I say, even better than what it looked on my 1080p TV). When I built my PC (specs at the end of the post), I found out the hard way that if I set the resolution...
  5. A

    [SOLVED] 1080p Gaming PC

    Hello! I'm trying to build a new PC for 1080p gaming and the more that I looked reviews and comments, the more I get confused. So I thought that I should open an thread to ask and maybe discuss about parts. You can check my build below link but I also want to write important parts separately...
  6. aranorde

    [SOLVED] Help me understand rendering resolution and monitor's native output resolutions!

    I'm a not an expert in this, so if any of this sounds funny then please educate me. :) Things are pretty complicated to explain so kindly take some time to read and reply, i might be over-explaining simple things here or under-explaining complicated things. I will be listing a scenario/case and...
  7. B

    Question Best AM4 cpu for medium 1080p gaming?

    I also have an RX 460 4GB graphics card
  8. [SOLVED] GTX 1660, RTX 2060, or RTX 2060 SUPER

    im planning to make a completely new pc but im kinda stuck in a crossroads when it come to what gpu i should go with im doing single monitor 1080p gaming and i want to be able to run ultra I know I could get that with all 3 of theses cards but im also trying to factor in longevity so what better...
  9. P

    [SOLVED] Problem connecting to the internet

    Hello. I’ve tried to look for answers to this problem but haven’t really come across something similar. I uninstalled Norton since I decided to go with Karpersky for AV. After that I haven’t been able to access multiple sites such as Netflix, Prime Video, Steam or any online shopping site for...
  10. D

    New GPU, Screen gets no signal.

    Just installed a new GPU and psu to go with it. When I turn on the computer the screen stays black. Already put bios back to factory settings tried with a different GPU that does work. The fans on the new one do spin, only 1 of the 2 tho. I need help. Been troubleshooting for 7 hours now and im...
  11. R

    can my motherboard fit gigabyte nvidia gtx 1050?

    my cpu is dell optiplex 3020... motherboard is from dell.inc DDR3 ... ram 4GB DDR3 bios : dell.inc a11 display : dell fhd 21.5 inch monitor Processor : intel i5-3570 3.40ghz ( Codename IvyBridge) and my selected graphics card is GDDR5 4gb ver... plz reply and give a correct info because I need...
  12. Skorpovita

    building for a friend

    hi everyone i'm gonna build a pc for a friend and wanted to hear you guys to check out my configuration and see what you think about it. i'ma use the reddit format hope that's ok :) What is your intended use for this build? only gaming and some video watching he got a 4k tv too so maybe could...
  13. V

    Need help on how to turn on keyboard backlight on my new asus laptop

    I just recently bought a asus n56jn-eb71 laptop for gaming and going back to school to learn coding/ programming and web design. I've been looking everywhere on the internet and cannot for the life of me figure out how to turn on the feature that allows my keyboard lights to turn on to make it...
  14. D

    OK to attach a RAID 1 hard drive to a computer with USB interface?

    Hello folks, To undelete a number of deleted files, I am planning to attach one of the RAID hard drives from my Synology DS214 to my laptop by using a USB interface. I am going to use Active Data Studio (ADS) for undeleting. Apperantly ADS can see LVM files. The recovered files will be...
  15. K

    Possible to check if the windows version is OEM or retail

    Computer's motherboard fried, I would like to know if my version of Windows 10 is retail or OEM. I forgot to write down the product id so I have no clue how to tell which one it is and I can't check because I don't have access to my computer anymore due to motherboard failure. Anybody have an...
  16. G

    How long will this laptop last?

    So, i'm about to buy this ASUS ROG ZX50VW-MS71 laptop and was wondering how many years can I get out of it. I'm mainly going to use this for College and the odd game. specs: Intel Core i7-6700HQ Processor 2.6GHz Microsoft Windows 10 64-bit 8GB DDR4 RAM 1TB 5,400RPM Hard Drive NVIDIA GeForce GTX...
  17. K

    Are my Temps too high? (i5 6600k, corsair h50)

    Just built my rig. I'm getting around 60c on prime95 v26.6 with an AIO liquid cooler (Corsair h50). This is for *no overclocking* whatsoever. The i5 chip is stock at 3.5ghz. I feel like for an i5 6600k, with the liquid cooler, it should be lower than 60c. Will I have much room to...
  18. M

    GTX 970 G1 need urgent HELP

    I already posted this last night but no luck.. so my issue is that everytime I update the driver, once the systeem boots, after a few second it loses display signal and never comes back. I have updated through the nvidia page and even through windows update which got me the same results. The...