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  1. S

    Question Where is the power/reset slots for my Z390 GODLIKE?

    Hello all, Where is the power/reset slots for my Z390 GODLIKE motherboard because I want to install a wireless remote PC power switch?? Here is my Z390 Godlike motherboard: https://www.newegg.com/p/N82E16813144209 I plan on buying this remote control power-switch for my PC...
  2. MrSandstorm

    Question Abnormal access point behavior

    Hi! I've recently noticed stability and throughput issues on otherwise reliable wi-fi network and managed to track them down to the 2.4GHz signal from an access point. Problem is, this is likely not the usual "2.4GHz is just bad" issue. On one access point I can get 150~200mbps within line of...
  3. B

    [SOLVED] How to check for RFI

    I am wondering what tools I can use to check for RFI so I can optimize my WiFi. Any help is appreciated. Thank you
  4. A

    Question My Wifi Card only connects/ shows 2.4ghz connections

    I got this wifi adapter since my on board one went out a few days ago. Anyways Its advertised as a 802.11n chipset adapter which can be used for 2.4 or 5ghz connections. But this one will only connect or find 2.4ghz wifi connections. I ran CMD "netsh wlan show drivers" and it says this device...
  5. D

    Question Best cheap Wifi Card that supports 5ghz?

    The speeds i get upstairs is pissing me off. My wifi card only supports 2.4ghz and my Router supports 5ghz. I've been searching around and found a couple but not sure if they are reliable since i dont know much. For example there are some that support 450mbps and others that support 1200mbps...
  6. M

    Bluetooth Audio Adapter [SOLVED]

    So I have a bluetooth audio adapter for my 4.1 audio system. But, I want to use the adaptor and listen to music. Unfortunately I can't do this. Tried to take the baterry out and just charge it via usb cable, doesn't work. It works only with that little baterry and I don't want to charge it...
  7. K

    Games Quickly Crash

    My computer keeps crashing shortly after playing games. It goes into a red/white checkerboard all across the screen which supposedly is an indicator for overheating the GPU, but its crashing around 40 degrees Celsius. Here's a picture: https://imgur.com/a/H65THc6 The number closest to the...
  8. Gabe_G

    Question about computer

    Hey guys I am using win7 as it works for my setup and I am wondering if one update failed to install the first time. Do I need to wipe my computer back to factory condition and reinstall Windows all over again or if I remove a simple program such as cleaner for example? I look forward to to...
  9. D

    Looking for a mouse

    Hello guys! What is the best mouse for FPS and other games: cougar revenger, gskill mx 780 and rog pugio ? Answers please
  10. G

    Quick question on WD MYBOOK

    Hey guys, first time posting. I recently bought a WD MY BOOK 4TB newest model and have gotten scared about losing my data if my enclosure dies due to some software/hardware encryption bullshit. Do you guys think if I should remove the harddrive from MY BOOK and reformat it to remove the...
  11. K

    Ask about Gigabyte GeForce GTX 970 G1 PC Build

    Approximate Purchase Date: before August 10th 2017 Budget Range: less than $1500 (exclude gtx 970, monitor, and case) System Usage from Most to Least Important: Graphic software (maya, unreal engine, and substance painter), gaming Are you buying a monitor: No Do you need to buy OS: Yes...
  12. T

    potential GPU upgrade

    ok. my parents are going to america which means i have a rare opportunity to buy a 1080 in a much cheaper price than where i live (about 30-50 percent difference). i don't have a good computer, i bought a gtx 960 last year, and other than that my computer is 5 years old pretty much. i have a...
  13. S

    PC with only motherboard, cpu and psu repeatedly turns on and off

    When powering on computer, fans with start running and everything seems normal for about 10 seconds until computer switches off. It will then power itself on again and continue this cycle indefinitely. There is no video output during this. This problem still occurs with only the motherboard...
  14. S

    Does my Laptop need more RAM?

    I have a fairly old and underpowered Lenovo Z570 with a Core i3 and 3 GB of RAM. Browsing the internet is really slow and a frustrating experience. About 70% to 80% of the RAM is always full. I don't have the budget right now to upgrade the hard disk to an SSD, but I can uprade the RAM which is...
  15. R

    CPU + GPU Max for 600w

    Hello. I can put a 980 ti + i7 4790k with a power supply corsair cx600w 80+? Or what cpu + Nvidia card are the top for these PSU? I will use them for gaming. No overclock. Thanks
  16. ptrthgr8

    Asus ROG Swift PG278Q powers up, but "no display" message appears

    Hi, all. I took delivery of this PG278Q yesterday – I’ve been eyeballing them for many months now and decided to pull the trigger. I have been disappointed thus far to get nothing but the dreaded “No Display” message. I was running a DisplayPort connection with my old monitor (an ASUS VS278Q)...
  17. S

    PC not letting me login at startup?

    Hi guys! Having some weird issues, any help would be appreciated! When starting up my PC after I've turned it off for the night, I go to login and I can type in my password fine, but pressing enter doesn't do anything. I just can't get the password to submit - I don't get an "incorrect...
  18. H

    Corsair H100i Fitting

    Hello Forum members of Tom's hardware I have been recently picking out computer parts for my new computer build and here is what I've run into. I picked out an MSI Gaming 5 Motherboard and a Corsair Carbide series case and I was wondering if this could fit the Corsair H100I water cooling...
  19. P

    Gaming PC 1500 dollars

    Hey! do you guys have any good ideas for a 1500 gaming pc buld ? Which will give me max fps possible! And do you know any good mechanical keyboards? :D Thank YOU!!! :D