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  1. willyburns

    Question Does ASUS provide a 12VHPWR to 3x8pin PCIe PSU cable to buy separately?

    I bought a 'ROG Thor 850W Platinum Power Supply (2019)' before the 30 Series cards were announced and obviously it doesn't come with a native 12VHPWR socket, and I can't find ASUS selling one separately to power my soon to be purchased 'RTX 4080 Super'. I'm aware of the dangers of using...
  2. baldyistaken

    Question Does Asus Rog Strix 4070Ti OC with 300W 12VHPWR work ?

    Hi everyone, I purchased Thermaltake 850W Toughpower GF3 GEN5 ATX 3.0 power supply. My graphics card is Rog Strix 4070Ti OC. There is a 300W 12VHPWR cable inside the power supply, but I have a question. When I looked at other 12VHPWR cable and video card connections on the internet, I saw that...
  3. L

    Question Can you actually bend the 12VHPWR cable for RTX 40-series cards?

    About the connector melting problem, as far as I understand : It happens when the connector is not properly inserted, for example with an angle which prevents some of the pins from touching the contact area the intended way It happens when a lot of power (450w+) power is drawn by the GPU It can...
  4. O

    Question PSU extender 12VHPWR - Recessed Pin Issue

    Hi, I just bought a 90° 12VHPWR adapter (PSU extension cable) for my new GPU, but one of the female 8-pin connectors seems to have a recessed/bent pin. Is it possible to fix the issue myself or should I just get it exchanged for a new one and not risk anything? Also, would it cause any problems...
  5. T

    Question Power cable compatibility to CableMod 12VHPWR / RTX4070

    Upgrading quite old PC to a build which will include a RTX4070. I’ve seen current gen of cards come with a 12VHPWR connector that seem to connect to 2x 8 pin power cables. Id like to get the cable mod 90 degree adapter...
  6. M

    Question 12VHPWR (PCIe 5.0) cable for Phanteks Revolt X PH-P1000PS, how many 8-pin (PSU side) needed?

    Hello everyone! I own a PH-P1000PS PSU. I recently purchased a NVIDIA RTX 4090 graphics card and I would like to buy a 12VHPWR cable. I am not sure what is the right cable to use for my PSU. I know PH-P1000PS is made by Seasonic, so I am looking at this Seasonic cable. However, it only has 2...
  7. K

    Question Does the direction of the native 12VHPWR(16-pin) cable matter?

    What the title says. I got the vertex from seasonic and the 12vhpwr(16-pin) cable's both ends look identical to me. The only difference between both sides is that one has a sticker and the other does not? The port on the psu also looks the same as the gpu(unless there's a difference that I don't...
  8. K

    Question How to safely clean dust around 12vhpr(16-pin) connector

    What the title says so basically here is what is troubling me: i got the new vertex series and before i started to install it I started to uninstall my old psu until I saw dust around the 16-pin adapter.After removing the adapter this is the final result. I am quite paranoid about the gpu and...
  9. Puffnstuff

    Question Side mounted cable connections

    Right now the only PS I see in this configuration is the Corsair RM switch series which does not have dedicated 12vhpwr connectors to communicate with the rtx 4k series of cards. Has anyone seen any announcements from other manufacturers about releasing anything like it in the near future...
  10. S

    Question 12VHPWR Cable for Antec Signature Titanium 1000w

    Hi, I’m looking for a 12VHPWR cable for the Antec Signature Titanium 1000w which I would used to connect it directly to a RTX 4090 FE. I can’t find a cable specifically for Antec Signature power supplies but I have read it is a revamped Seasonic Prime power supply. In that case would a Seasonic...
  11. willyburns

    Question Does ASUS provide a "12VHPWR Adapter Cable" for their Thor 850W PSUs for powering an RTX 3080 Ti?

    Hi, Everything is contained within the title: Does ASUS provide a "12VHPWR Adapter Cable" for their Thor 850W PSU for powering an RTX 3080 Ti which I can buy separately so that I don't have to use the weird micro-penis 2x8 pin PCIe adapter that Nvidia provide? I can't seem to find anything...
  12. K

    Question What's the safest way to use a Corsair HX1200 with an RTX 4090?

    Hi! I have a Corsair HX1200 which I'm planning to use in my new build that has an Asus RTX 4090 TUF OC. The adapter bundled with the card has 4 8 pin PCIe power connectors, they recommend using 4 dedicated cables and not use pigtails. I watched this video and from what I'm getting here he's...
  13. K

    Question Does the warranty cover your RTX 4090 dying due to this melting power connector/adapter issue?

    Not just Nvidias but AIBs, or will they just say "it's your fault, you bent the cable too hard" or "you probably overclocked that's why it melted"?
  14. MachoFantastico

    Question Confusion regarding RTX 4090 power adapter ?

    Hi folks, So I have a pretty simple question regarding the RTX 4090 12VHPWR power adapter that's to come with most 4090 cards so that older PSUs are able to run these brand new GPUs. From the images I've seen, there appears to be the main single connection to the 4090 cards that you plug in...