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  1. L

    Question Z87 Deluxe stuck on code 0000 but only when CPU power is not connected

    Hi everyone! I have kind of a weird problem, so I hope you can help me solve it or give suggestions. Before that, a list of all the components: Motherboard: Asus Z87 Deluxe CPU: Intel Core i5 4670k GPU: Nvidia GTX 660 PSU: Fractal Design Tesla R2 650W RAM: 2 x Corsair Vengeance DDR3 LP 4GB Some...
  2. K

    Question Core i5 4590s Vs Xeon E3-1230V2

    I am currently planning a budget PC for a relative of mine. As the title suggests I am deciding between a Xeon E3-1230V2 and an i5 4590s. Specs are as listed below: Asus GTX 680 directcu II OC HyperX genesis 8gb 1600mHz 600W PSU From what I've gathered the i5 has slightly better single core...
  3. Hardly_Qualified723

    Extreme Voltage fluxuation fixed by CPU Ratio?...Seriously lost.

    Zero overclocking in use, any reference to OC is just to clarify my part's. 434 Watts according to PCPartPicker Intel Core i7-7700K 4.2GHz (Quad Core--New) Hyper 212 EVO 82.9 CFM Sleeve Bearing, Dual Fan (Both stock, one from another EVO--not an actual dual fan model) - one in CPU Fan1...
  4. H

    Fight For The Horde Or Alliance In The New Expansion For 'World Of Warcraft'

    The "Battle for Azeroth" features two new continents and the ability to play as one of the new allied races. Fight For The Horde Or Alliance In The New Expansion For 'World Of Warcraft' : Read more
  5. J

    Music and video streaming via wifi

    how to send laptop music and video files from HP laptop to Vizio smart tv
  6. Y

    Gtx 1070 vs gtx 980ti vs gtx Titan X

    Hello everyone! Look, in my country these cards cost the same price on the aftermarket and I'm willing to buy 1 of those. Which one should I get? Same price, literally 400$.
  7. Y

    after input the pc hdmi cable my sansui tv showing Not supported what can i do

    after input the pc hdmi cable my sansui tv showing Not supported what can i do
  8. T

    My game framerate was fine until today

    A couple weeks ago when I last played Assassin's Creed IV, I was getting framerate of 40-60 with everything except anti-aliasing maxed at 3840x2160 (my card is a GTX 1080). Now, my framerate is 10-20 at the same part of the game. Lately I've downloaded files but haven't installed any new...
  9. M

    Will my motherboard support that gpu?

    hey im thinking of changing my gpu but my motherboard is little old and im not so sure will it support the gpu i want to buy. The GPU is Asus STRIX GeForce GTX 750 Ti OC and my motherboard is Asrock g41m-vs3 r2.0. Please help me !! my mobo http://www.asrock.com/mb/intel/g41m-vs3%20r2.0/ and...
  10. D

    What size is the GTX 650 fan?

    Hi guys, Over the years the fan blased on my GPU have broke off (dont ask how lol) anyways i found a fan that is 70x70x10...
  11. V

    Can this setup run GTA 5 in 1080p?

    I would like to know what would be my average fps in gta 5 at 1080p with ultra settings with my new pc before i buy the game thanks. Amd FX6300 oc'd to 4.0ghz Msi R9 280 3gb Gskill sniper 2x4gb 1866mhz ddr3 Msi 970 gaming motherboard 1 tb hdd Windows 10 pro 64bit Raidmax 730W psu
  12. P

    do i need this ?

    i dont have a ups but im planning to buy . but my friend say's "since u dont have ups use SURGE PROTECTOR instead" is my frnd is right ? is surge protector is good for my pc .
  13. T

    Looking For Custom Water Cooling Help/Advice

    Hello everyone! I'm Currently looking into a custom water cooling loop for my new PC build. I want to water cool my CPU. I've spent a lot of time looking into water cooling for my 1st build but just never went through with it but now I really want to invest in a high quality water cooling...
  14. T

    Building first PC is my hardware compatible

    Hello, I'm looking to build my first PC for around 700 dollars on the parts listed below. I'm using it for gaming and video editing. I would also like to have upgrade ability later on down the line. Here is the parts list I assembled and I'm wondering if all the parts will work together...
  15. T

    G6 won't restart

    Hi there- I have an HP pavilion g6 which has always had a temperamental screen - has to be open at a certain angle - said it needed to restart as I was using it I think I may have closed the lid down and when I reopened it now it just has a black screen- last night could hear fan not now this...
  16. N

    Raspberry Pi or something else?

    Hello, I was thinking about buying a Raspberry Pi 2 but then I was talking to a friend and he said not to and to get a Beagle Board or something else. I was wondering what your thoughts on it were? Would you recommend a Pi or something else? I am trying to keep it $45 USD or less. Thanks, Noah
  17. S

    2nd pc build

    i am building a new pc and i want input on this build http://pcpartpicker.com/p/BWHTLk like is the case good ( will it fit video card) any helpul input would help thanks in advance
  18. Y

    The BEST Gaming/Editing Pc for $650.

    This will be my last time saying this but i really wanna do this please finish off the build using this http://pcpartpicker.com/p/cvJZMp and u can spend only 650$ more but gotta keep those.. already got ram ddr3 corsair vengence 2x4 8gb case is bitfenix comrade black and optical drive is already...
  19. L

    Constant blue screen errors, help please!

    This has been happening for quite some time now, everytime, even if I'm just playing games or browsing the internet etc. then suddenly I will get a blue screen error, I didn't get much info on what the error was but sometimes the error contains: "PAGE_FAULT_IN_NONPAGED_AREA" or something like...
  20. G

    New gaming PC

    Hi All,, I do everything on my PC from gaming, audio/video editing and virtual machines. Unlikely to overclock. I'm looking to purchase this at the end of this month. CPU: Intel Core i7-4790K 4.0GHz Quad-Core Processor CPU Cooler: Corsair H100i 77.0 CFM Liquid CPU Cooler Motherboard...