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  1. hmmark2022

    [SOLVED] Issues updating BIOS on Crosshair VI Hero

    I've currently got the Crosshair VI HERO mobo running bios 1501 with a Ryzen 7 1800X, 32GB Ram and a GTX 1080. I'm upgrading my cpu to a Ryzen 7 3800 for compatibility with Windows 11 and a few other benefits but that means that i need to update the BIOS on my mobo. I first tried using the AI...
  2. S

    Question Ryzen 7 1800x + Asus PRIME X370-PRO issues

    Hi, a few months ago i encountered this issue with my system. I have 4 ram sticks each 8gb so in total 32 gb. For a while they were working fine and the system worked normally. Then one day it just stopped booting, i did my fault searching by stripping it down part by part to figure if any part...
  3. I

    [SOLVED] 1800x->3600 worth it for £170?

    Hi there, I am in a dilemma now as i have seen the 3600 being £170 on ccl and since the much improved IPC i am wondering whether to buy it. I have a 1800x now @3.9GHz (i think 4 isn't stable for me anymore, had this for a year and a half now) and i have cooler master AIO liquid cooler so i would...
  4. N

    Question Ryzen 7 1800x and rtx 2060s

    Hello everyone. I get super low fps i most games. Cpu and gpu usage is normal and the temp is normal on both but I get under 100 fps in csgo on low settings even lower on higher. Same with overwatch, apex so on... I have tried alot but nothing has helped. Anyone that has anything I can try...
  5. I

    Question Low GPU utilization after upgrade

    I have upgraded my system to Vega 64 from gtx 1060 6GB. before the upgrade, when watching 8k 60fps on youtube, my cpu (amd 1800x) used 9% (nine) or below and the GTX 1060 was at 40% or higher. Very very smooth playback and no stutters or lags. when i upgraded to Vega 64, i couldnt even watch...
  6. F

    Question PSU little pop sometime when I turn off and on the pc

    Hi , i've a Be quiet pure power 10 700W and more less from the first week i've used (i'm using from 2017) i noticed sometime a little pop after switching on /off the psu main button specially if I don't turn on the pc at all. Could be the realy and it's just fine or I maybe be need to worry and...
  7. ANTOND.

    [SOLVED] Extreme overheating

    Hey guys. I just bought a new PC. I chose the components and let the shop build it for me. They already installed the system there. I have AMD Ryzen 5 2600. In idle state, the processor has a temperature of 80°C. When I was playing "The Crew 2" (Ultra settings, full hd, stable 60 fps) the...
  8. T

    Question PSU Short? - dead computer - GPU okay ?

    Hey all, so two days ago my PC of 6 / 7 years decided to explode on me when it was turned on; as soon as I logged into Windows and saw my desktop I heard an extremely loud bang, similar to a firework going off right next to me. Next thing I knew my PC is dead. What seems to have happened is the...
  9. Tawbebaker

    Question Normal GPU on low profile

    Can normal GPU work on low profile if we ad a most Powerful psu
  10. D

    Question which gaming headset should i buy

    i am playing fortnite i am searching for a gaming headset to detect the foot steps especially if someone below or above me i am having a hard time detecting this with my garbage headset i have at the moment so do i really need the headset with 7.1 surround sound . they are really expansive in my...
  11. P

    [SOLVED] Z390 e Mobo not posting

    So I've just built a PC. I5 8600k Asus z390e rog Asus 1070ti rog Evga 600w T force Delta 3000 16gb 2x8gb I started it for the first time and everything seemed to work, note I did not plug in an HDMI to see if it was posting. Then after simply putting thermal paste on the water cooler it would...
  12. osage2011

    [SOLVED] Can't load program: mdmp 'crash'

    Upgraded to W10, but now my FSX SE has occasional 'crashes' attempting load. This is the log in my FSX folder: fsx _62615_crash_2019_1_7T21_39C.mdmp Posted this in AVSIM as well. Thanks Doug
  13. D

    I changed the fan on my HP Pavilion DV7. Now it won't turn back on. The light is on by power cord & the battery is fully char

    I changed the fan on my HP Pavilion DV7. Now it won't turn back on. The light is on by the power cord & the battery is fully charged. I tried the power reset--no luck. I reseated the RAM, no luck. Any ideas?
  14. W

    Good specs low FPS AC Odyssey

    I have a gtx 1070 TI and an I7 8700k and on Assassins creed Odyssey I get 40-60 FPS on ultra at 1080p yet I see people with the same specs playing on 4K with better results and I’m not sure what’s going on cause I feel like I should be getting better performance but I guess I could be...
  15. D

    How do I boot from an old hard drive in an entirely new computer?

    Hello. My grandpa went out and bought a pre-built HP Pavilion desktop computer, and wants to take the hard drive out of his old PC and use it in the new one. He brought me over to help him with this but immediately I ran into a couple problems: 1. The old hard drive won't successfully boot, and...
  16. S

    Workstation for multiple virtual machines

    Budget- 1500$ Plan to run multiple windows7 vmware machines (10+) with 4gb ram each (bots crypto trading) 24/7 uptime Minimum 64GB Ram (possible expand to 128GB in future) is DDR3 still worth it? i know its way cheaper What kind of CPU should I use? AMD RYZEN? Hard Disk i think about a 2TB...
  17. S

    OS installation fails

    Hi, I own a I3 board, in which I am trying to replace my HDD, Im not able to install windows 10 on it. While creating partition, it gives me error 0x80070057, so watched a youtube video and tried disk part for creating partition and formatting the drive using the command, format fs=ntfs quick...
  18. I

    ASUS Maximus VI Hero; Can't access UEFI bios

    My build is in the signature. I have a PC with an ASUS Maximus VI Hero motherboard. For 4+ years I have been able to access the UEFI bios fine. Nothing has changed in my setup. Same microphone, keyboard, mouse, GPU, monitor, etc. since I originally built the PC. I had a mild overclock to my i5...
  19. B

    Installed new CPU now there is no video input

    I have a AMD FX-8350 970A-G43 Plus MOBO (No don't try and say its because this mobo doesn't run the FX-8350 well because its listed that it does and I have a friend with the exact same setup and his runs fine) 2x8GB ddr3 ram 256gb ssd 1tb hd ________________________ Before I had a fx-6300 and...