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  1. PetarStev

    Question White lines on certain colours

    I have an AOC 27G2U. The monitor is amazing but I have just one problem. I've also experienced this on 21.5 inch 1080p ips philips monitor. On certain colours, like some blue or orange ones, I get horizontal white/greyish lines. On the philips monitor the lines were vertical. I have no idea if...
  2. lisbono2001

    Question Stuck at 144 hz on 240 hz monitor

    I bought a Lenovo monitor model Y27gq-25 which is 2k (1440p) display 240 hz monitor. It's fine for the first few days but after that it stuck at 144hz. So I decided to send it to the retailer store where I bought it from for them to diagnose the issue. But when they test it, it seem fine so...
  3. S

    Question BenQ XL2411P cannot get 144hz

    Hello, I just got my new screen BenQ XL2411 and i can't get upper then 60Hz. HDMI: Can't get over 90Hz DVI: Can't get over 60Hz Does anyone can inquiries in helping me with a solution if it happens to you or not (wishing not yet) please haha?
  4. C

    Question Alienware AW2721D - only works with 144Hz

    Recently bought the Alienware AW2721D monitor and unfortunately i have been having problems configuring it so far. I got it working now at 2560x1440 resolution, 8bpc colors but i just cannot get the refresh rate more than 144hz. Every time i try to choose 200 or 240, the display switches off...
  5. SenatorPC1989

    Question Is there a difference between 60 FPS in 60Hz monitor vs 75hz and 120hz and 144Hz ?

    hi if my pc just run 60 fps in game , What is the difference between a 60 and 75 and 120 and 144 Hz monitor? for example my vga is gtx 1650 and monitor resolution is 1920*1080 my vga cant run more than 60 fps in many game in full hd So do I need to get a monitor above 60 Hz?
  6. Markoni51x1

    Question 1MS MPRT vs 4MS FreeSync Premium 144Hz Monitor

    So my question is: Is it better to use 1MS MPRT or FreeSync Premium 4ms for playing PUBG game. Also monitor have 144Hz. What you think guys?
  7. M

    Question Heavy micro-stuttering on Warzone ?

    Hello all! Brand new PC user here, just picked it up and it's such a more enjoyable experience than my console. It's leagues above what I used to have in terms of performance and ability to customize it. Love everything about it. BUT, I am experiencing a very problematic micro stutter when...
  8. P

    Question A520m - 144hz monitor with Ryzen 5 5600G

    Hello everyone. Recently I made a configuration for a person that needed one for light gaming and multimedia. Considering the prices of the graphics cards currently I decided to go with an APU and the person agreed to it as well. We chose the following configuration: MOBO: AsRock A520M-HVS...
  9. n8than26

    Question Is my GPU (RX 470 Mining Edition) capable of 144hz?

    Greetings! I have a newbie question.. So I have an old mining GPU that I use for at least 3 years for now.. It's a Powercolor RX 470 Red Dragon Mining Edition that only have 1 DVI-D Output, and I'm using an DVI-D to HDMI Adapter.. I've been using it for Editing videos and competitive gaming...
  10. M

    Question Is my Display dying or what are these (picture in thread)? (Acer Predator 27" QHD (1440p) 144Hz (165Hz with OC)

    Hello, I am worried my monitor is at the end of its life. I started having these artifacts (picture 1) a while back, first only 2-3 not theres more and more. These artifacts are visible in this order of color from left to right - green, green, red, green, green, red. They are at the exact...
  11. Question Monitor issues at 120hz and 144hz. Vertical lines at bottom of the screen

    Hi, I'm having issues with the refresh rate on my AOC 27G2G4 monitor. Basically at 120hz and 144hz I get lines across the bottom of the screen, but I don't get them when I lower the refresh rate to 100hz or below. My graphics card is a Geforce 1070 8GB. At one stage at 120hz the lines would...
  12. K

    Question 144hz issue

    Whenever I set my refresh rate to 144hz the display messes up and doesn’t cover the whole screen yet the resolution is still 1920x1080 but when it is 60hz the display is fine, any fixes?
  13. B

    [SOLVED] I need some opinion on which upgrade option is better for my next PC Build?

    Hey guys, I am currently in the process of upgrading my PC build and have few upgrade options to choose from and would like your opinion on it. My current PC build is: i7 6700 cpu Skylake GTX 1070 Asus Strix graphics card OC edition MSI Z170a M7 motherboard 16GB DDR4 RAM (8GB x2) 3000MHz...
  14. P

    [SOLVED] Low Hz and Resolution on Boot Up

    This problem started a few months ago. My GPU is an RTX 2080 XC ULTRA, and my monitor is a BenQ XL2420TE (1080p, 144hz). A few months ago, my computer crashed, where the monitor turned off, but it sounded like the audio was still going (through the headphones), and it wouldn’t respond to me...
  15. T

    [SOLVED] Best 4K 144Hz Gaming Monitor.

