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  1. L

    [SOLVED] Best 2.1 Speaker Set for ~30-35USD/1000-1500PHP ?

    I am now planning to upgrade my speaker setup up, I have been using 2.0 speakers for 5 years already which are already giving up (the volume knob and plug are loose already) and since I have finished my computer upgrades for now I would like to treat myself into better audio. I am torn between 4...
  2. Dcopymope

    Question Will a dedicated sound card make a difference?

    :unsure: I have a Logitech Z623 Home Theater system linked below. The speakers are good but aren't that big, so I'm wondering how much of a difference if any would a dedicated sound card make? Can I expect a meaningful boost in the sound quality with my speaker system that it would make a worthy...
  3. V

    Question Hardwiring

    I'm trying to hardwire a spdif jsr1264 to the aux on a2. 1 amp board that already has an aux port. Can I wire a 3 wire spdif with the converter board to a three wire aux input? I have images of what I'm trying to do but I don't know how to post them here
  4. edward78

    Play Staion Vue?

    Does it have all the main OTA networks? (abc/cbs/nbc/fox/pbs)