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  1. A

    Question 2012 MacBook Pro 15" Keyboard, including power button not working

    Hi guys, I have a friend’s 2012 MBP 15” model that is showing the folder with question mark. Which is due to a bad hard disk, I can hear it is stuck… that is not a problem. However the keyboard including the power button is not working. When I removed the hard disk and turned it on, it went to...
  2. R

    Question How to get No Damage in NFS Most Wanted:2012?

    Hey, I just bought Need for Speed Most Wanted 2012 because the is the max my PC would support. Now I don't like the concept of car damage. I cannot find a working trainer for no damage. Any Mods or trainers? I tried the one form moddb.com but it says this cannot run on virtual machine even...
  3. T

    possible laptop upgrade help

    ok so i currently have this laptop from walmart : http:// HP Silver 17.3" Pavilion 17-g121wm Laptop AMD quad-core A10-9700P processor 1.8GHz (with Max Turbo Speed of 3.2GHz), 2MB L2 Cache 8GB DDR3L SDRAM system memory AMD Radeon R6 graphics with 4352MB total graphics memory and here is the new...
  4. alex davies

    Asus Announces VivoStick: Cherry Trail Atom-Powered Compute Stick

    At IFA in Berlin, Asus announced its new VivoStick computer-on-a-stick that runs Windows 10 and is powered by an Intel Cherry Trail processor. Asus Announces VivoStick: Cherry Trail Atom-Powered Compute Stick : Read more
  5. L

    Why does my internet connection drops from 20 to 0,46 Mbit when I move into my own room??

    We just moved our internet router, and when I it drops from 20 Mbit to around 0,46 Mbit when I move my computer to my own room. There is only 2 walls between the router and around 10 meters. The big difference is, when I move it away from the corner of my room (which is beside my...
  6. K

    PC freezes completely

    Hello! I recently bought AMD FX 9590, and installed it to my computer, but now the computer freezes completely after seconds to minutes while the computer is running. I've reset the CMOS, updated the motherboard, double-checked the wires, but it is still freezing. The computer is running...
  7. O

    is team a reliable RAM manufacturer?

    are they? (filler text right here bla bla bla bla)
  8. R

    Is cable Internet wireless like Adsl?

    I'm looking to get cable with Telstra in Australia and I'm just trying to confirm as much as I can, does cable one installed, give a wireless connection just like Adsl does through a modem/router ? Because some of the computers in the household are not Ethernet compatible (laptops). As much info...