    I just ordered the Gigabyte Aorus FV43U which is a "43 4K 144Hz QLED Monitor with a VA panel Looking at other monitors I saw that the considered best 4K 144Hz is the LG 27GN950-B which is a "27 4K 144Hz (Overclockable to 160Hz) Nano IPS Monitor I know that they are a bit different so I'd like...
  16. kisielowa

    [SOLVED] Dell G5 LCD replacement 120Hz to 144Hz (compatibility)

    Hi, I have an issue with screen replacement in Dell G5 15 (5500). I have broken AUO screen - 40pin, 1920x1080, 15,6'', 120Hz and it needs to be replaced. This specific screen model B156HAN13.0 isn't available in my country, but I have found B156HAN8.0 (40pin, 1920x1080, 15,6'' 144Hz) and...
  17. J

    [SOLVED] 60hz -> 144hz or 240hz

    Hey guys im currently sitting on a very old 60hz monitor. I mainly play Games like CS , Valorant and League. I guess it is time now to get a new monitor and im wondering if i should update straight to 240hz or go for 144hz? I heard many ppl say 240hz is overkill for non semi-pro/pro gamers (im...
  18. T

    [SOLVED] ETA on reasonable Monitor Prices?

    So for the 32" 144hz 4k market, we're starting to see some products come out. However, the most affordable option is the $1000 https://geni.us/AORUSFI32U Which does not have HDR 600. That brings us to the Asus line up, which is just ridiculously priced atm...
  19. P

    Question 4 Monitors To Choose From Please Help

    Hello guys so i decided to upgrade from my samsung 60hz i have been using for the last 7 years :eek: to 144hz so those are the options available in my region and i really watched reviews and couldn't still decide which one is the best so i thought i could use your help guys ASUS TUF GAMING...
  20. caljamul

    [SOLVED] Can I connect my 144 hz monitor to my laptop?

    I just got a new laptop for college and wanted to see if there's a way I can connect the 144hz monitor I already own to my new laptop. This is what I own: Laptop - https://support.hp.com/us-en/document/c06659931 Monitor - https://www.asus.com/Displays-Desktops/Monitors/Gaming/VG248QE/ If...
  21. C

    [SOLVED] Will using a USB Video Graphics Adapter allow me to output 144hz display to my monitor?

    Good Day to all of you! I have a laptop setup connected to a 144hz monitor, unfortunately, I can't get 144hz output from my external monitor due to my laptop not having DVI or Display Ports. Here is my Laptop: Specification GT70 0ND | MSI Global - The Leading Brand in High-end Gaming &...
  22. Iver Hicarte

    [SOLVED] How to Take Advantage of your Monitor's Refresh Rate?

    If I have a 144hz refresh rate monitor, does it mean that I need to output 144 FPS in all of the games that I play in order to fully utilize and take advantage of the 144hz refresh rate? If the FPS I'm getting in all of my games are below 144 FPS does that mean that I am not able to take...
  23. Hestcikula

    [SOLVED] What wire should I use to be able to run 165hz with this monitor and this gpu

    This is the monitor: https://www.amazon.co.uk/ViewSonic-VX2718-P-MHD-viewable-DisplayPort-speakers/dp/B08V8LJS5B/ref=mp_s_a_1_1_sspa?dchild=1&keywords=144hz+monitor+27+inch&qid=1627545367&sprefix=144hz+&sr=8-1 this is the gpu...
  24. Hestcikula

    [SOLVED] What wire should I use for 1080p 144hz on this monitor and this gpu

    https://www.amazon.co.uk/Dell-S2721HGF-Compatible-DisplayPort-Adjustable/dp/B08FRJBSHQ/ref=sr_1_1_sspa?crid=33GB5HRHGLWQ7&dchild=1&keywords=144hz+monitor+27+inch&qid=1627517748&sprefix=144hz+%2Caps%2C243&sr=8-1 Is the monitor and this is the gpu...
  25. dopz

    [SOLVED] should i get a 144hz monitor?

    im asking because im playing apex with my i5 3470 8gb ram gtx 960 not bad, can live with that average 80 fps but should i get a 144hz monitor? some say if your fps doesnt even reach 140, its a waste of money, whats your opinion
  26. R

    [SOLVED] Which Cable Should I Use For 144Hz Gaming?

    Okay, this is a re-post but I will try to explain myself better this time: My old GPU was a 970 that had DVI, VGA and HDMI. My old monitor was an ASUS VG 278 HV (it had 144hz but they could only be accessed through DVI or VGA, no matter what HDMI cable I'd use, be it HDMI 1.x or 2.1 , the 144Hz...
  27. P

    [SOLVED] Which Cable Should I Use For 144hz?

