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  1. jason790

    Question How to improving my rig to get a console like experience at 1080p

    Greetings Guys, I am a 1080p gamer. My current rig is an i3 10100, GTX 1660 Super, 16gb 2666mhz & MSI G27C4(monitor). So far my gaming experience is smooth at ultra settings though games like Far Cry 5 won't go above 80 fps(Probably someone here could say why so and how to improve this...
  2. Timelesss

    Question 16gb + 8gb = dual channel?

    So, i meant to buy a kit of 2 but 8gb but it did not happen, can i get another 8gb to my inspirion 5675 to have 24gb and make it dual channel if it the same type of ram, also would it even be worth it?