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  1. FarmMan247

    Question I’m lost... I have a 3 pin on the motherboard and connector w/out the controller but with it, I can’t plug it in anywhere...

    I have the Cooler MasterCase H500, with two 200mm fans in the front. These have RGB but I’ve searched to where to plug them in and I haven’t found a single straight answer. Without the included box controller, it has 3 pins and could plug into the 3 pin headers. Although one of the fans couldn’t...
  2. MrOddlyFox

    Question More Powerful 200mm Fan

    Hello there! It's been a while for me. My current obstacle is I have a Thermaltake 200mm Pure 20 Series CL-F015-PL20BL-A case fan that I am using for a project. It has a higher CFM rating than the previous fan, but at its diameter and RPM the overall flow is pretty pathetic. Well, for the...
  3. T

    Q-Code 00 then Red Cpu light boot/crash cycle

    My current problem is that after I turn on the computer, I get a red cpu light shortly before the computer crashes and power stops- before the process restarts and it turns back on on its own. About an hour before this, the computer was at least staying on, just not posting and displaying a...
  4. W

    Video streaming/playback looks grainy.

    I just bought two of these and when I am watching youtube videos or a twitch stream the video looks grainy. Does anybody know if there are drivers or something I'm suppose to install for the monitors to fix this? Not sure what I'm suppose to do. When I play games everything looks great, it only...
  5. B

    About how much would it cost to build a decent XP machine?

    There is a local computer shop near me that's essentially like a Pick N' Pull for computer parts, and I noticed they sell sealed windows XP discs for only $5 and got tempted by the idea.
  6. T

    Have to hand start case fan

    Hello all, for the past few months I've had to hand-start one of my case fans. once it starts it keeps going until I turn off or restart my system, programs like speedfan show that it's spinning at normal RPM before I start it and some times it takes considerably longer to start than others...
  7. P

    please help me

    i wanna ask i question will this graphic card work on my pc -{asus gtx 750ti 2gb oc} i have a { asus h61m-k mother board}
  8. Z

    Backing up to external hard drive suddenly crashes without completing

    I've been backing up files to my external hard drive but part way through the process it stops and all of the so far through and the dialogue box and the File Explorer windows suddenly close. I'm on Windows 8.1 with a Seagate hard drive. Any ideas?
  9. D

    FX-8350 with 2 GTX-760s in SLI should I upgrade GPUS?

    AMD FX-8350 with two SLI GTX-760s. Should I upgrade the GPUS for VR or Start over with Intel?
  10. K

    fan changes rotation ? why?

    earlier i placed my hand behind my case specifically on the fan part( covering it partially) just to feel the air..then i noticed that the fan starts to slow down briefly then it start up again but it is rotating on the other way(left) but when i removed my hand it slowed down briefly again and...
  11. J

    MSI GTX 970 4gb gaming videocards turn on but not detected by windows , just said turn down and conect pci e cables

    mobo msi z77a-g45 i5 2500k ssd sandisk 256gb for windows 10 and caviar blue 1tb for data psu 750 w 8gb pny slr8 I instaled the card and said turn down and conect PCI E cables i put 1 x6pin and logo msi turn on no fans and no video, i put the 8 pin pci e cable and fans turn on but no video and...
  12. M

    Only half my ram is being used? Detected?

    I've noticed when monitoring the task manager my ram usage never goes over 7.3GB used, Ive purposely tried to make it use more but it seems to hit a ceiling at that point. http://i.imgur.com/JeIPM55.jpg I've now also noticed MSI Afterburner only detects 8GB. Every bit of bench mark software...
  13. Z

    3 way sli on ASrock Fatal1ty 990fx Killer

    Okay, so I just upgraded from a GA-990FXA-UD3 to this ASrock board. Supposedly it supports 3 way and quad sli, and since I'm using gtx 760s my concern is purely for 3 way sli. From what I've found there is no sli bridge that will connect all 3 with the weird spacing of the pcie slots (obviously...
  14. TheDignified

    Help Upgrading PC

    Hi, I have bought a computer which I believe was custom built and I'm not really sure what I can and can't upgrade. I then bought a GT 610 and realised it wouldn't be enough to play games like DayZ Standalone, As I was at a budget of around £40, So after this I changed my monitor to a 32" full...
  15. ZeroGravity780

    New gaming motherboard

    Do you think it would be a waste of money to upgrade from my z87x-d3h gigabyte board to an MSI gaming 5?
  16. H

    System build struggle, unable to chose which one.

    So my friend recently built his own pc and helped another friend build another and soon will be helping another, I was interested in building a pc as well but he seems to disagree on some parts with me. I am unsure which one I should get? His build: **CPU** | [Intel Core i7-4770K 3.5GHz...
  17. CooperPC

    Best red LED keyboard and mouse for gaming and typing.

    Im getting a case with red LEDS and want a pair of keyboard and mouse to match, what would be my best bet for gaming and typing?
  18. LummusMaximus

    Would my BIOS support a CPU?

    I've done the research, and here's everything: HP ProBook 455 G1 All AMD models use the same motherboard, and it supports the A8-4500m (current CPU) And the HP configurer allows an upgrade to an A10-5750m. Is it reasonable to think that if I dropped in the 5750m, it would work? Or is there a...