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  1. S

    Question How can I connect the rgb from my case fan to my PC? (the 4-pin connectors don't fit)

    So i bought a different case fan so that it had rgb and i dont understand how to connect the rgb cord to the pc.. I have an HP Omen 30l gt13-0014 and i do not have any rgb headers although i do have a cord coming from my lighting control module that says rgb round fan on it that is also 4 pin i...
  2. Y

    [SOLVED] power up the MB by external 12v PSU?

    TL;DR: title and bold. I want to build a custom case for my PC, as minimal as possible I run mATX motherboard with 57mm cpu cooler height (no GPU). My setup is fairly small, and according to my measurements I consume on idle 30-35W with peak at 75W I thought about getting flexATX PSU which...
  3. L

    Question 12v to power 3v LEDs

    Hi, I want to use those 2 pronged 3v leds in my car, however I have trouble understanding how to choose a right resistor, and also I am worried that resistor will get very hot and make a much higher power consumption. So it would help a lot if anyone can spare a little time and explain this to...
  4. Bumbar

    Which laptop to buy for charging in Van on 12V

    Hello, Can someone help me with my issue. I have a Van that I use for traveling/holidays. Because on traveling I do a lot of photos I like to edit them in my Van. In Van I do not have any inverter, so I would like to charge my laptop using 12V cigarette lighter socket. Is this possible? Please...
  5. C

    External circuit breaker to generator

    I have a Duracell PowerSource 660 all-electric generator that supports daisy-chaining batteries to it. I am going to connect a 12V 55Ah SLA battery (like a car battery) to it and I read adding a single circuit breaker to the connection between the generator and external battery could help with...
  6. L

    [SOLVED] Will my GPU die?

    My english is bad. ASUS Z77-A Intel Core i5-3550 Gigabyte Gaming RX 570 4GB 10GB DDR3@1333 Xilence XP500R7 (500Watt) The only problem that i've had with this setup was asus anti-surge trigger. I disabled it and no more problems, no crashing, no freezing, no random reboots. Gaming 5-6hours...
  7. K

    [SOLVED] PSU 12 V readings too low

    hello i have a nox urano vx 750 w that i have been using for like 3.5 years now,anyways my 3 v and 5 v readings are good but my 12 v is reading like between 1v and 11v its all over the place it triggers my asus anti surge and shuts down my pc after disabling it my pc works completely fine no...
  8. T

    [SOLVED] Motherboard needs an additional 12V connector but psu does not have one, is this ok?

    I was using pcpartpicker and i got this warning The MSI B450 GAMING PRO CARBON AC ATX AM4 Motherboard has an additional 4-pin ATX power connector but the Corsair CXM 550 W 80+ Bronze Certified Semi-modular ATX Power Supply does not. This connector is used to supply additional 12V current to the...
  9. G

    Question can't connect 5V RGB fan to motherboard please help

    Hi the pc case i am using is a gamdias Talos E1 Tempered Window with 2 RGB Fan Micro-ATX i am trying to put 2 x 120mm fan on the top of case and another 120mm fan on the rear and having another 2 pre-installed on the front, i think the fans on the front are a different version to the ones i...
  10. A

    [SOLVED] OCP (+12V) RMx series

    In the RMx series reviews the OCP (+12V) has a "✗". But in Corsair's manual says: The RMx Series features OCP on the 3.3V, 5V and 12V rails. And even in the VS series reviews it has a "✓" so I'm confused.
  11. F

    [SOLVED] HDD caught on fire because of PSU?

    When I was reassembling my case, I connected sata power to a red marked connector. So, right after I pushed power button, my HDD caught on fire so I immidiately turned everything off. I've disconnected that drive, but I had another one on the same lane. So, out of two HDD one caught on fire...
  12. A

    Question Is this power supply OK for a 670?

    Hi there, I picked up a Leaper RGB case for $20 with a Aywun 800w A1-8000. I build PC's occasionally to sell on Gumtree and I have seen conflicting info about this psu. I was going to use it for a GTX 670 build but the 670 requires 30A on the 12V rail and the psu only has 26A. What do you think...
  13. perdboy

    Question 12v header 5v strip

    So I bought this rgb strip from Walmart and was wondering if I could plug it into the 4 pin connector on my mobo. The strip says 5v but the header says 12v would this overheat my pc or cause any damage? I dont know how any of it works so sorry if i come off as dumb. My mobo is the b450 f gaming...
  14. R

    Gaming PC freezes in game and doing normal tasks like chrome etc.

    Hi guys I built my gaming pc around 4 months ago and it freezes in game and doing easy tasks like chrome etc. My PC specs are: Rzyen 5 2600, GTX 1050TI, 8GB 2400MHz Corsair vengeance ram, A320M PRO-VH PLUS Motherboard, Games installed on HDD and Windows 10 Home on SSD. Ive tried factory...
  15. N

    Weird temps on FX 8350

    hello i have an fx 8350 with stock fan and been trying to overclock(wthout increasing voltage) for a while but i get really high temps, 65+ ºC in just seconds with Prime95. i tried to reduce the voltage by 0.08v and i was still getting really high temps on prime95 and CPU-Z stress test. i was...
  16. Q

    Installing Graphics Card

    My husband's graphic's card is starting to have issues. A very good friend of his sent him a powercolor radeon hd 5850 he was no longer using but still in good condition. The motherboard in the current computer is a GA-P55-USB3. We installed the graphics card but it didn't work, it wasen't...
  17. xXxREBELOxXx

    Is my PSU dying/insufficient?

    Alright so, I upgraded to an RX 580 8GB not long ago and under high load it would cause my entire PC to reboot. That kept happening until finally after playing GTA 5 for about 5 mins it rebooted and my GPU literally blew up. I was thinking because it looked refurbished, thought it was just a bad...
  18. D

    Need help with windows 10 reboot loop.

    Hello everyone, i build new pc and installed windows 10 via usb flah drive. PC wiorks fine about a week and then fun begins... PC started to reboot every 3-10 min. sometimes cant even boot. Then tryed agai fresh windows 10 installation. And now pc restarts in the middle of instalation and i get...
  19. jeffreyhjkgf1

    Hey so a friend of mine wants to buy a gaming pc

    and i want to help with him he wants a pc that can run Fortnite atleast meduim-epic can you guys post me Full pc parts lists also as low Budget as it can possibly be all help will be apreciated
  20. C

    AMD3 Build To AMD4 Build? Opinions & Suggestions

    Today I have an old AM3 Build and I plan to build a AM4 PC. Current Setup: FX6300 3.5Ghz Processor Radeon R9 270 2GB Graphics Card 1TB HDD 500GB 24GB RAM DDR3 @ 1333Mhz (CPU Cooler is too big, taking up extra RAM Slot) I purchased some components yesterday with a budget of £500. I plan to save...