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  1. ah_09

    Question Need help finding the best value SSD for my computer that's compatible with my motherboard

    Hey guys, I wanted to upgrade my existing 1tb hard drive to an SSD (500gb to 1tb preferably), but I wasn't sure which one is the best that would be fully compatible with my motherboard/setup. Here is my current PC specs: Intel i5 7500 ASUS H110M-E/M.2 microATX motherboard ASUS STRIX GTX 960...
  2. talhaskrillx

    Question Will Gigabyte Arorus 5000 series work with PS5?

    Hey everyone! I just wanted to confirm if this https://www.gigabyte.com/SSD/AORUS-NVMe-Gen4-SSD-1TB#kf will work with ps5. Image : View: https://imgur.com/a/zUGWTb5 I would really appreciate it if someone with the same SSD could share the experience. Thanks
  3. Anarche

    Question M.2 SATA SSD nowhere to be seen

    Some of this story may not be relevant to my current issue but I am just laying out the journey I went on today. I just got a Samsung 980 PRO which is an NVMe M.2 SSD. for Christmas. Before that I had a 1TB Crucial SATA M.2 SSD, a 250GB SATA Kingston 2.5in SSD, and an HDD. Windows 10 was...
  4. C

    Question Looking to buy a new SSD for my system

    Hello there, I'm currently using a ssd of 500gb for my os system and some installed games while using the HDD for documents, media storage only and some minor games that are not heavy at all. Now I'm looking to buy a new SSD of 1tb but I'm looking for options that are bang for buck If possible...
  5. S

    [SOLVED] Raid 1 for video file storage

    Hello everyone, I am making videos for youtube. I record games, upload them to youtube and store them on my hard drive. Youtube keeps the videos, but I feel safer if I still have the videos in case youtube would delete my videos ir was shut down or we are in a war and there is no more internet...
  6. M

    [SOLVED] First time installing new SSD on prebuilt computer, need some help

    I imagine this is a super simple task for a lot of you. I very recently got into gaming PCs. I got a prebuilt with these specs. Intel i7 9700 (3.00 Ghz) RTX 2080 SUPER 32GB DDR4 1TB SSD Gigabyte B350M D3SH Motherboard My SSD recently got corrupted. Can't format or install new windows on it...
  7. W

    [SOLVED] Samsung 860 PRO 1TB vs. 870 EVO 1TB

    I have the option to purchase either one and I was wondering which one is the better option. I’m looking for reliability/ longevity/ durability above speed. I’ve read that the 870 EVO 1TB has 128 layer TLC and the 860 PRO 1TB has 64 layer MLC. I’ve been reading around that MLC is better than...
  8. O

    [SOLVED] 500gb 1tb 2tb sata 2.5 hdd having best price durability ratio?

    About a 500gb, 1tb and 2tb hdd, for each hdd size, is there a hdd you can recommend when looking at the price durability ratio? Thank you.
  9. W


    Hello.. New here!! Lovely community. I just bought a PNY SSD 1TB and its only showing 223GB of usable space.. I have went to disk management and tried to look for unallocated space and its just not there... Did I miss anything? Ive searched all over the net looking for the answered and have...
  10. T

    [SOLVED] Limited size of SSD in laptop

    Hi All, I have purchased an ASUS Vivobook S533E laptop with 512Gb SSD drive M.2, (Boot drive Win 10) and I have been advised by Asus that I can replace the SSD, to 1Tb SSD M.2. (Boot) The maximum apparently. My question is what can / will happen IF I replace the drive with a 2 Tb...
  11. Mali_Mrav

    [SOLVED] HDD 1tb suggestion

    Any suggestion what HDD to buy ? Gona be use for all, OS, storage... Some normal use,nothig "heavy" and special. Is there any big differences about failures, vibration ect ? Thank you for answers :giggle:
  12. W

    [SOLVED] Should I install the os alongside games or on a separate drive

    So I got a new Kingston a2000 1tb m.2 ssd and I am unsure if I should install my os on it or my old sata ssd. I plan on installing many games on it and I am curious if the performance will degrade as the drive fills up. Should I install my os on the new m.2 drive alongside games or should I just...
  13. Gameslite

    [SOLVED] My 1TB HDD somehow has 2TB of files on it...

    Okay, let's start from the beginning. I have a 1TB capacity 2,5'' WD My Passport, old one, from around 2013-ish. Somehow the file system had gone "poof" and the disk became unusable. Despite being nearly full before it broke, I wanted to recover all ~900GB of files before fixing it with a...
  14. xxscienceboyxx

    [SOLVED] Should a 1 TB SSD be used as a computers sole storage?

