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    Question Motherboard for Ryzen 5 4300g and GTX 1660 Super 6GB

    Hello, I am looking for a motherboard. So far, the PC should have Ryzen 5 4300g GTX 1660 Super with 6GB GDDR4 2x8GB DDR4 3200MHz RAM 512GB SSD with PCIe 3.0 some kind of WIFI and BT adapter I am not sure what motherboard suits best. My first idea is the MSI B450 TOMAHAWK MAX. However I am not...
  2. iQizXuco

    Question What gpu i should buy?

    I have CPU = i7-6700 3.40 GHz (sin K) MBD = GA-Z170X-Gaming 5-EU GPU = Asus GTX 960 4GB OC SSD = 111GB ADATA SP550 HDD = 931GB SEAGATE ST1000DM003-1SB10C RAM = 16GB HYPEREX DDR4 POTENCIA = Tacens Mars Gaming Zeus 750W 80 Plus Silver Modular
  3. S

    [SOLVED] Good budget 1440p 144 hertz monitor

    I’ve been looking at a second monitor for my computer but I’ve been having trouble finding one. Will my graphics card even be able to have a second monitor at 1440p and 144 hertz. I have the GTX 1660 Super thats overclocked. I would preform an ips monitor then a va or really good tn. I found and...
  4. S

    [SOLVED] 1660 ti vs 1660 super

    So I've already built my computer with a 1660 super. I was looking at the 1660 ti and it didn't make any since for me to buy that. What are your opinions about which graphics card to use?
  5. T

    Build Advice Build problem, no display output, compatibility or software issue?

    In the last week I've been helping my friend build his first gaming pc. To start off, here are the specs: Case: nzxt h210 PSU: Corsair 80+ gold modular 650w Mobo: Msi B450i gaming plus ac (b450 in mini-itx form factor) CPU: AMD Ryzen 5 1600 (Research later showed this cpu doesn't support RAM...
  6. H

    Question Is Ryzen 5 3600 bottlenecked with GTX 1660 Super OC 6GB?

    Hi guys, just wanted to ask something. I am going to build a new pc and I decided to go with ryzen 5 3600 and gtx 1660 super oc 6gb. I watched many videos on youtube where people were playing high end games and it performed fantastic, every game on ultra 60+ fps. Now I went to PC Builds to see...
  7. Hootla1

    [SOLVED] Would a GTX 1660 super be much of an upgrade from my GTX 970?

    Have had my GTX 970 for some time now and it struggling with the modern games. I'm looking to get the GTX 1660 super (OC Edition: Boost Clock 1860 MHz (OC Mode)) & just wanted to check with someone a little more knowledgeable that this would make a difference. -I play Modern Warfare & GTA. Thanks
  8. Spre4

    Question Strange problem after upgrading GPU

    Hello guys, I upgraded my GPU from asus pheonix 1650 to a asus tuf 1660 super (3 fan version) . After the "upgrade" the fps in some of games i play most (LoL and CS:GO) instead of going up went down, witch to me is strange. The PC Has : Asus tuf pro-gaming motherboard Ryzen 5 2600 asus tuf...
  9. kaustubbhh

    Question Upgrading GT610 to 1660 with current CPU i5-3330

    I just want to upgrade my GPU to 1660 super without changing my current CPU i5-3330 for now (planning to upgrade CPU later) so which motherboard should I buy now as I have B75m-d3h which won't support 1660 card and also it should help me to upgrade my CPU in future (intel or AMD) So suggest me...
  10. A

    [SOLVED] Which 1660 Super should I buy?

    Hi there! I am going to buy a new GPU real soon and as I've checked, 1660 Super is the GPU that fits my budget as i'm looking at a 1080p gaming PC. My problem is that, I don't know which card is better when it comes to better performance and thermals! I have two options in my country . ASUS...
  11. Domen78

    Question What GPU For Streamer On A Budget

    Coming from a 6600k/R9 290 I was looking to switch to a 2700x but still torn on GPUs. I use a 2560x1080 monitor and stream on Twitch with a single PC setup. I am on a major budget and still want good quality. I keep looking at a used Vega56($236) or a new 1660s($260) and highest I MIGHT be able...
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    Question Can a GTX 1660 super with a i5 7500 support vr? (16gb ram)

    I have an 1050 ti and i5 7500... I'm going to put a new psu for a GTX 1660 super and 16 GB ram... I cant upgrade my CPU really, i7 7700 is too expensive... But it still runs everything, even my 1050 ti did, but can ot handle a Valve index and half life alyx and other vr games?
  13. thisisarnab.me

    Question NVIDIA with Ryzen

    So I stumbled upon a confusion regarding the compatibility of a new build's graphics card. I am using Ryzen 5 3500 for that build and hoping to achieve 90+ fps @1080p. So I was waiting for the 5500xt for quite a time. Now realizing 5500 xt being the game not worth the candle I'm inclined towards...
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    [SOLVED] Does VRAM speed affect video editing?

    I'm helping my brother build a PC that's used for 50% gaming / 50% video editing, and we were looking at either the GTX 1660 Ti(12Gb/s GDDR6) or 1660 Super (14Gb/s GDDR6). I was wondering if the 14Gb/s GDDR6 on the 1660 Super would give any benefit at all in video editing over the slower...
  15. M

    [SOLVED] Just upgraded my GPU - any advantages to keeping the old one slotted in too?

    So I had a GTX 980 which I used for gaming and it died a quick and painful death. I was temporarily using a Quadro K4000 to make sure that it was just the card that died and it was working fine. I just upgraded to the 1660 Super and I'm wondering if there's any value to keeping the K4000...
  16. H

    Question Should i buy 2060 super on Black Friday?

    Hi so basically i habe a difficult choice between 1660 TI and 2060 super! As amazon said,balck friday will begin tomorrow and the RTX 2060 super is +400 But 1660 super or TI costs 200 . Will be the 2060 super at the price 200-300 € or not?
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    [SOLVED] 1660 super or 1070 ?

    Hi , i have a problem its that is the graphics card 1660 super good for streaming and 1080p@60Hz? and if its bad what other graphics cards do you recommend for me? price to 300$
  18. U

    [SOLVED] 2700x with 1660 super gaming x

    Hi, Is the 2700x with 1660 super gaming x a good combo? Thanks in advance
  19. U


    Hi,Il i wanted to know if this cardis loud or not. The 1660 super gaming x. View: https://imgur.com/gallery/nixCXCc Thank you
  20. A

    [SOLVED] Buying a 1660 Super - which variant to get?

    Hi I am going to order a 1660 Super which just came out. I do realize that variants are virtually identical with price range difference of about 30$. https://www.canadacomputers.com/product_info.php?cPath=43_557_559&item_id=151332...