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  1. S

    Question Trying to decide between four monitors -- opinions/alternatives ?

    Looking for a 24" IPS panel that has 1080p, 144hz, 1ms, GSync or Freesync (no real preference), VESA mountable. Added features like motion blur reduction, eye care, blue light reduction etc. are nice but not a must have. What is gonna be my best option among these 4? Something else? Budget is...
  2. jakedutton24

    Question My monitor randomly completely white screened when turned on.

    A few days ago I was watching a tv show on prime video and my screen randomly went white. The monitor and pc at the time had been on for 12+ hours since I was on it all day and has been used a lot recently and I've had the monitor for around 3 years. the Problem is unquestionably to do with the...
  3. E

    [SOLVED] Looking for a 40 inch + hdmi 2.1 monitor

    Are there any monitors in the market with the following or similar specs: Panel: Any 40 inch + 120Hz 1 - 4 MS HDMI 2.1
  4. E

    Question Best gaming monitor for this setup and requirements

    Hello, I just upgraded my PC and now have a Ryzen 9 3900x cpu, 32gb 3600 ram, RTX 2070 super gpu. I am currently using a 32" 4k 60hz monitor. I really want to upgrade this monitor to take advantage of the higher FPS this card can dish out. I know that this will not be able to do ultra 4k 100+...
  5. xJesserX

    Question monitor ghosting

    hey , will i get screen ghosting with 4 ms response time grey to grey (GTG) and 1ms (MPRT) with 165 hz refresh rate ? panel : va link to monitor : https://www.msi.com/Monitor/Optix-MAG271R
  6. szehn

    [SOLVED] Viewsonic XG2402 or LG 24GM79G-B?

    I wanna buy a 144hz 1ms monitor, So im interested of this two, but i don't know which is better, the LG one has motion blur reduction and the Viewsonic doesn't but i don't know if it's useful, also i want to know which one should have better colors?
  7. szehn

    Question Which monitor is better?

    I don't know anything about contrast and colors, im planning to buy a 144hz monitor and im beetwen Viewsonic VX2458-MHD and Viewsonic XG2401 Both are 144hz 1ms, but what about the colors and contrast? Which is better?
  8. DasisBezn998

    [SOLVED] need Advices and reviews for a specificDisplay

    i want to know is this display good or not cuz i didn't hear about this brand and thank you https://www.tunisianet.com.tn/ecran-pc-tunisie/38414-ecran-rampage-incurve-rm-165-27-full-hd-165-hz.html
  9. O

    Question Questions about monitor

    Hello, iam looking different type of monitors to buy this week and i have some questions. I'm between some options, and i looked some reviews and forum threads about people who have it. First of all, i want the monitor to play FPS and code. So the miniums i am search it are 144hz 1ms and...
  10. M

    [SOLVED] What for Monitor is good for gaming

    Asus pg27vq AOC AG273QCG or LG 32GK850G if you people have better suggestions i,m open for it. between 700 or if it is better 780 € choosing the right one is the most hardest thing.
  11. G

    Question Help me choose the right monitor AOC vs ACER

    Hey All, I'd like to buy a new monitor. I am using now an old random samsung 27' 1080p 60hz and i'd like to change it. It would be for mostly gaming, blizzard games, fortnite, lol, wow and for the upcoming CoD in october. 1080p 24'-24,5' 144hz AOC G2590FX Acer XF240Hbmjdpr (UM. FX0EE. 001)...
  12. P

    [SOLVED] Best G-Sync compatible monitor with 260 euros?

    Hello everyone. I'm looking to buy a g-sync compatible monitor. My budget is around 200-260 euros(not more than that). I need the monitor to have 1080p resolution, 144hz and 1ms response time. Can someone recommend the best one with my budget? Thanks in advance.
  13. basha11

    Question 1ms response time @144hz refresh rate in IPS panel... is it possible ?

    https://www.amazon.in/dp/B07N41RNX7/?coliid=I207IZU3XN7593&colid=3Q6T9DE2PDO0Q&psc=0&ref_=lv_ov_lig_dp_it The above monitor has 2K resolution and 1ms response time at 144hz refresh rate "WITH IPS PANEL". is this really possible ? usually ips displays have 4ms response time. I observed that...
  14. Z

    Discussion 1440p, 144hz, 27", 1ms monitor

    I am looking for a good 2K, 27", 144hz, 1ms response time monitor, but my budget isnt big so i want the cheapest one i guess? I found AOC AG271QX, but is there another option, for even lower price?
  15. JitzeK

    [SOLVED] Benq xl2411 -b only 60hz?

