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  1. E

    [SOLVED] 2080 Super or 3060 ?

    I want to know who is much better for my Build I have CPU 5600x + Mobo B550 Rog Strix + 32 RAM I know for 3060ti is much better and best for my Build but Unfortunately not available at this time The Available GPU at the moment for me is New ( 3060 Asus Rog Strix ) 950$ Used ( 2080 Super...
  2. Anfraxx_

    Question System continuously crashing over numerous games

    Hi all, So around this time last year I upgraded a lot of my pc and currently sit with the following; 9900K - no overclock STRIX 2080S ADV - underclocked (I'll explain that in a moment as that is the main issue I think) 32GB RAM (max 3600MHz) Win10 all updated Bios all updated Latest NVIDIA...
  3. Fatal913443

    [SOLVED] Will 2080Super be enough, will it fit on my MOBO

    Hey guys, So i'm considering upgrading my GPU (currently 1070) to a 2080 Super (Thought about the Ti but if a Super is good enough it will do). My current MOBO is a Predator G3-710 I'm wondering if a 2080S/Ti would fit on this mother board or would i need to upgrade? I'll also be upgrading my...
  4. J

    Question Will it Bottleneck?

    As per my question, I am planning on upgrading my rig's gpu into either rtx 2070s or 2080s. My current rig is equipped with i7 6700, 16gb ram and gtx 1070. Will it cause a bottleneck if I only upgrade my gpu or should I change my whole rig and will the performance differ a lot if I upgrade into...
  5. MattPunz

    [SOLVED] Will my 8600k bottleneck a 2080 Super?

    I was thinking of upgrading to a 2080 Super and was wondering if I needed a cpu upgrade due to bottlneck. Also would I need more than 16gb to go with the 2080 super?? Thanks
  6. P

    [SOLVED] Thinking on getting a 2080 Super

    I want to update my system with a 2080 Super. My question is, what CPU would be best to play latest title games like borderlands 3, GTA5, CIV 6, etc... all or mostly at ultra graphics and possibly 4k with decent fps?
  7. M

    [SOLVED] Very High-End PC Running half the expected speed

    Every time i boot up csgo or any other decently resource intensive game i get <Mod Edit> fps ever like i run csgo on the absolute lowest settings only barely running my 144hz monitor when i expected about 300-350fps casually i have done everything from re-installing drivers to literally...
  8. P

    Question Can my Motherboard support a 2080 super?

    I'm planning on upgrading my 1050 to a 2080 Super soon. I already got the PSU issue covered but I don't know if my 2080 Super will work on my motherboard. I believe my motherboard is a HP 82F1. I couldn't find any websites that show me compatible parts.
  9. Lleoh

    Question Will the ryzen 3600 be sufficient for a 2080s

    I am currently trying to build a gaming computer capable of 1440 144hz gaming. I know that the 2080s will be the card I am most likely to get as the 2080ti is too expensive. I have watched a couple of benchmarks with the 3600, 3600X, and 3700X. They don't seem to change that much in performance...
  10. Theroflcoptergaming

    Question New ha

    So I just recently purchased an i9-9900k, a new MSI MPG Z390 Gaming Carbon PRO MOBO, an EVGA 2080 SUPER XC Hybrid gaming, a Corsair 850 PSU, and a Sabrent 1TB rocket M.2 SSD for my PC as an upgrade from the i7-79000k and 1080 gpu that i previously had (the PSU was replaced because i lost the old...
  11. S

    Question A story of Upgrades, is the 2080ti over 2080 Super worth it?

    Hello my friends, Yesterday I found myself at the whims of my best friend whom had decided the day prior to take us on an adventure to MicroCenter to look at some changes to his setup. My friend and I normally buy things at the same time so-as to not outdo each other and that has always been...