    Hello, About 2 years ago I was planning to make a computer, and I ended up buying a 1 TB samsung Evo SSD, because it was on a very good deal. Now, 2 years later, I still haven't made that computer and that SSD's price has anyway dropped, so that the deal I got it for is only $10 less than what...
  15. V

    [SOLVED] New PC build

    Hey, I'm planing to buy a new pc! First of all i would like to say that I will buy used parts from aliexpress, and my local market. And some things new from stores I live in Lithuania so there isn't much used amd Ryzen o intel 8+ gen deals going on. My budget is around 400 euro or 450 usd...
  16. M

    [SOLVED] Chip IDs of Samsung 860 EVO mSATA 1TB ?

    Does anyone of you have the Samsung 860 EVO mSATA 1TB bought from Samsung more or less directly (rather than from eBay or dubious resellers)? If so, I'd be grateful to you if you could post the relevant parts of the S.M.A.R.T. information (e.g., parts output via smartctl) showing the chipset...
  17. M

    [SOLVED] Transcend vs. Samsung vs. SanDisk

    This question asks for experience reports from experienced system administrators and technicians in using various 1TB SSD SATA III 2.5" drives as the primary internal laptop drives. For the purpose of this question, we do care more about the reliability rather than the speed. The drive is...
  18. P

    Question Crucial Storage Executive problem with Crucial CT1000P1SSD8 (P1)

    I used to have momentum cache and over-provisioning enabled just fine - but now I get this error for momentum cache: Error occurred during the operation. Failed to enable/disable the Momentum cache. Failed to install cache driver. Over-provisioning forgets it's enabled every time I reboot or...
  19. V

    [SOLVED] Seagate expansion portable external HDD

    hi i bought a new Seagate 1tb hdd to harvest the sata Hdd inside and then use a 250-500gb hdd with that external case as external hard drive... my question is: is it possible to use size other than 1tb drives with that sata to usb bord? also is it possible to use other brands like toshiba or it...
  20. DCNOS18

    [SOLVED] PC wont let me boot to new SSD after cloning

    Hello all, haven't posted in a while since usually am able to figure these types of things on my own, yet this has me stumped. So, I recently cloned my 500 gb 960 evo to a 1TB 970 EVO using a pcie NVME adapter, and got the new one working fine. However, I want to try to format the old one so i...
  21. RealSmoke

    Question Pc is very slow if the disk is 10% fragmented or more.

    Well this isn't really a issue as i can easily defrag the hd but still seems a bit weird. As the pc fragments pretty quickly (could be cause i delete - replace and move game files quit a lot) and when i defragd it today it was at 13%, and when it reached that % (could have already been...
  22. I

    Question Samsung 970 EVO Plus NVME M.2. Running at ~900MB/S should be 3500MB/s. Slow speed, help!

    Hi guys, just bought and installed my new SSD. The Samsung 970 EVO Plus NVME M.2. I installed the samsung magician application to benchmark it and to my horror i found that i get really low speeds on the squential read and writes. I tried crystaldisk mark aswell but to no change. Currently i...
  23. R

    Question Crucial MX500 or Intel NVMe?

    My gaming PC specs: Intel - Core i7-8700K 3.7 GHz 6-Core Processor Asus - Prime B360-Plus ATX LGA1151 Motherboard Corsair CX Series CX750M 750 Watt 80 Plus Bronze ATX Modular Power Supply G.Skill Ripjaws V 16GB 2 x 8GB DDR4-3200 PC4-25600 CL16 GeForce GTX 1080 Founder Edition Samsung EVO 870...
  24. abryant

    News Crucial's Newest 1 TB SSD Is Just $119

    Crucial, a memory company known for better pricing rather than high-end products, launched a 1TB BX500 that retails for just $119. Read more here. MATTHEW CONNATSER @Talpss177 Matthew Connatser is a Contributing Writer for Tom's Hardware US. He covers hardware component news.
  25. HeavenIsAPlaceOnEarth

    Question What are the Silicon Motion (2246) based mSATA SSDs?

    Looking for high capacity (960GB and 1TB) mSATA SSDs that are based on Silicon Motion SMI2246 controller. I can find small capacities but mainly looking for larger ones. I saw 1 name TriColorDogfish or TCDogfish (!!) SSD but not sure how that is. Any advice highly appreciated
  26. Jruiz90504

    How much could I sell my PC for?

