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    Question Which 144Hz monitor should i get for around $220 ?

    Ryzen 5 2600 16GB 3200MHz Nitro+ RX570 4GB 240GB SSD MSI B450M MORTAR Don't really understand anything about the freesync and high refresh rates , so.... Can anyone suggest me a 144Hz ? I am going to play games like csgo, rust, witcher 3. I will get 144 fps on csgo obviously , but what about...
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    Question Should i get the 144hz instead of 75hz ?

    So i am going to build a new pc soon for games like csgo, rust, witcher 3 etc. I want a 144hz monitor for csgo, because i know that i will be getting over 200 fps , but i won't get 144 fps in rust, wither 3 etc. What 50-60 fps would feel on 144hz? Should i just go with 60 or 75hz monitor? Is...
  3. N

    Question FPS problems

    not sure if this is a graphics issue but I recently switched from an HDMI to display port in order to use my 144hz monitor. I believe my card is a AMD radeon RX.? I'm set to 144hz on my monitor and my graphics card, but the screen resolution looks terrible. I can pretty much count the pixels. My...
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    Question Which gaming monitor would you recommend?

    Recently I have bought brand-new PC rig (GTX 1070, Ryzen 2600, 16 gigs of RAM) and now I'm looking for new monitor. Currently, I'm using LG IPS234V and I think it's high time to switch it for something newer. I usually play CS Go, LoL, Apex etc. I need something that will last couple years of...
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    Question IPS, 144Hz, QHD for sub $400

    Hey guys, thanks for checking out my question. Hopefully it’s a good one for you ya. I pretty much purely play League of Legends and I’ve been living the 60Hz life for way too long. I want an upgrade to the setup. I rock a now dated GTX 970 (If you need anymore information on the rig, just...
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    Question is a 144hz worth it with a 60hz side monitor

    So I've recently built my PC, I'm currently using a 60hz 1080p monitor and planning to get a second monitor do i can use dual monitors I was wondering is it worth for me to get a 144hz monitor for around $330 CDN or just get another 60 hz 1080p monito for $100 CDN? I did some research online and...
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    Question Dual setup 144hz 60hz

    I'm running main monitor 144hz and secondary 60hz. There is no problem when I play League of Legends with the refresh rate, I get 144hz, but when I try to play World of Warcraft the ref rate drops to 60 on main monitor; could WoW not supporting fullscreen be the reason for that? I run League on...
  8. brandoncuff

    Question System wont register 144hz

    So I recently bought an MSI 1440p 144hz 1ms response time monitor to hook up to my laptop & just use the monitor as a "PC". (I am building a pc atm will post specs below so people can make sure I won't run into any issues) I cannot get 144hz when I go into settings or display settings or...
  9. K

    Question 144hz/60hz borderless refresh rate normalize to 60hz

    This only happens when I play a twitch stream or youtube videos on the 60hz monitor I lose the refresh rate on my 144hz if I'm playing on borderless. (Using chrome and firefox causes this issue, IE seems good.) I'm using 144hz on DP and 60hz on HDMI both are on the same GPU. I tried GPU scaling...
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    Question 144hz DP/DVI

    Hi I just got RTX 2070, it comes wihtout a dvi port... I want to run this at 144hz but my montiter does not have a DP port. the moniter is an acer predator. Any ideas how i can get it to run at 144hz?
  11. J

    Question 144hz Monitor Screen shrink and won't display at 144hz

    I run a dual monitor setup (60hz + 144hz) and recently switched to an itx build but after a few days my 144hz monitor started behaving badly at startup. Now it will only start at 60hz/100hz with no option to increase refresh rate or also scale down to 720p with black bars all around the screen...
  12. V

    Question resolution or refresh rate?

    Heyo. I am sitting here by my pc and are currently going mad at my monitor. This is mostly due to the fact that the one I am dealing with at the moment is horrible. The screen is way to big for starters and the resolution on it is really wierd. (1768 x 992). Anyway, now I am looking at buying...
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    Question Cant get 144hz

    I recently bought a Dell S2719DGF 144hz monitor, 1440p. For a while, it worked perfectly. Smooth 144hz with no issues, a fair bit of light bleed but not bad at all for the price. However after returning from a short vacation, I find that it can no longer operate at 144hz. I've tried...
  14. M

    Question 144Hz monitor set to 60Hz should look the same as native 60Hz monitor?

    Hi guys! Sorry if it's a trivial question, I just bought my first ever 144Hz monitor and tried to see whether if I manually set it to 60Hz it'd be just like my old dispay that was natively capped at 60Hz, and as it turned out it's very laggy, stuttering even when looking just at the desktop...
  15. H

    Question Ps4 monitor

    Hi I am buying a monitor soon and wondering wich monitor i should buy. I play on a ps4 slim and want a good monitor. I have been looking for 144hz monitor with 1 ms responstime. I am aware that the ps4 slim only provide 60 hz / fps. If I buy a monitor with 75 hz insted with 1 ms responstime...
  16. D

    Question All my games open at 120hz when I want it to be 144hz

    This might be the most stupid question you have ever encountered but here we go.... basically I bought my first ever 144hz monitor Dell S2419HGF, and it's all good, however, to achieve the full 144hz refresh rate you'll have to create a custom resolution in the nvidia control panel because it's...
  17. S

    Question Finding a new monitor

    Hello, I am looking into upgrading up to a 3 monitor setup from 2 monitors. I have 2 basic 24" 1080p 60hz monitors and I would like to get a 27" 1080p 144hz as my main monitor. I am certain on those specifications because that is all my budget can handle so I am trying to decide between the...
  18. _ZomBoy_

    Question Double screens 1 HDMI port

    Hello,I want to buy a 144hz monitor but my gpu only has 1 hdmi port,curently I have my monitor on VGA since it's only 60 hz and my TV to the HDMI and when I want to watch something on the TV i'm just switching between the tv and monitor using "Screen resolution" from Control panel. Is there a...
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    Question Which is the best gaming laptop with 144hz refresh rate under 1 lakh rupees?

    And i would like to know is there any laptop with 3d enabled display...... under 1 lakh rupees
  20. P

    Question How do I use RTX 260 without a DP port

    I've bought an RTX 2060 but my BenQ ZOWIE XL2411 144hz monitor doesn't have a DP port. What can I do? I do not have a lot of money left to spend.