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  1. Biggest_Cheeser

    [SOLVED] 8 pin EPS - 4 + 4 pin EPS - 2x 4 pin ATX

    So, please correct me if I'm wrong, 8 pin EPS is used to deliver >230W and the 4 - pin EPS is for approximately half of this. I know that the 4-pin atx cable is the older power cable, but is a 4-pin EPS = 4-pin ATX? I need an extension cable because those from my PSU don't reach the CPU power...
  2. Auparksl

    [SOLVED] 12 pin motherboard

    Hi, I found an old Acer with a 12 pin motherboard connector and was wondering if I could use two 6 pin pci cables instead of buying an adapter. Trying to build my brother a computer. The Acer contains a i5 4440 and was going to put a rx 570 in it. Thanks