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  1. MaikelAt

    [SOLVED] Any 1440p, 120hz, va panel, 1ms monitor under US$250?

    Hi guys! Hope you'all doing well. I'm looking for a monitor for my gaming rig. I know this is one of the first things I should buy but I left this part for the end. This is my PC so far: Asus Prime x470 Pro Ryzen 3600 (stock until I get water cooling) 16GB G.Skill Triden Z 3600Mhz cl15 EVGA...
  2. S

    Nvme with boot os working in new laptop

    Hi, So my old laptop broke. So i moved the nvme drive to an other laptop. That already has a boot os hdd. It won't boot from the nvme, even when I changed boot order as nr1. Both work with win 10 64. What should I do.i need everything on that nvme. Awesome windows setting my files etc. I want...
  3. B

    [2016] Suggestion New Desktop Build for Physics/Mathematics analysis

    Hi everyone, I have to choose and prepare a new desktop to put in our lab for doing new simulations and, generally speaking, mathematical/physical applications (no gaming). I selected a few components with a total budget of 3000 euros. I will post it and I would like to receive some feedbacks...
  4. J

    Intel i53570k - How does it perform by today's standards?

    I recently opted in buying a new motherboard to overclock my 3rd Gen 3570k Processor with a z75 chipset. However how much more mileage can I expect out of this 3 year old CPU? It's a beast and I'm running all the latest titles on decent settings coupled with a GTX 970..! Opinions on future...