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  1. Question Black borders on monitor

    What are those black borders at edge on each side, i swear to god i didnt have them, i just normally booted pc yesterday and they appeared and are present now. Tried changing resolutions and refresh rates and changing Amd software settings but nothing changed. monitor is Fujitsu B-15 Eco i5...
  2. EliZZaZ

    Question "auto adjustment in progress"

    Подключил монитор как второй экран для своего компьютера, кнопки на мониторе не работают, кроме кнопки его выключения. Видеокарта и провода в порядке т. к. новые. При подключении к старому компьютеру показывает то же самое Moderator's Translation: My HP 1740 monitor continues to work in "auto...
  3. O

    Packard bell R an Acer model entg71bm-8j0

    My Packard bell an Acer model no. MS2397 ENTG71BM-C8J0 power can't be on the, power is blinking but can't be starting