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  1. O

    Question Card supports PCI-E 16x 2.0, but running PCI-E 8x 2.0

    Hello! So i looked up GPU-Z today and i noticed that my graphics card is curretly running on PCI-E 8x 2.0 instead of PCI-E 16x 2.0, GPU-Z also says that my graphics card supports 16x 2.0. My GPU is in the first slot, runned Render test and it changed from PCI-E 8x 1.1 to 2.0. I dont know if...
  2. osage2011

    [SOLVED] Can't load program: mdmp 'crash'

    Upgraded to W10, but now my FSX SE has occasional 'crashes' attempting load. This is the log in my FSX folder: fsx _62615_crash_2019_1_7T21_39C.mdmp Posted this in AVSIM as well. Thanks Doug
  3. V

    Internet access doesn't allow

    When try to access internet show the command internet not connected
  4. amdgraphics

    My new cloned hard drive says "System Reserved." What do I do?

    Hi! So as the title says, I have just cloned a hard drive (with Windows 7 Home Premium and everything else), and when I checked the admin account, everything seemed to be there. But when booting into the BIOS, the hard drive didn't have a bootable option, and when going to "My Computer", the...
  5. J

    Unable to boot

    HI, I am building a new mining rig with 3 Gpus, but the motherboard doesn't boot at all. Nothing on the screen. I tried Motherboard alone and with One gpu as well but nothing on display. My configuration for motherboard: 1) Motherboard: Asrock H110 Pro Btc+ 2) Ram: Corsair Vengeance LPX 8GB...
  6. sham22gaming

    What power supply do i need

    Pc specs G4560 Msi h110m gaming Msi gtx 1050 gaming X 2g 8gb ram 1tb hdd Plz give me the model name or the link for the psu
  7. C

    HELP!! Screen Artifact

    So when I was playing GTA suddenly my screen starts flickering and I don't what's happening. So I recently find out what's happening I tried replacing the thermal paste but still the same btw the temps is around 48-51 C in normal. So my suspects are the psu and the gpu because I updated all the...
  8. K

    How will this build run using 1080p and 144hz?

    GTX 1070 8GB Intel i7-7700k 16 GB RAM Will this build be a great 1080p machine several years from now? I will most likely being doing livestreams and gaming such as CS GO and demanding titles. I prefer to get 100 FPS on games like CS GO but would like to get 60+ FPS on AAA games on games such...
  9. P

    Keyboard does not work properly

    I have bought new lenovo ideapad 700. When battery connected to notebook the keyboard is randomly missing keystrokes. USB keyboard works fine regardless either battery connected or not. Any ideas why that happens?
  10. T

    Increase ddr3 ram to

    My laptop nec celeron, single core processor 1.07 ghz and 1gb ddr3 ram. My question is can i increase my ram to 4gb? Many Thanks
  11. S

    Graphic card low price

    I have biostar A58 ml motherboard with apu A4 4000, 8 gb of ram ddr3 can i use gt730 graphic card plz help.thanx in advance ..and yes it for normal gaming which one should buy plz help how is gt 650
  12. S

    Is it possible for a 7 port USB hub with a 5V 1A power adapter to power 7 USB hard drives?

    HI, So I got this 7 port USB 2.0 hub from ebay which came with a 5V 1A power adapter, and I'm sorta skeptical about weather or not it will be able to power 7 hard drives connected to it via a SATA to USB converter. Do I need to get a power adapter with a higher amperage of say about 7A to be...
  13. securityman

    Adding New Laptop to Home

    Just gave my wife a new HP laptop with Win10. I have a yearly paid MSN account. Can she register her laptop in her name and use account from my PC? Or...should we register both as a single user? I am the administrator on home PC but I would like her to be Administrator on her "personal" laptop...
  14. H

    core i5-3550 cpu

    is intel core i5-3550 enough for gamimng
  15. X

    z170 pro gaming h110i gt hydro

    Hi community i got a phantek enthoo evol itx case with z170 progaming and i need a new cpu cooler because the stock 6700k cooler sucks and is ugly :D i was wondering if this case really support 280mm radiators and what corsair support lga 1151 i was looking at h110 i gt hydro and h110i gtx all...
  16. Mk782001

    is my psu good for asus geforce gt610

    motherboard - h55m s2v processor; intel core i3 3.06 ghz `540 psu ; intex pentium 4 450W , 20+4 pin, 2 SATA ,3 HDD, 1 FDD, 1 Fan. +3.3 V : 30A +5 V : 29A +12 V : 18A -12 V : 0.5A +5VSB : 2A Says "ATX 2.03" on the top. if not suggest me any psu that supports it and my mobo for about 35...
  17. S

    Are these actually different socket CPUs or is Amazon being shady?

    I've been having several problems with my computer recently that I outlined in this thread and I think that I finally pinned the problem down to my computer having the wrong socket CPU. My motherboard is an LGA 1151 socket and my processor is an LGA 14C socket CPU, a socket I that I didn't even...
  18. R

    hdd and ssd switched after updating ?

    i'm not really 'tech savvy' so please excuse me if i don't make sense anyway, i recently noticed that my hdd (c drive) has switched with my ssd (d drive) after updating to windows 10 and i have no idea why or how to fix it all the files that were on my hdd are now on my ssd (which has turned...
  19. rudi95

    core 3 and 6 running 60 degrees higher than rest on 4790k

    Hi all, So me and my buddy finished building his system today and i was checking it over and noticed that cores 3 and 6 where fluctuating like crazy from say 75 to 120 and the rest are at say 28 degrees. I just put it off as software fault but is this possible ? Many Thanks
  20. JerrWolf

    2 SSD's 1 Volume. Possible without Raid?

    Before we start, I know people argue if there is performance in Raid with SSD's. I am not looking for performance, I would like to have my 2 SSDs meant for game storage as one volume. Is this possible, through windows 10 or do I need to raid them? If Raid is the answer, I don't care for if...