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2.1 Speakers

Forum discussion tagged with 2.1 Speakers.
  1. DivineBacon

    Question Front IO only plays through one speaker

    So I've been here a long time and would really like a fix plz. So I have speakers and a headset when i plug either in the front IO they both only play through one speaker but if i plug either in the back IO they work great. I've tried restarting and updating drivers. Not sure what to do please...
  2. S

    Samsung 6030 TV in need of better sound. Bose Companion speakers

    I bought and returned a Bose soundbar. I have a nice set of Bose Companion Speakers that stream Pandora via my laptop. I can attach those same speakers to the TV/Roku using the RCA (Bose) to Audio Out (TV). The sound is good, BUT....am I always going to have to control the volume from the knob...
  3. C

    Help with Airflow

    HI, i have recently installed a Watercooled CPU (Corsair H55), i currently have a Coolermaster JetFlo 120mm fan sucking air in at the bottom front, i also have a fan on the sidepanel sucking warm air out!, and with the watercooler i have it set as a pull - sucking cool air in from the outside...