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    Question 3 monitors 2 computers. Switch?

    Hello, I am looking for something that can switch 3 monitors from one pc to the next. I don’t want the pc’s to be sharing the monitors. Right now I have a switch that can do 2 monitors but I want one that can do 3. One of the monitors is 1080p 240hz so that needs to be conpatible. The other 2...
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    Question Multiple PC Use

    A few years ago I made my first gaming pc from an old Optiplex 990 MT i5-2400 that my office discarded along with two old Dell (P2210) monitors. I evicted the dust bunnies and gave it some fresh thermal compound. Put in an 850 EVO 250GB SSD as a boot drive. Used an old WD Black 1TB HDD for the...