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    Question Corsair H100x Liquid CPU

    I just installed my new AIO cooler but my tems havent changed at all sinced i changed from my normal cpu cooler if tried launching JC3 and got around 70-80 degress. This is what I was hitting before aswell, I got a i9 9900k i know this is a hot cpu but is i really supposed to go that high even...
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    Question fan too close to cpu connector

    it´s safe to have my fan so close to cpu connector , my motherboard only have a few months and only realised that today when I have removed the fan to verify the fan model , putting there again was a bit tricky because the hole that is close to the cpu connection . IMAGES...
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    Is This a Safe PC?

    I wanted to buy a Pavilion 550z and upgrade the PSU and GPU. The Pavilion 550z is a customizable PC on HP , and I kept everything at the default except the CPU , which I put to a A10-7800 (Would It be a better idea to get a 7700K?). So , someone earlier on a different forum told me I should buy...