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    Question PC only goes into POST with one RAM stick in

    For some reason after my PC blue screened last night it will only boot with one RAM stick in any slot except for slot 2. Otherwise I have had both RAM sticks in and working for a few years now. I recently got a new power supply and CPU cooler but that was a week ago and the RAM only stopped...
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    Question 2667mhz ML16 vs 3200mhz ML22

    I have bought a legion 5 which doesn’t have xmp support. I bought some crucial ballistic 3200mhz ram before finding this out. It only runs at 2667mhz. I can return it and get some 3200mhz however it will run at ML22 instead of the ML16 for the ballistic ram. Should I return keep the ballistic...
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    Question Adding 8GB to existing 16GB (2 x 8GB) RAM ?

    Hello guys, My current ram is 16GB (2 x 8GB) DDR4. I use this system only for 3D work and no gaming at all. I want to upgrade to 24GB or 32GB. However I am not sure if I should add just one or two 8GB sticks from the same manufacture. Will adding one or two 8GB sticks work ? My current...