    Hello, So I recently bought a benq xl2411 that was advertised as a 144 hz. I got it sended and it looks al good. But when I read the back it said this: 50/60 hz. It is a zowie one so I am a bit confused it is with a 1ms repsond time and cant find anything out if i type in the name: Benq XL2411...
  16. cyrustheviruz1

    Real safe temps for titan x pascals

    So I've acquired a Titan X Pascal, I actually chose this over getting a RTX 2080 Ti, it was cheaper and more stable from what I've researched. I replaced 2 1070s because i no longer wanted to do the SLI thing, the fact so many new games not supporting it was annoying me. I'm very happy with this...
  17. 1

    how do you get strike-through in notepad on windows 10 probook

    I am currently trying to type something, but there is no option for strikethrough and the shortcut won't work
  18. T

    Is it a good idea to buy used parts?

    Is it a better idea to buy new parts or buy higher spec old ones? Both in terms of performance and durability.
  19. T

    Surrond Sound problem not playing sound on TV mode.

    So I have a Pioneer VSX-532 reciever. I have set everything up correctly with the speakers. When it's on Blu-ray, Cable, Game, or Stream Box (Roku) mode on the reciever sound comes from all of the speakers like it should. When I have it on tv mode for when i Chromecast something from the...
  20. G

    'Overwatch' Blizzard World Map Goes Live With Over 100 New Cosmetic Items

    The update includes a meaty chunk of new cosmetic options, with the introduction of over 100 new items for all 26 heroes, including Legendary and Epic skins in addition to sprays, emotes, player icons, and more. 'Overwatch' Blizzard World Map Goes Live With Over 100 New Cosmetic Items : Read more
  21. E

    Random 0.5-2 second freezes happening frequently

    Hi, my issue is that 10-15 min after I turn on my computer I start to experience random small freezes accompanied by a buzzing sound in my headphones. The buzzing sound is a splitsecond sample of the audio playing at the time repeated really really fast. I've been having this issue for about a...
  22. H

    Buzzing noise in headphones when LEDs are on

    I have lights behind my desk, which are plugged in to an AC power adapter. When I turn the lights on, I get a weird buzzing noise in my headphones, which disappears immediately when the lights are turned off. I never used to get this problem until I added the power adapter to use my PS4 at my...
  23. C

    need monitor mount for 1 21:9 and 2 16:9 monitors

    i currently have an asus pg348q, upgrading my whole desk and setup soon and im going to add 2 regular 16:9 27 inch 1440p monitors onto the sides of my ultrawide for more profuctivity and yada yada. can anyone recomend a triple monitor mount that might be able to fit all 3 of these monitors? one...
  24. L

    Is Windows 10 really an "Upgrade"?

    I have a Toshiba C75D-B7215 and since I upgraded to Windows 10, from 8.1, it is sooo sllloooww, especially when browsing (Google)!!! I have downloaded all the recent drivers and contacted Toshiba (THAT was a joke). I am seriously considering going back to 8.1 if I can't fix this issue, but I...
  25. M

    Windows 10 BSoD

    Hello, so ive been getting some bluescreens and they are all diffrent. KERNEL_DATA_INPAGE_ERROR UNEXPECTED_STORE_EXCEPTION and one more, cant remeber which one. Tried a fresh install but no luck, Whocrashed states that my drivers are at fault, but BSoDs happen randomly, when im playing games or...
  26. T

    What PSU Should i buy

    Hey There, Lately my PC started Randomly restarting while in a game session! So i did some Research and i figured it was probably my PSU, Or OverHeating But it wasn't a problem Until 3 days ago And i have this pc for almost a year! So i was wondering what PSU i should buy! in my country the...
  27. A

