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  1. S

    [SOLVED] Is it worth switching 533 mhz 2 x 4gb kit for 1 x 4 gb + 2 x 2gb at 1600 mhz?

    I am buying a refurbished Dell optiplex to upgrade the powersupply and gpu. It has 1 x 4gb and 2 x 2 gb all at 1600mhz. I am worried dual channel will not work on the 3 sticks. (Or am I wrong?) In my current pc I have 2x4gb sticks at 533mhz, is it worth switching my old RAM into the optiplex...
  2. S

    [SOLVED] Wrong memory speeds

    Hello! I got corsair vengeance ddr3 (2x4gb) 1600mhz memory kit (MOBO: Asrock 970 pro3 & CPU: AMD fx-6300). In bios it shows possible frequencies but there is no 1600mhz, only 880, 1172, 1466, 1760, 2052, 2346, 2640. Which one should I pick or how do I get correct speeds appear in bios. Sticks...
  3. N

    [SOLVED] memory compatibility problem

    hello. i have been having a problem for quite some time\ my brother dose not use his pc any more and he allowed me to pillige it for components :) i emidiently thoght of his memory becuse i have only 8 gb of ram im my pc my mother board supports 4 slots of memory so i thoght i could simply put...
  4. LeviathanEZ

    Question Is my motherboard bad?

    So, I was running 16gbs (2x8) ddr3 ram, it was hyper x red. It was working fine for years. But I tried putting more ram into my PC that was different then the hyper x red speed. And now none of it works , I've tried getting new ram , all of it being 1600mhz, and none of it works. But the only...
  5. NerdyComputerGuy

    Question Ram Upgrade, need help!

    Hi, So this is the current ram that I have, KHX1600C9D3/4GX I have 2 of these making 8GB ram in total. I would like to upgrade to get 16gb of ram I have found these two on Ebay, please could you tell me if they would be compatible with my system...
  6. conthejedi

    [SOLVED] 1333Mhz or 1600Mhz with an AMD Phenom processor?

    Hey everyone, I'm upgrading my RAM as one of my sticks has died and was looking at the Corsair Vengeance 16GB (2 x 8GB) 1600Mhz - https://www.amazon.co.uk/Corsair-CMY16GX3M2A1600C9R-Vengeance-1600Mhz-Performance/dp/B00D5XAN06. However, on checking if it was compatible with the rest of my...
  7. W

    Question So I just found out that 2 out of 4 of my sticks of ram are slower.

    Hello, So I am not particularly sure if this is REALLY a problem, however I have always wondered why sometimes I may have minor stuttering in some games. I was always thinking "is it my graphics card?", "is it my cpu?", etc. It might be because of how two out of four of my ram sticks are slower...
  8. M

    Question RAM not working...

    Hi guys I just bought Corsair Vengence 1600mhz 2x4GB ram modules. Link - to the ram in amazon.co.uk My Motherboard is G41C-VS Mini ATX. I tried switching the jumper to 2-3 aint working. Reset CMOS with jumper and with battery still nothing. It makes the beep normal sound and everything like it...
  9. C

    [SOLVED] When i5 4th gen will be obsolete?

    My system is Dell inspiron 3542 laptop with windows 10 and linux mint 19.1 dual boot. I am thinking to swap a ssd in place of dvd drive. But I am concern that is this a good decision to make as it's rocking intel's 4th gen i5 processor.
  10. S

    Is it a good idea or not to clean and optimize my phone every day?

    I recently got a new laptop with a SSD and have become more conscious of the problem of the limited write cycle. I'm assuming that applies to smartphones, too. I've been optimizing and cleaning my phone every day. Will this exhaust its memory faster? What is the best way to maintain my phone?
  11. G

    Acer aspire E15 charger/power not working.

    recently my laptop has stopped taking charge. first it was working on and off until i wiggled the power connector. Next day it will show that it is accepting charge when plugged in for 3-4 seconds then stop. Won't turn on without the battery inserted, when it is inserted and i plug it in the...
  12. G

    My Asus won't charge nor turn on

    My asus laptop won't turn on nor charge. There's no indication the LED lights. I tried resetting by removing the battery, pressing the power to discharge and tried again to turn it on. It went on for just 3 seconds but suddenly turned off and won't turn on again. Tried removing the BIOS battery...
  13. E

    Internet keeps disconnecting

    Last days my laptop was doing great only some disconnections cause of bandwith maybe not sure but now its more frequent like every 10 mins or so or when I start up a game.
  14. E

    Windows 10 not picking up wifi connections

    I have recently performed a clean install of windows 10 on a HP 15-f233wm laptop. It has the wifi adapter recognized, but it says there are no WiFi networks available to connect to. I downloaded the drivers from the HP support website, and I have uninstalled and reinstalled the driver several...
  15. K

    Asus X540NA how to boot from USB

    I recently purchased an ASUS laptop (comes with freedos) with the intention of installing windows 8.1 from a usb drive. The problem is that in the bios interface, the usb drive is shown under "usb port", but its not available as a bootable option, i only have Endless OS and UEFI OS, both of...
  16. D

    RX 480 Artifact. Corrupt Driver or Hardware?

    I built my first PC earlier this year back in January. I have been extremely happy with it. When I initially installed all of my drivers, as per usual, I installed the latest drivers from AMD for my MSI RX 480 GAMING X 4GB, along with their Relive software. The Relive software had always been...
  17. J

    Need help connecting my graphics card to my monitor

    I have just bought a GTX 1070. My monitor only has one input of VGA (yes i know its bad, dont have the money for a better one right now). The graphics card only outputs, hdmi/displayport/DL-DVI-D. Is there a way i can connect them without losing quality or getting input lag.
  18. sioni90reggae27

    Are these eBay 120mm Case Fans any good??? Multi Color Led's

    Are these fans "better or worse" then the fans inside this Diypc case? I would really like to buy them for my build, Im planning to case swap. Are the $31 worth is for these led fans... I cant find these casino style led fans anywhere for a good price. old "diypc" case DIYPC VT380-W White...
  19. B

    sold pc without reactivating windows 10

    Sold my win 10 PC right before i sold it though i had to change hard drives and forgot to reactivate windows 10 how can the new owner activate the windows 10 so i dont have to give him my account info?
  20. B

    Upgrading from win 7 to win 10

    I just want to make sure before I proceed. . Once i upgrade, do i need purchase WINDOWS 10 product key? or does the my windows 7 product key allow me to upgrade to win10 for free?