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Page 3 - Forum discussion tagged with 1600mhz.
  1. S

    Looking for a new graphics card to buy. Need help!

    So i got an 300 watt power supply. I run an A10-7800 4 core 4 threads cpu running at 3.5 ghz. Also having an r7 240 as my power supply, was thinking of buying an gtx 750ti, i don't know if i can get more "money for the frames" if you know what i mean. Can i buy a better graphics card which can...
  2. B

    Playing game screen goes black except for moving objects

    I am playing an older pc game and while playing the screen goes black except for anything moving. My cursor turns into a kind of eraser. Only starts when something in the frame starts to move.
  3. G

    So what do you guys think about the old Nvida GeForce 210

    What games can you play on it? Thanks
  4. K

    My asus laptop goes to my sign in windows and it won't let me sign in and my touchscreen won't work either how do I get that t

    My asus laptop won't let me sign in it says to use the last password used on this device and I've never changed my password. My touchscreen won't work either, everything worked fine the other day when I used it.
  5. V

    Overall Components Check and Suggestions

    So I -planned- on having a computer built over the summer but that didn't happen... and things have changed a little bit. Basically want with a computer is multitasking (I often keep a crap load of Chrome tabs open) and gaming; also use for 4K media (primarily for the future). Haven't really...
  6. P

    Asus laptop screen display problem

    Hi, I bought a Asus N750JK-T4208H laptop in November 2014. One day of last August, I faced a couple of times the following problem : - the display of the screen was bad : curved lines and wrong colours. But the next day the problem disappeared. Unfortunately this week, the problem is...
  7. N

    My first graphics card Gateway PC r9 390?

    Hello! I am new to pc gaming and am currently on intel graphics. So i want to get a graphics card, but have no idea what's compatible with my pc. Here's the specs: CPU: i5 3330 Chipset: Intel B75 Express? Memory: 8GB DDR3 1333? Expansion Slots? 1 * PCI Express x16 (3.0 Ivy...
  8. M

    Help: MSI R9 390X to Vizio 4k TV problem

    So I'm having an issue with my newly purchased MSI R9 390x. When I game on my 24" monitor everything runs great, awesome framerate, no stuttering, it's great. But when I want to game from my couch I have issues. I have both of my monitors connected through the DVI connections and my vizio 4k...
  9. B

    HELP HELP PC not starting up

    I checked all the power connectors, power button and it wont start. The only thing I'm worried about is the power connector to the motherboard doesn't click into place on one side. Specs: Mobo: Asrock 907M PRO3 CPU: FX 6300 GPU: Sapphire r9 280 PSU: Corsair Cx500 HDD: WD BLUE Case: Zalman Z11 Plus
  10. S

    Are the MSI NVIDIA GeForce GT 720 and Intel Core™ i5-660 compatible?

    I am upgrading my desktop, and I would like to know if the Intel Core™ i5-660 and the MSI N720-1GD3HLP NVIDIA GeForce GT 720 1GB will work with each other and with my motherboard and PSU? Here are the other specs for my PC: Motherboard- Asus P7H55-M/USB3...
  11. L

    Constant blue screen errors, help please!

    This has been happening for quite some time now, everytime, even if I'm just playing games or browsing the internet etc. then suddenly I will get a blue screen error, I didn't get much info on what the error was but sometimes the error contains: "PAGE_FAULT_IN_NONPAGED_AREA" or something like...
  12. S

    Dual Monitor Help

    Hi Guys, I Have a GTX 750 card for my work computer and the company gave me 2 vga monitors recently. Is it possible for me to connect both monitors to the dvi-d and dvi-i slot with a converter (as shown in the link below) to be able to do a dual monitor set up...
  13. M

    My heatsink fan is being stupidly loud.

    I upgraded from a stock HP mobo to an asrock z75 pro3 and now my heatsink fan is much louder than before, I set the desired level to 1 and temperature to 65 in the BIOS which helped make it a little less loud, but while gaming it still gets super loud and the only way I've found around this is...
  14. Ike0

    Headphones work in monitor, but not PC

    Hey guys, I have a 2x BenQ GL2450 When i try and plug headphones into my PC, it doesn't work. The monitor speakers see to be put first and plays even when my headphones are plugged in.
  15. C

    Would an i7 860@4.2 bootleneck an r9 290x watercooled ?

    I have an i7 860 clocked at 4.2 ghz. Will it bootleneck my future Sapphire r9 290x reference cooled with a Corsair h60 in games like BF 4, GTA 5 at 4480x 1080 resulution? Or sould i sell it and buy an i5 4670k or 4690k? My specs: Gigabyte GA P55m-UD4, Intel i7 860@4,2 GHZ, Corsair H100 + 2db...
  16. G

    Suggest Graphic card please for pci e 1.1 slot

    Mobo - Intel g35 Processor- Intel Quadcore Q6600 RAm - 4Gb Current graphic card- Zotac geforce 9600gt 512 mb Slot - PCI ex 1.1 want to play assasin creed unity at medium settings ... budget is low (...
  17. H

    GPU Usage dropping, along with cpu and core clock drops. Causing massive fps drops in games.

    Hello, I built myself a new PC 6 months ago, everything was fine untill around 2 months ago when I started to get fps drops in CSGO and other games like H1Z1. This is my build: http://gyazo.com/04e6255b66c32378c41c482e8ca9f4f5 (I don't use the SSD anymore) Alright, so let me explain a bit...
  18. S

    how to formet my computer only black picture

    I confirm 13 year age
  19. Silibant

    "Budget" Gaming System vs Flat-Out

    Hey, so I have two potential rigs I'm planning out. They're both for gaming at 1080p and progressively higher resolutions, and they would replace my slightly-above average PC (FX-4150 and GTX 770, 8gb RAM and no SSD). There's the more practical one...
  20. T

    Raid 5 or JBOD?

    Hi, I'm just a newb of a kid who wants to install Linux on a Mac. Because it won't boot from a flash drive, I don't want to install drivers (I'm too much of a newb), and it stopped booting from cd, my only solution is to boot from a partition on the hard drive via Virtualbox (I'll let you know...