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  1. S

    [SOLVED] Maximum memory supported by n-010tx ?

    Does anyone knows what is the maximum capacity of ram needed by this laptop hp -15 n010tx Specs- i3-3217u Amd HD 8670M 2gb 4 gb ram As I have tried searching at many places many say that it supports 16gb but also many say 8gb also if it is 16 gb will it be any...
  2. P

    [SOLVED] Can more ram fix stuttering in games ? (From 8 gb to 16 gb ram)

    I have i5 2400 ( will soon upgrade ) Hdd 500gb ( will soon buy ssd ) Gtx 1050ti 8gb ram... just ordered 8more gigs... will more ram fix my stuttering in some games? Monitor resolution is 1400x900 75hz
  3. tap1or

    Question Upgraging RAM (4+4+8)GB?

    I'm looking to upgrade to 16gb. I currently have 2x4GB of 1600MHz ddr3 Crucial installed. My motherboard is MSI gaming 5 Z97 (supports up to 32GB, 4 slots). Is it okay to just buy the same brand and speed ram but an 8GB stick? Resulting in 4+4+8GB, leaving the 4th slot for future upgrades?
  4. N

    Question Are these two types of ram the same?

    Hi everyone, I have recently decided to add a little bit more ram to my pc. My current PC has 1 stick of CMZ16GX3M2A1600C10 (8gb ddr3 1600mhz i think) but the problem is I bought the motherboard and ram as a combo and I think the ram that was used was part of a 2 stick of ram combo. I was just...
  5. Wayfall

    Fan anti-vibration solution

    Hi I have bought a new case and the Corsair SP140mm at the back of the pc is making the grill rattle, where do i get some kind of rubber screw or washers to stop this darn rattling. It rattles when the edges of the fan are in contact with the case. Thanks