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  1. D

    Question Help buying a monitor

    So I've been looking at monitors now for a while and it's been doing my head in as there are so many types plus panels and features. I did buy a asus tuf 27inch 1440p monitor but after 2 weeks it kept turning off and multiple dead pixels appeared. So I have sent it back as they have none in...
  2. yeetbucket

    Question 1440p gaming/streaming/editing introduction

    I am fairly new to the pc gaming, but I know some stuff about it. This topic I need help on though. I want to get into 1440p triple a gaming, streaming, and video editing. If anyone has the time to tell me the parts I should pick. My monitor is going to be a 2560x1440p @144hz g-sync. Also, I...
  3. Pijmzhchus

    Question Monitor buying advice, upgrade to 27" 1440p 144Hz

    Hi! Right now I have Samsung Qled 27" 1080p 144Hz ( LC27FG73FQUXEN ) monitor and I want to know if its worth it to upgrade to an 27" 1440p 144Hz monitor. Is the clarity much better in person? Im eyeballing Samsung Odyssey G5, but I´m not sure if the colors will be bad since it isn´t a Qled...
  4. G

    Question RX 5700 XT black screening during games at 1440p 144hz

    My PC is black screening while playing games anywhere from 5-30-60 minutes in. The screen goes black and audio cuts out, both permanently. the fans stay running so this leads me to believe it is a GPU issue rather than a CPU. i have the 20.12.1 AMD driver / software (i did a clean reinstall...
  5. J

    Question QHD Gaming Monitors: IPS Flat or VA Curved?

    I'm stuck between these 2 monitors LG 27GL850-B: £350 Flat IPS Panel 1MS 144Ghz...
  6. V

    Question Upgrading monitor need some insight

    Hi I currently run a Dell 1080p 144hz TN display and I am thinking of upgrading. I am looking at either a 1440p 165hz IPS or a 1080p 240hz IPS, I mainly use the computer for gaming but I occasionally do some work on it (mainly work for university). My main games are Rainbow six siege...
  7. P

    Question Slight Blinking/Flicker Issue on my Samsung 1440p 144hz 27" VA Monitor

    Yo, I just bought a Samsung 1440p 144hz 27" VA monitor (LC27JG54QQWXXL), and I've had some slight issues of the screen blinking when I play games like Warzone or sometimes even when I'm on Chrome (HW acceleration is off). Upgraded from another samsung monitor which was 1080p 72hz, but it didn't...
  8. R

    Question HELP: Should I use DP or HDMI 2.0 cable is enough for 144Hz?

    Hi, So I've bought the Acer VG271U (link below) and can't seem to find and conclusive info on whether its HDMI 2.0 supports 144Hz. Can someone please confirm if thisb really requires a DP cable to achieve 144Hz? https://www.amazon.in/dp/B07N41RNX7/ref=cm_sw_r_cp_apa_i_KYZRFbGTY9BP4
  9. P

    Question Monitor flashes black randomly

    Hi, My ASUS ROG Swift PG278Q randomly flashes a black screen every now and then. It doesnt happen often but its very annoying when im gaming. Its a 144hz 1440p monitor connected with the Displayport cable that was supplied with the monitor. I have tried to: Uninstall and update drivers of...
  10. B

    [SOLVED] Looking to upgrade to a 1440p IPS 144hz monitor with gsync

    Heads up as this is a long post (See the TL;DR at bottom if you wish to skip the heavy line of text) Hello people of the internet, so lately I been thinking of upgrading my monitor. I currently have two ASUS V248QE Monitors (1080p, 144Hz, TN Panel, NO GSYNC/FREESYNC) and they're great. I owned...
  11. F

    [SOLVED] 1440p monitor, GTX 1060 6GB

    I am looking for a new monitor. I currently own GTX 1060 6GB and I use an old Samsung monitor(20", 1600x900), and the GPU serves my needs more than fine. I usually don't play very demanding games, apart from Escape from Tarkov, and I will probably try one of the new upcoming MMOs. My main...
  12. E

    Question Undecided between serveral monitors and PPI question

    So like many others I'm upgrading my GPU, I'm leaning towards the 3080 so my current 1080p@144hz display won't cut it. So I'm looking for a new monitor Currently I'm looking for a 2K 27" monitor with minimum 144HZ with either a VA or IPS panel, I will be primarily gaming on it. I'm currently...
  13. J

    [SOLVED] Help and Thoughts on 1440p monitors

    Hi all - if this is a repeat thread I apologise. I am looking into upgrading my monitor which is currently a 144hz 1080p TN panel. The monitor is good, but I am interested in upgrading to a 1440p display and there seems to be a lot to look at from a tech perspective. My primary use for the...
  14. thepigman

    [SOLVED] 1440p at 144hz - can my machine run it?

    Hi All, This is my current spec: AMD Ryzen 5 1600x 16GB DDR 4 Nvidia GTX 1070 Do you think it's a good starting point to purchase a 1440p 144hz monitor? I've done a bit of research and it looks like it might be good for some competitive games, but might struggle on most AAA games? What do...
  15. Grievous190

    [SOLVED] High End Build for gaming for $7000 aud or under

    I'm an average pc builder at best, can anyone put high end builds together for me with parts and a place to get it built? I'm in Australia if that makes it easier for suggesting a build. RGB if possible please.
  16. moosieth

    [SOLVED] CPU to pair with a 2070 super

    So I just bought a 1440p 144hz monitor and a 2070 super. I currently have an i5 6600k, overclocked to 4.4ghz (I know Ii could overclock it more, and I most likely will eventually). I'm wondering if my 6600k will limit my 2070 super at 1440p. The research I've done has been confusing to say the...
  17. Nevo

    [SOLVED] Terrible FPS with 2070 super. Do you think I have bottleneck ?

    I really need some help with my new setup! Intel core i5 9600K - with OC to 4.9 Ghz 2070 Super ASUS - with OC enabled 16GB 2400 MHz memory 1TB HHD + 250GB SSD 2K 144hz ASUS display I jot a custom build computer and Have been getting really bad FPS, FPS drops, Stuttering and high CPU usage. I...
  18. M

    [SOLVED] Is my PC good enough for a 144hz 1440p monitor?

    I'm interested in buying a second monitor for my computer and was wondering if it was good enough to support a 1440p 144hz monitor. Also, if it is able to run this kind of monitor, what are some I should consider? I am currently in a budget of $500 max before taxes. I am currently considering...
  19. E

    [SOLVED] RTX 2060 Super monitor - 1080p vs 1440p 144hz

    I've recently upgraded my pc to Ryzen 5 3600 + MSI RTX 2060 SUPER Gaming X, but until now I kept my old LG ultrawide monitor (25UM58-P) as it's a great monitor and I quite enjoy the ultrawide aspect. However, I started looking for an upgrade, particularly focusing on a monitor with a 144Hz...
  20. SeeJayYoung

    [SOLVED] Thinking of upgrading to a 1440p monitor, but I am unsure how my computer will perform.

    So my brother is looking to upgrade his monitor, and I offered to give him my Phillips 1080p 144hz monitor if I upgrade to 1440p. I have not been able to find any helpful information on whether or not my specs can handle a 1440p upgrade. If anyone knows a benchmark or can share their...