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    Question Is Stopping and Starting constantly safe for CPU Fan Longetivity

    Hi guys, so my last build was an i7-930 and I cooled it with a Silver Arrow SB-E. That fan was constantly spinning and would spin up when temps got higher but it never stopped spinning. This was back in the bios days. back from 2010. The rig still runs today but as some of you know by now, I...
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    Question Moving from i7-930 to i9-10850K. 10 Year gap. Need to reinstall Windows?

    Hi guys, as the title says, I am moving from my old i7-930 BIOS to i9-10850K UEFI after so long. Do I need to reinstall my Windows partitions (I have two) or can I just continue as business as usual? Of course this means a whole new motherboard too lol
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    Question i9-10900K best settings for the Alienware area-51m r2

    Hey guys, so, I am buying an Alienware area-51m r2 with that monster cpu (19-10900K)(GPU: Geforce RTX 2070 Super) and I was wondering if someone found a sweet spot for the voltage amount aiming for longevity of the chip, not really interested in making it run 6Ghz (last thing I wanna do is...