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    [SOLVED] Can I put a 120mm RGB case fan (eg corsair LL120) onto a Cooler Master 212 Hyper?

    Been lurking for a while, first time poster, sorry if this is kinda word salad. I got this computer built by a retailer, and chose a cooler master hyper 212 black as my CPU cooler. When I was upgrading the CPU and mobo I realised that the CM allows for an 'optional fan', a second one on the...
  2. P

    [SOLVED] can i put different fans on this CPU cooler would it work?

    Hello i plan on buying this CPU cooler it is a upHere RGB CPU Cooler with 4 Direct Contact Heatpipes,Dual 120mm PWM Intelligent Control Addressable RGB Fan Motherboard Sync for my Q77 motherboard but i don't like the fans because it doesn't match my other fans, the other fans i am using are...
  3. P

    [SOLVED] Is this a fan controller would i able to see each individual fan temperature of each fan

    Not sure if this is a fan controller, would i be able to see the individual fans temperature/rpm of each connected to this hub i am trying to connect it to CHA_FAN2. I am using thermaltake 12 ring syn 3x120mm fan and a tuf b450m-plus gaming and a coolmaster masterair ma610p DeepCool FH-04...
  4. P

    [SOLVED] How many fans can run off a single motherboard connector?

    Hi not sure if my motherboard is capable of putting a 3 way pwm splitter onto a single header under CHA_FAN2 would it damage the motherboard reason i want to put them in that header because my case carbide 275r comes with 2 x pre-installed fans and i want those two fans on to the CHA_FAN1. I am...
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    Question do i connect the 3 way PWM cable to CHA_Fan1 or CHA_Fan2?

    yes i am a noob and new hello i have a thermaltake Riing 12 sync 120mm PWM fan comes with 3 X 120mm fan, and i have a TUF B450-plus gaming motherboard, the RGB fan manual says that i connect the PWM cable to mainboard. i think my motherboard only has CHA_FAN1 and CHA_FAN2 is this a fan header...
  6. Mr Kagouris

    Why is this a recurring theme with low-end PSUs?

    I'd like to ask anyone actually familiar with PSUs why low-end units seem to have way too much amperage on the 3.3V and 5V rails while skimping on 12V amps while high-end units have more reasonable ratings on all rails? Also why are lower-end units usually the ones with multiple 12V rails?
  7. F

    My first gaming pc !

    Hi there . I'm planing to buid my first gaming pc ....and i'm not a pro in pc components and etc ( i just know the basiscs ) ...and i'm on a budget ( 500 £ ) . I'm living in UK . Any adviices ? Thanks
  8. A

    i cant find webcam on my dell inspiron 15r n5010 laptop..nor can i find a driver for it in my system manager..please help

    i cant find webcam on my dell inspiron 15r n5010 laptop..nor can i find a driver for it in my system manager too
  9. S

    Can i install ram on 2nd or 3rd slot?

    I have a asrock pro4 motherboard and hyper 212 evo cooler and iv jst bought corsair vengeance ram (2x4gb). problem is that i could not install my corsair vengeance on the first ram slot.. Will it be ok if i install it on the 2nd and 3rd slot