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    Question ping spikes when gaming

    hi, basically this happened after I came back from a vacation. I used to have 0 issues with my ping and latency, but after turning my modem and router back on from the trip I'm now experiencing ping spikes ONLY when I'm gaming. Normal ping when surfing the net or Youtube will be around 7-80ms...
  2. ethan206

    Question DNS Server keeps changing by itself (Windows 11)

    I've been using my university's wifi for the past couple days and I ran into trouble when I was first connecting. It turns out I was using a DNS server that wasn't "compatible", I remember switching my DNS to (although I'm pretty sure I switched it back, and I'm not sure why it defaults...
  3. megaxbang

    [SOLVED] debug result changes over time (even if i changed the dns in router)

    Hello everyone, I just followed the steps to put DNS on my android phone as well as my router. In the help page found here: , here are my results on Android: Connected to No Using DNS over HTTPS (DoH): No Using DNS over TLS (Dot): No Yes