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  1. ekara0

    Question Can I run a 144Hz monitor at 75Hz?

    I want to buy a new computer nowadays and I want to buy a new display too. The thing is I want to buy an RTX 2060 and it won't give me 144+ FPS on all games. So I wanted to buy a 75Hz monitor. The problem is I can't find a well built, sturdy 75Hz IPS monitor with height adjustment(it's quite...
  2. Jlg823

    Question Two G-Sync Monitors?

    Just asking a hypothetical question. Currently I have a Dell S2417DG which has G-Sync and my second monitor is an older monitor that I'm forced to run at 60hz due to my GPU not having dual-link DVI. When I turn on G-Sync and if I have a video or something on my second monitor while playing...
  3. Janny1993UK

    Question Buying/Building a new PC, what parts do I choose?

    Hello I will be building a new PC either this year or the next depending on money and circumstances. I've had my PC for around 10 years and have had parts for a long time. I would like to finally start fresh because my AMD 7870XT Sapphire card died a few months back which I think I had for...
  4. jam500

    Question VA vs IPS

    Please vote on the poll! All votes are helpful and much appreciated 😁 Just curious about your opinions on panel choice (mainly VA vs IPS) for multimedia consumption, namely watching movies/TV shows. If super accurate colours are not an issue because no editing or content creation will be done...
  5. P

    Question 60hz on my 144hz monitor is not smooth

    I have a lc24fg73fqmxuf (144hz) monitor and when I set it to 60 hz it doesn't feel smooth on desktop and games. I've also watched 60 fps videos and they feel smoother than my desktop. I wonder why.
  6. S

    Question i5 8600k @5Ghz with an RTX 2070 Super (Bottleneck)?

    I am thinking about upgrading from my ASUS GTX 1070 Dual to an RTX 2070 Super. After recently improving my aftermarket CPU cooler, I am now able to run demanding games comfortably at 5Ghz with my current setup. I just feel that the GTX 1070 is starting to struggle with certain newer games...
  7. Kezsora

    Question Can't figure out how to get 144hz on my monitor.

    I have a monitor, Acer GN246HL, which can reach 144hz according to the eBay listing. However, the HDMI port won't allow for 144hz so I will have to use a DVI cable instead but my PC only has a DVI in port, not a DVI out port. I don't really know what I'm supposed to do, I'm not particularly...
  8. KarthikNS

    Question Green dots and black lines on Monitor (144hz)

    I recently built a PC, and everything seemed to work fine until today. My screen started showing green dots/pixels on screen, and whenever i watch a video it shows black lines too. Now the thing that confuses me is that, when i change my monitor refresh rate from 144hz to 60hz, all the green...
  9. E

    Question Is 1440p worth it?

    I'm planning on building a pc at around £800-£900 GDP within the next year. Atm I've planned to buy the ryzen 5 3600 as my cpu and the geforce 2060 ventus for my gpu (the gpu is around £350 which I'm happy to pay.) I've only recently realised my monitor I got a while back is only 1080p 60hz so I...
  10. Z

    Question Is it worth to switch to 1440p with my rig?

    My rig is GTX 1080, i7 3770k @4.2, 16 GB RAM. I currently own a 1080p@75 LG24MP59G monitor and I use my PC for gaming purposes only, competitive shooters and modern games @60-90 fps. I am quite confused about all this monitor thing, so please help me out. Given my rig is it worth the...
  11. Joppie

    Question RX 5700 XT vs dual 1440p 144hz monitors

    So, I've been using the RX 5700 XT for a little while now, but recently got a second monitor. They're both the same 1440p 144hz monitors, but when I attach both to the GPU it'll cause games to crash because the card might not be strong enough? Anyone with experience with this card who can tell...
  12. jam500


    I am looking for a 1440p 144hz second monitor (will be the main display) and trying to decide between the ASUS TUF VG27AQ(IPS) vs VG27WQ(Curved VA). My current display is the ASUS VG248QE (1080p 144hz TN-panel) so I'm wanting either a VA or an IPS panel for my second one. In my country the AQ is...
  13. maxemor_yt

    [SOLVED] 1440p 144Hz with HDMI

    Hello, I have an LG 27GL850-B and Intel core i7-8700K w/ Intel UHD 630 integrated graphics. I currently have no dedicated GPU because I'm waiting for the RTX 3000 series to drop, and I have no older dedicated GPU I can use right now. I can run the display via the HDMI cable that came with the...
  14. E

    Question Hello! How can I connect a laptop to 144hz monitor

    Hey, first of all I’m pretty much a noob on displays and all that. Well, recently I was able to get my friends laptop for a cheap price which I’m going to get this week. However when I looked online at the input ports it seems to have one 1.4 hdmi, one mini display port, one usb 3 type-c (gen 1)...
  15. S

    Question Choosing between monitors

    My cat has recently broken my monitor by pushing it, and now I'm searching for a new one. I am trying to choose between the Dell S2419HGF and the Acer XF240Hbmjdp. Which one should I go for? I've heard about the bad colors of the XF240, but I read that it can be fixed by adjusting some settings.
  16. J

    Question 144hz Monitor not showing desired refresh rate.

    Recently got a new 144hz monitor plugged it in and saw its only running at 60hz. Went on advanced display setting and it only showed 60hz available. So went to Nvidia control panel, created custom resolution and tested it. It said test succesful do I want to save this resolution. I click yes...
  17. J

    Question GPU 1440p Ultrawide Gaming for ~ £400.

    I'm looking to get a new 1440p ultrawide monitor for my set-up and an upgraded GPU to power it. Not willing to shovel out massive amounts of money for Nvidias top range rtx cards so got my eye set on the Thicc III ultra RX5700xt, similar performance to the Red Devil but around £50 cheaper as of...
  18. S

    Question Need help choosing a gaming monitor

    Hello everyone, I've been in the market for 144hz widescreen 1440p monitor for some time now and I'm buying one in the next few days so I need your help choosing one. I'm buying it for gaming. My options are: Asus TUF VG32VQ Asus ROG STRIX XG32VQR AOC CU34G2X/BK 34 MSI OPTIX AG32CQ 32 Samsung...
  19. Camfred30

    Question 120hz on 144hz monitor

    ok so i know my monitor can reach 144hz and i only recieve 120hz i think i know why im just unsure on what cable to get. Im running with a hdmi cable which im pretty sure cant reach 144hz and its 2.0. i thought changing to dvi would make it to 144hz but i saw that my gpu doesnt have a dvi port...
  20. J

    Question Higher Refresh Rate worth the premium on VA panels?

    Im looking to get my first curved ultrawide 1440p monitor but I don't want to spend a huge amount of money so was looking at AOC, spotted these two which are almost identical besides refresh rates...