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  1. M

    Question 2080 Ti crashing when playing games ?

    January of 2020 I purchased a Newegg Refurbished Gigabyte RTX 2080 ti. Up until recently my specs were as follows: RTX 2080 ti AMD Ryzen 2600x (watercooled with a 120mm rad AiO - not overclocked) 16gb (2x8gb) GSkill Trident Z RGB 3200 MHz CAS 16 ASUS ROG STRIX X470 Gaming-i 1TB M.2 running in...
  2. joaomonteiro94

    Question Asus Strix 2080 TI OC Fans going crazy loud

    Hi guys, i recently have mounted 2 of these graphics cards from waterblocks to the stock air coolers, i think I did everything right, even the application of the thermal paste (that appears to be the problem to most people around the internet) . Both are working fine, one hits max temps of 66ºC...
  3. Gazownik

    Question 2080 Ti still relevant in 2021? Question about purchase.

    Hello, I've got quite an unusual (I think) question about GPU's. I've sold my 1080 ti last year with the thought of buying 3080 on the day of release - and You probably know how it went... (I still don't have it). Lately, I was able to find a seller that has got an Asus ROG Strix 2080 Ti...
  4. L

    [SOLVED] No G-Sync Option in Nvidia Control Panel

    Hello all, I am using an LG OLED55BXPUA 55 inch BX 4K Smart OLED TV as my display, connected directly to my 2080 TI in my PC using an HDMI 2.1 cable. My native resolution is 3840x2160, currently at 60Hz with HDR enabled. This TV supports G-Sync. However, the Nvidia Control Panel does not have...
  5. Noxious1

    Question RTX 2080 Ti Rending Issue?!

    so i noticed yesterday i was playing siege and outriders and i started noticing bad rendering on the hair and gasses in the games.. -i7 9700k -rtx 2080 ti -32gb ram 36000mhz -msi z390 gaming pro ac carbon anyone got any solutions.. its been running fine prior and nothing has been changed...
  6. L

    Question Overnight mining on my gaming rig

    Hi, I'm currently doing online schooling so I'm mainly doing document work and admin, In my spare time I play some fairly demanding games graphically, things like 'Escape From Tarkov', I've recently been toying with the idea of mining Ethereum during my schooling hours and overnight, my RTX...
  7. Rocket8

    Question Which power sockets for HX850i to 1x6 + 2x8 pin graphics card??

    My MSI GeForce RTX 2080 Ti Video Card has a 1x6 and 2x8 pin power connectors. My HX850i has 2x(6+2) connectors plus numerous spare 6 or 8 pin Peripheral/SATA connectors. Is it possible to connect this graphics card and PSU? Do the Peripheral/SATA sockets have the same pinout as the 6+2...
  8. S

    Question 2 PSUS one PC

    I'm currently running an EVGA 2080 TI XC Ultra and was curious if id see any benefits to supplying the card with its own power. I have a spare 650W PSU along with 850W for my computer on its own if I were to try it. Looking to see how I can increase the OC on the card and move it to the max.
  9. aerski

    [SOLVED] Zotac 2080 TI Lighting and OC Scanner Issues

    It's been about a year since I got my Zotac 2080 TI Amp Extreme (wish I had waited for the 3090 lol) and it started throwing issues about a week ago. I've searched every Reddit thread, Zotac thread ETC.. for a week now. Firestorm is Zotac's program, which includes a Spectra tab to customize the...
  10. H

    [SOLVED] Using XMP profile causes reboots, Fallout 76 stops reboots

    In the past when I first got my 2080 Ti back in November 2018 I tried overclocking my CPU and using the built in XMP profile to reduce the bottleneck my system might cause. However, within 30 minutes to an hour my PC would reboot and revert back to default settings. So I tried just using the XMP...
  11. Cubeeee

    [SOLVED] Horrible FPS with 2080 ti in Warzone no matter what I do

    Ok so I'm pretty pissed of right now because I've spend the last hour trying to get the best performance out of my 2080 ti in cod warzone to no effect. I've optimized every single windows setting, game setting, and graphics card setting and I'm still getting crap for FPS. I was watching someone...
  12. P

    [SOLVED] Hybrid 2080 Ti HOT!

    Dear forum members, I picked up a MSI RTX 2080 Ti SeaHawk X. I installed the radiator on the top of my case, with push/pull configuration. On idle, the card is just 27 degrees (ambient: 20 degrees), which is good. As soon as I play a game, the card gets really hot. While playing The Witcher 3...
  13. Redrum38

    [SOLVED] 2080 ti w/ 10700k or 3080 w/ 3900xt for 1080p 240+ fps gaming

    The main use for the build is competitive/ stacked endgame fortnite, which happens to be an fps nightmare. I want to have as close to 240 fps at all time as possible. I was waiting for the release of the 3080, but with the current used prices of the 2080 ti... i am second guessing myself. Would...
  14. N

    [SOLVED] 2 year old computer with 2080ti for 1400$?

    Case: BitFenix Enso Motherboard: GIGABYTE AORUS Z270X-Gaming 9 RAM: HyperX 8GB KIT DDR4 2133MHz CL14 Fury Black Series x2 = 16GB Processor: Intel Core i5-7500 Turbo 3.8GHZ SSD disk: ADATA XPG SX8200 Pro SSD 2TB - 3 months old with warranty HDD disk: Seagate BarraCuda 4TB - 3 months old with...
  15. C

    Question Best Case & Fans

    Hello, Planning a new build with an i9 9900k & RTX 2080 Ti, so of course I'm going to need some serious cooling. For the i9, I'm planning to go with the Corsair H150i. I just need suggestions on what case is ideal for airflow with that mounted at the front. Also, I'm gonna need some good...
  16. M

    [SOLVED] 1080 ti SLI in 2020

    So,basically I have a 1080 ti and a 1080p 75hz monitor.I am thinking of getting a 2k 144hz monitor and I wanna upgrade my gpu.I don’t want to get a 2080 ti because it is too expensive and not much of a difference so I thought of getting another used 1080 ti for about 300-400€.I heard that sli is...
  17. H

    Question MSI NVIDIA GEFORCE RTX 2080Ti GAMING X TRIO Graphics Card powers on but not detected by motherboard

    I've just bought a 2080 ti to replace my now ageing 970, I've not felt the need to upgrade any of the other parts at this point and just splashed on the GPU. Problem is that the 2080 is not being recognised on the motherboard (MSI Z97-G43 ATX LGA1150 Motherboard) which is supposed to be...
  18. iQizXuco

    [SOLVED] What gpu i should buy?

    I have CPU = i7-6700 3.40 GHz (sin K) MBD = GA-Z170X-Gaming 5-EU GPU = Asus GTX 960 4GB OC SSD = 111GB ADATA SP550 HDD = 931GB SEAGATE ST1000DM003-1SB10C RAM = 16GB HYPEREX DDR4 POTENCIA = Tacens Mars Gaming Zeus 750W 80 Plus Silver Modular
  19. Strattton

    Question 2080Ti Core Clock Stuttering from 1905 to 1350 in games

    I get a lot of stuttering and framerate drops in every video game I play. COD:MW 2019, PUBG, EFT, ect. I installed MSI Afterburner and the core clock fluctuates like every second and it makes games unplayable. Re-installed Windows 10 (1909 Build 18363.815). Used driver 432 after fresh install...
  20. Borkothagod

    [SOLVED] 2080 ti wont turn on

    I was playing valorant and my 2080 to turned off and won't turn back on. It wasn't struggling or even hot while playing