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  1. czcina

    Question Upgrading 1060 6gb for 1440p / 144Hz monitor

    Hi. I'm using currently: i5 6600k 4.5GHz z170-a gtx 1060 6gb sc ( single fan! ) with +50 / +200 I'm using 2x 1080p monitors, but I want to upgrade it all. Not at once, I need to spread it all, and that's with new AMD Ryzen, around June / July if you go by the rumors... So long story short, I...
  2. C

    Question 27 inch vs 34 inch monitor

    Hi, so here’s the deal, im building a computer that will have an i7 8700, gtx 1080ti, 32gb ram and some other pretty cool specs, im building it since I want to play the newest games and code, I will use this machine for lots of coding in java, ill run virtual machines and have lots of IDE’s...
  3. C

    Question Advise on which monitor to get?

    Hi, I have been checking many forums to see if my exact question has been asked but could not find anything (please link if so, thank you). Specs: GPU: ASUS GTX1070 8GB OC CPU: I5 4690K @3.5GHz RAM: 16GB Dual DDR3 @1600MHz MOBO: MSI Z97 PC Mate SSD/HDD: 120GB Samsung EVO, 1TB HDD I need help...
  4. M

    Question 4k to 1440p? Future proofing Monitor?

    I've been looking at getting a new monitor, focusing on the LG 34GK950F-B (UW, 1440p, 144hz), and the Acer Predator XB273K (4K,1440hz). My question is, would it make sense to buy the 4k monitor and bump it down to 2k until new GPU's come out that are the right price for performance?
  5. L

    [SOLVED] Is My Monitor Beginning To Fail On Me?

    Hi there, I recently purchased a Dell s2716dg from Best Buy and have been happily using it for the past 4 months. I use a display port for my input and always have 2 USB ports being used for monitor back lighting and a light up RGB mouse pad. I recently have moved my setup into a different room...
  6. L

    Question Best 1440p 144Hz gaming monitor

    Hello, I'm looking for a new gaming monitor and can't decide which one to pick. I already have a really good 27in 4k monitor so this monitor would be purely for gaming. Panel performance (response time and input lag) comes before picture quality (it's my second screen), but if I can get...
  7. R

    Question I7 8700k or i5 9600k

    I have a i5 4690k right now. And im now gaming at 2560 x 1440p. Which is better for purely gaming. Right now when I run discord while playing my fps gets shot. Specs i5 4690k msi z97 gaming 5 gtx 1080 seahawk ek x 16 gb ram
  8. T

    Question 144Hz wont show up

    Hello, I recently baught a Dell - S2719DGF 27 inch monitor and the 144Hz option wont show up. ive tried different guides and no luck. Heres my systems specs(already checked if they are compatable with the monitor/144hz option, they are but just in case here ya go.) CPU AMD Ryzen 5 2600X...
  9. L

    Question 144fps+ w/ 2080 and 8700k at 1440p?

    Hello, I'm building my first pc and I bought a RTX 2080 and a I7 8700k (delid) that I will overclock. I'm so undecided on which 144Hz monitor to buy. 27 in 1440p vs 24 in 1080p. My question is: will I be able to hit 144fps plus on most games at 1440p to consider spending the extra money on...
  10. H

    does my nzxt need it both fans

    hey I have a nzxt s340 elite with a corsair h110i do I really need the back or the top fan because all it is doing now is making more noise because I can not connect to some other port than the CPU opt