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  1. J

    Question GTX 1650 Super DSR?

    Today, i updated my NVIDIA drivers to 460.89 and when i booted up Metal Gear Solid V, I noticed something interesting. The game was running in 4K on my 1080p panel. I had no clue what happened, until about 5 minutes ago, when i stumbled upon this "Dynamic Super Resolution" which has been enabled...
  2. P

    Question Upgrading my PC

    Hi, I currently started building a PC about 4 years ago with the intention to upgrade (a lot sooner than I am doing) Now i'm looking to upgrade just wanted a bit of advice. My knowledge isn't great but I managed to put it together myself Current spec: CPU: I5-6600K Cooler: Cooler Master hyper...
  3. Benri

    Question I bought a new GPU because i thought the old one was broken... problem NOT FIXED :(

    Ok so I had an GTX 970 in my Computer for like 4 years. I went to holiday, came back and when i turned on my PC the displays (1 DisplayPort, the other one is HDMI) stayed black. I was confused and changed the HDMI to my Motherboard GPU a Intel(R) HD Graphics 530, that one worked and i was able...
  4. H

    Question Advice on first PC build

    Hi guys, I'm going to be building my first PC for my brother. This will primarily be used for gaming on common titles such as COD: Warzone, Fortnite and Rust etc. I have based the parts on my own research whilst trying to "future proof" on a £700-800 budget. I understand this is a low-mid tier...
  5. X

    Question Is this graphics card compatible with this motherboard?

    Is it possible to install a GTX 1650 Super GDDR6 on an HP Compaq Elite 8300 CMT by changing the power supply?
  6. gonzalogtx

    [SOLVED] Problems with the 1650 installation

    Hello, a few days ago I bought a 1650 super gtx. The model is Asus 1650 Super Tuf Gaming 4gb OC. I put my video card in the computer, turn it on and only the bios welcome screen appears, then it disappears and the screen remains black for hours. The video card turns on, its lights come on, and...
  7. E

    Question VGA monitor disconnects when in games with new GPU

    I just upgraded my PC but now whenever I plug in my main monitor (a Samsung VGA monitor, roughly 9 years old) it works fine in normal windows but when I go into games or when editing videos in Premiere Pro, it goes black, makes the disconnect sound and the whole system glitches out til I exit...
  8. Gonoki88

    [SOLVED] Monitor Lost Signal when trying to run games at high setting After Installing New GPU

    I decided to upgrade a bit of my 7 yo PC. Bought a GTX 1650S yesterday. (And yes, I checked if it's compatible with my old setup or not, confirmed it is compatible from many sources) First, here was my old PC spec: -Intel i5 3570k -GTX 660 TI -mobo MSI z77a G45 -PSU 550 W (which I forgot the...