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  1. O

    Question Card supports PCI-E 16x 2.0, but running PCI-E 8x 2.0

    Hello! So i looked up GPU-Z today and i noticed that my graphics card is curretly running on PCI-E 8x 2.0 instead of PCI-E 16x 2.0, GPU-Z also says that my graphics card supports 16x 2.0. My GPU is in the first slot, runned Render test and it changed from PCI-E 8x 1.1 to 2.0. I dont know if...
  2. B

    I5 6500, GTX 1060 build

    Hello I'm getting myself a new PC so i \want to hear your opinions on my planned build... I don't plan doing much OC or something like that so have that in mind when you judge this build. CPU LGA1151 Intel® Core™ i5-6500, 3.2GHz BOX MB LGA1151 H170 Gigabyte GA-H170M-D3H HDD SATA3 7200 1TB...
  3. Joshua Fredricks

    Normal gpu temp

    I play wow and cs go on ultra settings in cs go aa is fully enabled and wow noun is enabled the card hits 62 Celsius on load and feels hot to the touch on the back plate its a r9 380 this is normal?
  4. G

    Asus Radeon HD 7850 2gb problem

    Hello, Lately I was starting to get a problem with my gpu. About 1 time in a Week I was getting a grey screen with black or white stripes, sometimes it's different color and my pc just freezes. I try to restart, but my monitor is like in sleeping mode, it is detecting my GPU, but isn't turning...
  5. V

    League of Legends FPS Drop

    I have an MSI 2OE laptop: Specs are: i7-4800MQ @2.70GHz Nvidia GeForce GTX 765M/ 2GB GDDR5 8GB RAM The problem that I'm faced is that after I installed Far Cry 4 on my laptop League of legends FPS have dropped. Now the problem is that FC4 runs smoothly on medium-high graphics and Warthunder on...
  6. A

    Best budget gaming mouse for 50$ or below

    Hey guys, I would like to ask u guys which gaming mouse is the best for under 50$. I only play Moba's and sometimes FPS. I am using the mouse that comes with the Cm storm devastator and apparently for me it's very comfortable with claw/palm grip and pretty darn reliable . I'll probably get...
  7. M

    Does i5 work on MCP61P-NARRA3-00

    Motherboard ID 10/09/2008-MCP61P-NARRA3-00, Motherboard Name Asus M2N68-LA (Narra3) Does a intel core i5 processor work on this motherboard?
  8. T

    How do I get sound on my tv when i use spidif out on my motherboard to my nvidia graphics card with the nvidia spidif out?

    Ok so i have a nvidia 9800 gx2....And i know that to get sound while using hdmi you need to use the nvidea spidif cable that goes from your onboard spidif out on your motherboard to the spidif port on your graphics card....well i have the spidif pluged in correctly and on sounds i have digital...