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  1. B

    Question Win 10 1903 Map Network Drive

    Hi, have a netgear R7800 Router with a 1TB USB 3.0 Drive plugged in, had this working since 2016 On my current windows 10 laptop, I can not map the network drive, however I can see readyshare as a network device, and see the main folder structure just not my files Attempts to fix: Private...
  2. B

    Question [DOUBT] Upgrading Win 7 to Win 10

    Hi, I'm having a doubt when upgrading Win 7 Pro 64b to Win 10 Pro 64b version 1903. (I work in a company, have licenses, etc.). After that, I will update it to version 1909. I have Win 7 installed in my computer and I have the installer of Windows 10 in my pendrive (I made it booteable with...
  3. N

    [SOLVED] Windows 10 not updating to 1903 from 1607

    Hi all I am having a very annoying issue. I have just wiped my computer completely clean and am still having the issue where my windows just refuses to update to 1903. the current errors I have gotten are PHP WATCHDOG ERROR, error 0xc1900223 and that is pretty much it. I have tried sfc scans...
  4. Tomjoppe28

    Question Getting teredo working

    Hey, I've been trying to get teredo to work so i can play forza horizon 4 online. I've tried using cmd and powershell. I've tried the fix it button in the xbox live settings and I've tried to install the teredo tunneling adapter in device manager but it isn't under the network tab and when i...
  5. A

    [SOLVED] Games Crash For No Reason

    Hey all! First I want to give a little backstory. Recently I have built a new Ryzen based PC. The first few days of use were fine. Then, I started to get blue screens when on Chrome pages, the pages would crash, and all my games but Tom Clancy's Rainbow Six Siege would crash. I play Cluster...
  6. S

    [SOLVED] [SOLVED] win10 update 1903 not detecting monitor on boot

    win10 update 1903 not detecting HDMI monitor on boot. I cant do anything else because my monitor is not working so cant enter the system for this reason. I tried to remove battery from MB for 45 minutes and its still not working. Any suggestion would be helpful.
  7. M

    Question This device cannot start. (Code 10) Wireless Network Adapter & HD Audio Controller

    Hello, since Monday my WiFi Adapter is not working anymore. Make and model: MSI GS65 8RF-078 Stealth Thin Operating system: Edition: Windows 10 Pro Version: 1903 OS Build: 18362.207 WiFi-Adapter: Killer(R) Wireless-AC 1550i Wireless Network Adapter (9560NGW) 160MHz Description of what's...
  8. A

    Question Nvidia graphics driver wont install after updating to 1903

    Hello, I updated my computer with the newest version of windows 10 1903. after doing so, nvidia drivers no longer work. when I go to display adapter property's, it shows it's using "Microsoft basic display driver" I've tried uninstalling the driver on my computer though ""apps" setting, I've...
  9. A

    Question Windows 10 1903, Nvidia GTX 960M not being used?

    Hello everyone. So, I have a laptop with Intel Core i7 6700HQ and Nvidia GTX 960M. For the last couple months I have gotten massive frame drops in every single 3d game I've played (which is a problem due to my major of Game Design). I have been trying to fix this for a while, have reinstalled...