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  1. N

    What is a better choice to buy? [Mac]

    Hi, I would like to know, which one of these Macbooks is a better choice to buy. Either Apple MacBook Air 13,3 (2017) or Apple MacBook Pro Retina 13,3 (2014) The Air is newer but I would say worse than the Pro. I don't have any experience with Mac yet, so I don't know what to expect. This...
  2. ZeusGamer

    Battlefield 1 and SLI

    Here is my problem: DX11 Mode [SLI Enabled] - ~80 FPS DX12 Mode [SLI Disabled] - still ~80 FPS I've got a 4770K OC to 4 GHz and GTX 980s in SLI and OC to 1440 Mhz. Things I've done to try and resolve the issue: 1. Uninstall the game and reinstall it once again. 2. Uninstall GPU drivers using...
  3. C

    Very low clock speed on 980 xtreme gaming

    Hi guys, just got a new system delivered today, I downloaded oc guru to see the gpu speed clock speed and it was only 1100mhz on gaming with a boost of 1175, I'm using the xtreme gaming waterforce card, it advertised as 13xxmhz boost when you buy it, just wondering if I'm missing something or if...
  4. A

    I want to upgrade my HP Pavilion 15-e026AX Laptop

    Hello Experts,I want to upgrade my HP Pavilion 15-e026AX Laptop (AMD APU Quad Core A10-4600M- 8GB RAM- 1TB HDD- 15.6 Inche- 1GB AMD Radeon HD 7660G and AMD Mobility Radeon HD 8670M Graphics) my main intention is to upgrade CPU and GPU but i which are supported by this laptop so i request you to...
  5. Z

    Dfi ut x58 t3eh8

    good or bad motherboard ? it mine got a corrupt bios chip but i ordered one already but is it a good board?
  6. C

    GAMING PC 4Gb ram vs 8Gb

    I have a pc with these specs: i5 3570k stock speed gtx 770 4GB 4 gb gskill 1600 Using 4gb seems to be working fine for me. Would adding another 4gb stick change performance in GTA V?
  7. J

    Upgrading to Windows 10 from the windows 10 preview.

    Hello! I've just ordered my new SSD (Samsung 850 evo 500gb), which should arrive next week. I was also planning to upgrade to Windows 10, with a fresh install on the new SSD, but because W10 launches on the 29/07 I either have to wait, for windows 10 to release or, (according to this...
  8. M

    which processor is better

  9. M

    Graphics Card Help Not sure what to buy

    Hi everyone. I'm sort of a computer noob, but I have been experiencing problems with my gpu (I think). For the last several months off and on, I would play World of Warcraft and suddenly the screen would get white checkers across it and then crash my PC. Other times, the game would get the...
  10. D

    f310 vs xbox360 pc in terms of endurance

    xbox 360 wired controller are price a bit higher than the logitech f310 so is it worth paying the extra penny for xbox shall i stick to f310.im looking for a controller that lasts long say for 2yrs may be 18 months i play only fifa games and im an average gamerr thanks in advance
  11. woodson75

    Motherboard fan connectors question

    Bit of a noob question, so bear with me! I've been looking at a number of mid-range motherboards (Asus) and see that the number of case fan connectors seems to top out at 2 on these boards. What if I want to have more than two, run of the mill, 3/4 pin case fans? Thanks in advance :)
  12. D

    Replacement for an old 8800GTS

    Yes, before everyone starts screaming update your rig. Well, I won't yet. Not knowing when I will update,(mainly waiting for the new UT to be released) So yesterday my second 8800 GTS died in aprox 6 months(around 7-8 years old both of them) What I have: MSI P35 platinum NEO2 C2D E6750 @...
  13. N

    AMD a6-5400k bottleneck Geforce GTX 750 Ti SC

    Title pretty much says it all. Pretty new to pc building/hardware upgrading so i was just wondering if the cpu i have in my machine right now (AMD a6-5400k) will bottleneck the gpu i amd planning to get which is the Geforce GTX 750 Ti SC. If it will hold the gpu back i would also appreciate it...
  14. Z

    In Need of Video Card Recommendations!

    Hi Everyone, I'm trying to help my brother find the right video card based off his system specs below. CPU: Intel Core i5-4460 3.2GHz Quad-Core Processor CPU Cooler: Cooler Master Hyper TX3 54.8 CFM Sleeve Bearing CPU Cooler Motherboard: ASRock H97 Anniversary ATX LGA1150 Motherboard Memory...
  15. J

    gaming laptop vs desktop

    hey guys i have the choise of buying a gaming system with a gtx 970 and intel core i7-4790k or getting a gaming laptop (G751JY-T7037H) with a gtx 980m and an Intel Core i7-4860HQ, which do you guys think is better to buy considering all the pros and cons of both systems?
  16. T

    2 tb seagate expansion drive appears to have died - file recovery question

    So my mass storage solution was pretty budget to say the least. It was a 2 TB seagate external hard drive that required a USB port (with the SHORTEST usb cable i have ever dealt with, extremely unpleasant) and its own power point needed. Its a few years old and its died, windows comes up with...
  17. A


    my psu is COOLER MASTER RS350(350w) .Some sites (like amazon and flipkart ) showing 'ZOTAC NVIDIA GTX 750TI 2 GB DDR5' need Power Supply Requirement of 400 W.And on a discussion thread i found that a GeForce GTX 750ti needs at leat 20 amps on the 12v rail and a 400 watt power supply.But on my...
  18. S

    Is there any way to disable the airplane mode button completely? (Dell Inspiron 17 / Windows 8.1)

    I have a Dell Inspiron 17 laptop. On the keyboard there's a special button that enables and disables the airplane mode. Is there a way to completely disable this button?
  19. mitchmatch

    seagate portable hard drive problems

    ok my hard drive worked fine until today i try to copy files from my desktop to the drive but the drive will freeze then crash i tried to check the drive for errors with the tool in properties but it gets stuck on 0% and last time this happened my computer crashed too. i cant format the drive as...
  20. J

    Good 1k gaming rig?

    I've posted many things about suggestions for this, and I settled on one and ordered all the parts yesterday. I just was wondering what you guys think and if I can play dayz standalone at high settings with good FPS thanks! Parts: http://pcpartpicker.com/user/jamrockc/saved/GqwCmG