    Hey I was wondering how much I could sell my pc for and I could use your feedback. My specs are: AMD Ryzen 5 2600 6-core Master liquid cooler ML120L Rgb Gigabyte b450 aorus elite ATX motherboard G skill trident z rgb 2x4gb DDR4-3000 1TB Hard drive 256 GB SSD EVGA GeForce RTX 2060 6GB XC Ultra...
  27. S

    2.5'' ssd used with M.2.

    I have an Acer Aspire A515-51-50Y5. It's fitted with a 250gb M.2 SSD. I have a 2.5" 500gb ssd but there is no sata cable. I have found a socket for the cable inside. How do I find out if the socket is ''live''? Can I get a cable, plug the 2.5'' in and use it as extra storage?
  28. canadianvice

    All the BIOS Password threads?

    I'm just curious - is this a legitimately common issue, or is it just a bunch of thieving subhumans trying to trick us into assisting them? What's the likely scenario here?
  29. G

    Clearing up 8th gen vs 7th gen Intel cpus

    I'm a little confused about the new intel i7 8700k and i5 8600k line up as they say that the socket is the same as the 7th gen (LGA 1151), However, I've hear that you cannot use motherboards which support the 6th and 7th gen cpus ie the H170 and Z170 boards and need a Z370 board instead. Can...
  30. silverfeather

    My Pc Build

    Sup guys? I'm new here, its my first topic, basically i want your opinion/point of view of the pc build i made and problably going to buy it. First of all: i intend of using it for at least a couple of years, at last 4 years. CPU: I7 7700k Kabylake 4.2GHz GPU: AMD RX 580 8GB Sapphire Nitro+...
  31. C

    GTX 1050ti laptop running League horribly

    So I recently just upgraded to a Dell Inspiron 15 7000 gaming laptop, because the old laptop I was using for school was starting to run poorly. I wanted something that looked nice and neutral, yet could still play 1080p games fairly well so, the Inspiron 15 7000 with the 1050Ti is what I ended...
  32. O

    FPS drops to 1 in gta V

    FPS drop in GTX 750 ti My build is as follows- CPU- Intel i5-6400 @2.70GHz RAM- Corsair 4GB DDR4 2133MHz MotherBoard-asus z170m-plus PSU- cooler master 460w GPU- zotac gtx 750 ti 2gb ddr5 GTA V fps drops to 1 while playing.I have also tried to change setings from high to low. The computer...
  33. K

    Power Supply Connectors Look Bent

    Today I unplugged the cables to my power supply and when I looked at the connectors they seemed bent. Wondering if this seems like a problem. Pictures of the connectors: https://imgur.com/gallery/jsVQB
  34. J

    DVI Connection Adapters

    Hi Guys, Interested to know if there are DVI-D to DV-I adapters? Thanks in advance.
  35. C

    CPU running 100 celcius

    Hello, I built my PC a couple years ago and it ran perfectly, but after I came back from college for Thanksgiving break the CPU started to run really hot(screenshots below). I tried to reapplying thermal paste and reseating the cpu cooler, but nothing seems to work. Any help is appreciated...
  36. V

    Network coverage in apartment

    Hi, We've recently bought an apartment which actually consists of 2 separate apartments, i.e. we just teared down a wall between both. Now my router is at one end of the apartment hence the WLAN strength at the other end is extremely weak. I was thinking of buying Poweline adapters but then...
  37. J

    Internal Hard Disk:Healthy, Online, but no drive letter hence no access

    My local server broke down so I removed the two dynamic data hard disks from it to another PC. They used to be mirrored but the mirror broke 6 months ago so I just carried on with one of them (couldnt get the mirror back!). One of the harddisks works fine in the new PC location. But is the disk...
  38. Y

    pc and ps4 cross-platform

    hello guys i was wondering what happen in cross-platform games between pc and ps4 and what sony decide in the end ?
  39. D

    I have a Western Digital external drive.

    The WD I have is old. I bought it in 2000. Would that be too outdated for a new pc Windows 10 Could I get drivers for that. Thank you. Doralee
  40. B

    Protection circuit problems

    I have a Yamaha A -S2000,I have a flashing protection light flashing? I'm told I need to send it to a authorized Yamaha service center,I 'm in south fl closest service center is ,in Atlanta,this thing weighs 50+lbs,going to cost $100 to ship ,another $100 before anything has been done to this...