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    Question I need argb fans that work with Razer Chroma Addressable RGB Controller

    Hi everyone. I have a Razer Chroma Addressable RGB Controller that I got from my cousin because he switched to corsair. I want good argb fans because I want to use it with my razer mouse and keyboard that I have. I need 5 or 6 fans and also dont want to spend too much. Around 100-130 is my...
  2. A

    Question how to turn off case fans corsair 460x rgb?

    how to turn off case fans in corsair 460x rgb? how to turn off case fans RGB Lights in corsair 460x rgb? Can I add any cheap 120mm 4Pin PWM fan to the back of the case and connect it with the other corsair fans which is connected to the tiny black controller box?
  3. N

    Question 240mm aio fit in front of corsair 465x?

    Hey everyone, I'm looking at a cpu cooler to go in the Corsair 465x case that is compatible with the ll120 fans included in the case. It says that only a 280mm rad is able to fit on the front but then I need to get 140mm fans? But surely if a 280mm rad fits then a 240mm rad would also fit...
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    [SOLVED] Crazy temps in my case When intake fans are on Temps increase when intake fans are off temps reduce

    Crazy Temps when Intake Case fans are on RX580(PowerColor Red Devil Golden Sample) and HDD(Seagate Barracuda 2TB 7200RPM, 128MB Cache) During Gaming temps are 80-85C on GPU and 46-47C on HDD (When intake fans are on Temps increase when intake fans are off temps reduce) Idle GPU on 40C(Fan stops...
  5. C

    [SOLVED] Desktop computer fans making rattling noises

    This issue occurred just a few days ago when I started to hear these clicking rattling noise coming from my computer case. What does that mean and why or what is causing my computer case to create these rattling noise and sometimes it will go silent when it wants to. Recorded a short clip of...
  6. S

    Question Looking for white case with good RGB possibilities but with specific cooling needs.

    So basically I am rebuilding my PC to incorporate RGB fans and just freshen things up a bit since I was planning on adding new components anyways. I have a NB that has always run a bit hot like hot to the touch and while I used a fan in the past the one I used was cheap and didn't work well (I...
  7. G

    Question motherboard only has 1 fan header, can i put 3 fans to this single fan header without damaging the header?

    hi i need help, my motherboard has only 1 (3 pin) fan header, not including the cpu header, the motherboard is a Intel P55 Wide Use LGA1156 DDR3 motherboard, i am trying to hook that header with 3 X 120mm fan which is ALSEYE 120mm FAN white 12v 3Pin Air Cooler Cooling fan, i also have a Chasis...
  8. Question Connecting RGB Fans to motherboard for aura sync

    I have to cancel my order before it makes it way to shipping before I get the wrong item. I am looking to connect up to a total of 5 RGB fans (120mm) to take full potential of my ATX computer case. My motherboard is a ROG Strix B350-F Gaming motherboard that has two 4-pins RGB header. So if I...
  9. gamerbrehdy

    Question case fan to cpu fan header.

    let's begin from the beginning I'm planning to buy a new cooler, one of those metal block thing m'jiggy's, that fits 120mm fans on it. This means that I'm swapping out my stock cooler for two 120mm fans. My plans are to fit it with the Cooler Master MasterFan MF120ARGB. BUT!!! I've heard that...
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    [SOLVED] Best affordable high static pressure and high airflow 120&140mm fans

    Hey Guys, I plan to build three new fans into my PC (and already know the difference between static pressure and airflow fans). I'd like to have one 120mm high airflow fan, one 140mm high static pressure fan and another 140mm fan with high airflow. Which are good and affordable options? Thanks...
  11. S

    Can i install ram on 2nd or 3rd slot?

    I have a asrock pro4 motherboard and hyper 212 evo cooler and iv jst bought corsair vengeance ram (2x4gb). problem is that i could not install my corsair vengeance on the first ram slot.. Will it be ok if i install it on the 2nd and 3rd slot