    Asus z170m-plus and old sound blaster live sb0100

    Hello guys my actual pc has the Asus z170m-plus as MOBO and on my old pc i have a soundcard Sound Blaster Live! 5.1 model sb0100. My question is the nextone: Is it worth it to add that old soundcard to my new MOBO or i will not win anything with that in terms of sound quality? Thanks a lot...
  28. D

    Need First PC Build Advice

    This is my first PC build, I have chosen my parts and was just wondering if my rig would work well. I intend to use it mainly for gaming (CS:GO, Battlefield, etc...). The build is here: http://au.pcpartpicker.com/list/DH7zvV I am also unsure of how big of an SSD i should buy. Advice on that...
  29. nestlee65

    Cannot get a higher resolution

    I thought that installing a DVI-D cable would allow me to get a resolution of 2560 X 1440 (max for my monitor) but Windows 10 won't allow more than 1920 X 1080. What do I do?
  30. Rafael Mestdag

    i3 4th gen or FX6300?

    Which one is best? The general consensus is that the i3 has better single core performance and the FX6300 has better multi-tasking performance. Which one would you pick up if you had the choice? Why?
  31. M

    Can M4N68T V2 Motherboard run GTX 960

    Hello :??: I want to upgrade my Graphics card to GTX 960, and I dont know if my other components will handle it especially motherboard. There seems to be really limited information about it, I've tried using pc part picker website but its not even on the list. Motherboard: M4N68T V2 series...
  32. S

    Best 1700 USD Gaming Pc

    Hi Im building my first custom PC sometime this month and would definitely like help finding the best components for a gaming PC. Im also gonna be streaming games and making videos for YouTube maybe. Definitely prefer Intel and plan on getting a Gtx 1080 or 1070 aftermarket card. Thanks in advance.
  33. P

    Lenovo SL510 stops at Lenovo splash screen

    Hi folks. My SL510 has been running Debian 7.x for around 2 years without a reboot. I made the mistake of rebooting it and now it stops at the infamous splash screen. Fkeys do nothing. Blue button, nothing. I've visually and electrically (powered off) checked the USB ports, no shorts. I've...
  34. P

    Which laptop should I get between these two?

    hi I have stumbled on two laptops. 1) Lenovo IdeaPad Flex 15 - Intel core i3-4030U 1.7GHz - 500GB 5400RPM - Multi touch screen, LED Backlit - 15.6" - 558.09 US Dollars 2) HP 15-r264 - Intel core i3-5010U - 750GB disk space - Touch screen display - 15.6" - 602.64 US Dollars which one should I...
  35. J

    Intel i53570k - How does it perform by today's standards?

    I recently opted in buying a new motherboard to overclock my 3rd Gen 3570k Processor with a z75 chipset. However how much more mileage can I expect out of this 3 year old CPU? It's a beast and I'm running all the latest titles on decent settings coupled with a GTX 970..! Opinions on future...
  36. C

    No "run with graphics processor" context menu on right click

    Hello, I'm using Lenovo Ideapad Y510P, on Windows 8.1. I'm having a problem with my Nvidia GT750M. Even though I've enabled "add run with graphics processor to context menu" in Nvidia control panel, that option simply doesn't appear for me when I right click any .exe. Does anyone know what...
  37. A

    How do I easily delete nvidia drivers?

    I am upgrading from an Nvidia gtx 750 ti to a gtx 970, and am receiving my card tomorrow at some point. I am wandering how i can delete these old graphics card drivers to ensure that when i install my new card, it wont conflict with my old cards drivers.
  38. D

    Which processor for game developement?

    Hey guys, I am an indie game developer.Recently i was using asus x55u laptop but it was a bit slow . so idecided to change it. Now i am stuck up . As i dont know which to chose between two laptops 1. HP AMD quadcore processor 2ghz with 4gb RAM and 1GB Graphics 2. Lenovo laptop with i3...
  39. T

    Building a mini Itx

    Hi im trying to build a mini itx system. This is what i have at the moment: PCPartPicker part list: http://pcpartpicker.com/p/XsTdGX Price breakdown by merchant: http://pcpartpicker.com/p/XsTdGX/by_merchant/ CPU: Intel Core i3-4130T 2.9GHz Dual-Core Processor ($127.49 @ Amazon)...