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    Question New kit of ram unstable/no POST

    Hi guys, Specs: 12900ks Asus Maximus Z690 Hero (thermalright contact frame) 64 gigs T-Force Delta 6200 Custom Loop Gigabyte RTX 3080Ti Gaming OC Corsair HX1000i Today I received my second kit of T-Force Delta 6200 DDR5 32 gig (2 sticks) and after installing them I was immediately getting bsods...
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    Question 12900KS high temperatures?

    Hi guys, I've been struggling with my 12900ks so I wanted some input from people who will know better than I do. Specs: i9-12900KS @ stock settings Asus Maximus Z690 Hero ( with/ Thermalright LGA 1700 Contact Frame) Custom loop (360mm rad, corsair xc7 water block, xd5 pump/res) 32GB T-Force...