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  1. J

    Best laptops for the end of 2020

    Hello everyone! I know now is one of the worse time to buy a laptop with many brands implementing Ryzen in the next year and a lot of exciting changes bringing USB-C 4 to the same level of Thunderbold 3 and intel opening Thunderbold 3 to AMD. I would love to wait for these changes, but my...
  2. V

    Question Gpu doesnt work

    Few days ago my pc just stopped booting with my 1 year old zotac 2060 but my old gti 750 still works when i plug it in. The pc just doesn’t boot at all with the 2060. So I thought it’s broken and send it back and got a new 2060 from msi. But it still doesn’t work. I swapped everything out at...
  3. E

    Question My GPU Clock mhz is 1440 Constantly and memory clock is 14002

    Hi, i have a new card graphic Rog Strix asus 2060 super OC. And i need know if is normal That my GPu Clock is 1400mhz constantly and the memory clock 14200 constanly? my english no is good, sorry.
  4. Giras

    Question advice about gpu upgrade

    hello i just replace my old build and still have 1660 3gb gainward and cant decide to what upgrade ?any suggestion was thinking about from 5600xt 2060 not super (2 much cost here ) or more then xt 57 5700 5700xt
  5. Haggy321

    Question Upgraded from a 1060 to 2060 no display and no USB.

    So I installed a 2060 that I had as an early xmas present, I turned off the power unplugged it then held the power button for 5 seconds, plugged it in with the 8 pin power connector and it all powers on and the fans spin at 100% but there is no display on either of my monitors, one is display...
  6. Y

    [SOLVED] are 9400f enough for 1080p 240Hz?

    last week i get a B365M mobo, 2666 2x8 RAM, 512gb SSD and 240Hz monitor from online shoping "lucky draw" in my country and im planned to get 9400F + 2060 Super for $614 or i should get 9700F + cooling for additional $247 i only play competitive and some local popular games in my country. Every...
  7. M

    [SOLVED] Confused between Rtx 2060 and 2060 super for upgrade

    Hi guys I'm pretty much confused between RTX 2060, 2060 super and 2070 Super model. First of all my Current PC is Cpu: Intel core i5 4570 3.2 GHz Ram: 12GB DDR3 1600MHz GPU: nVidia GTX 1050ti (sold it to my friend) PSU: cooler master thunder 500W Monitor: Samsung 24" 1080p panel @60HZ I...