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  1. I

    Question Showing 120hz but monitor is 240hz

    I just purchased a monitor with 240hz refresh rate. I'm not a gamer and am trying it out to see if it helps with migraines from too much screen time. I'm not particularly tech savvy. I just set it up, but it says it's at 120hz. When I go to Display Preferences on my MacBook, the refresh rate...
  2. B

    Question when i turn the refresh rate to 120 hz the screen turns off. my monitor supports 144 hz and my graphic card is gtx 1660 super

    when i turn the refresh rate to 120 hz the screen turns off. my monitor supports 144 hz and my graphic card is gtx 1660 super. i am connecting the monitor to the graphics card via display port cable.
  3. AlexFlorescu

    Question 120hz Laptop Display with 60hz Monitor

    Hey I bought an Asus Tuf fx505dv recently. It comes with 120hz display that works smooth. Still, when I connect my second monitor to it ( an old LG, with 60hz display) I see it limits my refresh rate to that of the second monitor (60hz). I have looked into it and can't really get a working...
  4. V

    [SOLVED] Best budget ~€170 high refresh rate monitor

    Hey, so I'm searching for a good cheap gaming monitor that is 120hz/144hz (Overclocked to around these numbers is good too) that is around €170, wich do you guys recommend? Btw I live in the Netherlands.
  5. T

    [SOLVED] Ultrawide monitor for around £650

    Hi, I am currently using an LG 21:9 2560x1080 monitor, however I have had it for quite a while now and am looking to upgrade. I really like the advantages of 21:9 for working but also the immersion you get in games. I play mainly competitive games such as CS:GO and Rainbow 6 so I'd value a...
  6. G

    Slow HDD caused by GPU

    Hello, so recently I installed GPU Tweak and I accidentally clicked the ‘Default’ button on professional view and it changed a lot of things on my GPU which caused it to get black boxes and got a black screen of course I started panicking and held the power button to force shutdown after turning...
  7. T

    Is this a good build? I5 4690 and GTX 770

    Hey I am building my first (good) pc and am looking for some help about what should I improve or if it is good already I wouldn't want to send more than 100$ more than the price right now (not icluding case that I will but sepiretly) CPU: I5 4690 GPU: Asus GeForce GTX 770, 2GB DDR5 (256 Bit)...