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  1. W

    Question PC freezes constantly, and I can't turn it off ?

    PC Specs: i5 12400f Gigabyte B660 DS3H AX DDR4 WIFI Corsair Ballistic DDR4 2x8GB RAM MSi GTX 1060 3GB Crucial P2 m.2 1TB EVGA supernova G650 This is a somewhat new build with some parts (PSU and GPU) reused from my old PC and was built around April this year. I've pretty much had some kind of...
  2. zghouldrar

    Question z690 instability

    Recently i built a new PC and it has a weird problem. I use an i5-12400f on an MSI Z690-A DDR5 motherboard with Kingston Fury Beast DDR5 5200MHz 2x8 and a Corsair TX650M PSU. Sometimes when i open my pc it fails to load anything not even the bios then shuts itself off and when i reopen it , it...
  3. Nadeezhw95

    [SOLVED] Is GTX 550 Ti or GTX 560 1Gb card enough for I5 12400F?

    My country is in a massive economic crisis and all shops are hiding stock of everything and the prices twice higher than usual because of (usd)$ shortage. Before al this i already perchance i5 12400F with Gigabyte B660M gaming ddr4 motherboard and corsir vangance lpx 3200mhz cl16 8gb ram...