    I have a 1080ti connected to an EG220 from Acer (the cheapest brand new FHD 144hz monitor I could find), thing is , I have two cables : an HDMI 2.1 and a Display Port 1.2 . Should I use the HDMI because it is newer and has a higher bandwidth, should I use the Display Port even though it is...
  28. S

    Question Having trouble picking an IPS display

    Looking for a 24" IPS panel that has 1080p, 144hz, 1ms, GSync or Freesync (no real preference), VESA mountable. Added features like motion blur reduction, eye care, blue light reduction etc. are nice but not a must have. What is gonna be my best option among these 4? Something else? Budget is...
  29. C

    [SOLVED] Use one GPU to display the signal from my other GPU?

    I have an issue. My monitor is old enough that it doesn't have displayport, but only DVI. My 2070 however doesn't support DVI, and I can't exactly get an adapter that supports 144hz. Can I potentially daisychain the cards so I can use the outputs on the 1070, but use my 2070 for gaming? How...
  30. Big Chungus Soviet

    [SOLVED] 144hz not showing up in Windows 10 GTX 650 Ti

    So I have a Monitor (MAG322CQRV) that can output 144hz but it can only shows me 60hz and 65hz in Windows Display Advanced setting. Somebody havinng the same problem?
  31. wobbleidz

    [SOLVED] Amazon Firestick with PC Monitor

    So I have a PC with a GTX 1070 and a Samsung Odyssey LC32G55TQWUXEN 32" G55 1000R Curved Gaming Monitor - 144Hz, 1ms, 1440p QHD and an Amazon Firestick ) I bought a UGREEN HDMI Switch 3 IN 1 OUT HDMI Switcher Splitter from amazon so I could make the firestick work on my monitor while it's also...
  32. LoizosAristides

    Question Low FPS / High Integrated Graphics usage when using an External Monitor

    Hello everyone, Not sure if this is the right forum, but here it goes. I've recently bought a 1440p 144hz AOC 27G2U monitor. I've got it connected to my laptop via HDMI 1.4, which means I can't utilize the 144hz capabilities, due to the laptop port not being HDMI 2.0+, but that's fine with me...
  33. V

    [SOLVED] best 144hz budget monitor for gaming

    Hi, I know that AOC 24g2 has a best review's but in my country is out of stock long time, I have two monitors on my mind one is MSI G241 and second one is AOC C24G2U... what is best monitor to go with or to recommend something else in this price range. thanks 😊
  34. Aisy

    [SOLVED] Double Monitor Choppy

    Hey! I recently connected a 60Hz monitor next to my 144Hz monitor. I noticed that my 144hz monitor began to have choppy animations. For example when I pull up an application the animation for it is kinda choppy. It's not a big deal but it hurts my eyes. My specs: i5-9400f RX 580 8GB 16GB 2444hz
  35. Avrrtripp

    Question Good fps but not soft games

    A few days ago I don't feel smooth games as if I saw tears on the screen active freesync on my monitor and gsync compatible and it doesn't solve, limit fps by 139 and i disable freesync, I play competitive games like fornite, cs go, valorant and my components are R5 3500X 1650S 2X8 3200MHZ SSD...
  36. C

    [SOLVED] PC crashes when gaming at 144hz

    Hello! I've seen some other people experiencing similar problems with games crashing with 144hz refresh rate on the monitor. The problem is that my PC is brand new and really need some advice on how to solve this problem. This happens when I'm playing (whatever game) and the computer restarts...
  37. NoMercyBeAst

    [SOLVED] Monitor upgrade

    Well i was gonna get a 75hz monitor(1440p) But then ive read online that that there is a huge difference between 75 and 144hz. Am currently on a tight budget. So am not able to decide that should i spend some more bucks and grab a 144hz monitor or not. (Am gonna upgrade my full pc after 2...
  38. odbmeister

    [SOLVED] I bought a monitor ASUS VG248QE but i can't find a cable for it..

    So, i bought a monitor (the Asus VG248QE) and at the moment i'm using a HDMI to connect to my laptop but i can't get the 144hz that the monitor can do. The monitor came with a DVI-D cable but i can't use that because my laptop does not have that type of port. (My laptop btw is the Omen by HP -...
  39. rounakr94

    Question Stuck pixel in new monitor

    Just got myself a new 144hz ips monitor from Viewsonic and its got 1 red stuck pixel in the bottom right corner. Should I opt for a replacement? I tried Jscreenfix for half an hour but it didnt solve the issue. Sorry for the bad pic, my phone doesn't have a native macro mode so have to take...
  40. J

    [SOLVED] Which 1440p, 144Hz+ monitor should I buy?

    Hi everyone, I have upgraded my system and I am now looking for a 1440p, high refresh rate gaming monitor. I have found 8 options that are around my budget of £300. I have put some selected specs below (hopefully the table is formatted correctly!) Monitor Name iiyama GB2760QSU-B1 Acer KG1...